The Astrology of Qanon

Q is the seventeenth letter in the English alphabet and you'd be surprised and perhaps shocked at how often the number 17 shows itself through Q astrology. The mysterious and powerful Qanon movement was born beneath a Scorpio stellium on October 28th, 2017. In astrology "stellium" is a word that means four or more astrological forces concentrated in the same sign within close proximity to one another. Anything branded with stellium energy is super concentrated and focused, like a high-powered laser, towards a specific mission and spiritual destiny. For the record, the Qanon birth stellium consisted of the following: Apollo, the Averter of Evil, at 1° Scorpio; Jupiter, the Great Benefic, at 3° Scorpio; the Invincible Sun at 5° Scorpio; Poseidon, the Master of Magic, at 12° Scorpio and Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, at 17° Scorpio. Mercury is most famously known for being the planet of communication and when Qanon was born it was communicating mysteriously and anonymously from the Q degree of Scorpio.

Stellium Meaning

So what does it truly mean that such a unique historical movement was born beneath such a rare and divine Scorpio stellium? It means that Qanon was created as part of a grand cosmic design that is focused on saving the USA and the entire world from the evil strategies of Satan. Because God is the creator of astrology and because the Scorpio stellium astrologically represents promised victory over evil, I know that the Qanon movement has the full blessing of God with it. This is a great and untold reason why it is so feared by the forces of darkness. Consider next that evil agents, cults and conspiracies are all governed astrologically by the House of Scorpio, the precise location where Qanon was born and blessed. Is it not true that the entire focus of the movement is on exposing and defeating the deepest evils of this world? Everything that Q targets is Scorpio territory and that term "darkness to light?" In astrology that relates to the esoteric transition from the House of Scorpio (darkness) to the House of Sagittarius (light). The truth is that Qanon is also a global collective consciousness movement that is advancing Scorpio to Sagittarius mental alchemy.


It's of great significance to note that President Trump has three prominent astrological placements in the Q number 17: his Jupiter at 17° Libra, his Uranus at 17° Gemini and his Eros at 17° Virgo. Is it mere coincidence that the president at the focus of the Qanon movement happens to have "QQQ" coded into his astrology? Personally, I don't believe in such coincidences. In the mystical world when something happens by three its wise to pay attention. Next consider that when Qanon was born the transiting north node, which represents the timing and nature of fate as it moves through the zodiac, was at 20° Leo - the exact same degree as President Trump's natal Zeus, also at 20° Leo. It's apparent to me, based on an objective look at these facts, that President Trump has an extremely intimate astrological relationship to the Qanon movement. And because of his exalted 10th house Uranus at 17° Gemini I'm of the opinion that President Trump is the brainchild of it all. Uranus is the planet of genius and truth be told, President Trump has a powerful Uranus placement, especially because it's trined by his Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, from the infinite Q degree of Libra.

Miracle Win, 17° Scorpio

Now here's where things get a bit more dramatic. Recall how I showed that Mercury was transiting at 17° Scorpio when Qanon was born. Now pause for a moment and guess where the Sun happened to be transiting when President Trump pulled off his miracle victory, which we happened to predict, in 2016? Of all the 360 degrees in the zodiac the Sun was precisely in transit of 17° Scorpio when he miraculously won! See the chart below for the astrological proof. Once again the Q number manifests in an extremely divine way, not only in President Trump's life, but in the national astrology of the USA! Since mortals can't alter the timing or coding of astrology a rational mind is left to conclude that God is showing signs and favor to the movement through the 17th degrees of the zodiac with Scorpio's Q degree featuring most prominently. With Qanon growing globally and exponentially by the day I believe that a mass initiation process has begun that will elevate the Great Awakening into the realm of cosmic consciousness. As I've demonstrated, the Q signs are showing quite profoundly through astrology. It's time for patriots to see the cosmic Q patterns.

Jupiter Q Code

The next major Q coded event happens to occur on one of the best astrological days of 2020, that being September 13th, the day when the planet Jupiter resumes prograde transit at 17° Capricorn. For those who are new to astrology, it's important to understand that Jupiter is the planet that most represents the divine grace, timing and intervention of God as well as the fortunes and actions of President Trump. As a matter of fact, back in the spring of 2016, it was the planet Jupiter that most powerfully indicated that President Trump would win. I now predict that a major, election-tilting event will manifest in favor of President Trump in sync with the upcoming Jupiter prograde. I'm sensing a 48 hour mega-event window surrounding the day of September 13th, Washington time. When Jupiter progrades at 17° Capricorn it will aspect each of President Trump's Q coded stars so this is a highly auspicious time ahead for him. Jupiter prograde is also blessed for the Qanon movement. Jupiter brings the big, beautiful wins in life so eyes on 17 Capricorn!

Article Amendment, September 15th, 2020: President Trump signs the historic and miraculous Abraham Accords thus fulfilling my May prediction perfectly.

JFK's Avenger

During the course of my Qanon studies I happened upon a striking connection between the death astrology of President Kennedy and the election astrology of President Trump. Highlighted in JFK's chart below you'll find the deadly aspect that translated into assassination: JFK's progressed Pluto squared his natal Mars during the year that he was killed. I progressed his natal Pluto at 3° Cancer forty-six degrees according to his age at the time of death to the discover the progressed Pluto position at 19° Leo. So, in simple terms, the number one astrological sign of JFK's assassination was Pluto's advance to 19° Leo. Thus it is fair to say that JFK was killed at 19° Leo. Now consider that President Trump, who is widely known and accepted as JFK's successor, historically announced his run for the presidency when Jupiter, the planet of God's intervention, was precisely in transit of 19° Leo! Furthermore, one of President Trump's most powerful and loved astrological features, his Zeus in Leo, is located at 20° Leo in a near-perfect conjunction to the degree where President Kennedy was killed! These are signs that President Trump is JFK's political avenger.

Closing Words

At this point you should be able to see that God's majesty is at work through the secret tale of astrology. The chart facts that I've presented are totally true and my interpretations of them, to me, are also totally true. I offer this work to conscious communities throughout the world for consideration and study. But I especially created this for the patriots, veterans and anons of the world to show that there is a very powerful, God-designed agenda to everything that we see happening. Astrology isn't evil, it's the divine missing link that they hope you never see. Because of the nature of my content you'll never see me promoted or endorsed by anything in the MSM where fake astrologers are celebrated and chosen to mislead you. I write as a USAF war veteran who once worked on TS/SCI cryptologic communication systems at the highest levels. I hope that you enjoyed this article but most of all I hope that it brings you mental power. I worked on this, away from my family, for several days with great care and concentration. Community contributions are welcomed and appreciated at our company PayPal link:

My 2020 election article is next, stay tuned!

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