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Full Moon in Libra: Harmony or Havoc

The final full moon prior to the merciless 2019 retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto comes on April 19th at 29° Libra! The full moon will make perfect trine to Hera, queen of the gods, at 29° Gemini while also hosting a family healing influence between the conjunction of Mercury and Chiron at the 2nd and 3rd degrees of Aries. This full moon is the final call for relationship healing prior to a period of astrological time where healthy relationships will mean the difference between divine ascent or painful descent. It will prove extremely wise to enter the retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn with your relationship life in the highest light and terms possible. By working together in peace and harmony we can all overcome the titan malefics this year.

Full moons in Libra are natural times for relationship severance, that is why breakups, divorces, and partnership terminations happen beneath them. If you find yourself experiencing such things keep the full moon timing in mind and know that the laws and wisdom of the universe ordain such things so that you can advance into brighter circumstances. Do not fear the endings that full moons bring, instead, know that their closures always lead to new beginnings that will come through subsequent new moons. All of life is cyclical and now the astrological time has come for a cycle of closure and refreshment in our relationship lives. The splits are coming where justice, purity, harmony, humility, and cooperation have been absent, be ready to see them.

Hera is symbolic of earthly queens so expect for her royal spiritual emissaries to speak on her behalf during and shortly after this full moon so that there is crystal clear awareness for all relationship dynamics from the loving but impartial goddess level. Hera will lend her counsels to us so that we have practical knowledge, methods, and advisements to work with but be especially sure to deal with discord and conflict with wisdom and poise. Draw boundaries, enforce them, and do not compromise yourself any further. We are entering a time of great spiritual accountability and consequence so keep this in mind when you make key decisions within your relationship life. If people have done you or your family foul their time of account rapidly approaches.

Workplace relationships will come into special focus beneath this full moon. Changes will ensue so that new peace, justice, and service optimization are achieved. This is a time to make major changes in the workplace so that everything runs smoother and more successfully, especially where workforce chemistry is concerned. The cosmic energy is coming to fix broken situations where people have failed to get along for the sake of accomplishing work and special projects. This full moon will be a natural time of firings, releases, and successful work-related blessings. The health of marriages and other long-term relationships will also come into focus so that problems can be addressed and resolved or so that next-level evolution can be committed to.

Through the influence of the Mercury/Chiron conjunction in Aries major family, business, and investment decisions will also be made, even to the extent of new requirements to geographically relocate to fully manifest them. Healing within families through a new style of thought and communication is a major theme of this full moon so strive to use healing words as new family relationship dynamics, priorities, and emergencies emerge. Family health issues will come into higher focus as this full moon also carries a supportive, cooperative, and non-judgemental healing energy with it. There is healing and success in united family efforts, a truth that streams from Mercury and Chiron. Breakthrough conversations will illuminate new family healing priorities.

The malefic titans of astrology, Saturn and Pluto, will soon retrograde together in Capricorn! Saturn will retrograde between April 30th and September 18th and Pluto will retrograde between April 23rd and October 3rd. Their retrograde overlap, which is the most difficult in the world of astrology, will prove extremely arduous for those who are living on poor relationship terms with others. To put it simply and honestly, life is most challenging during Saturn and Pluto retrogrades. Forms of crisis and emergency can break out beneath them, gripping souls for long months until their progrades. People often find themselves needing the aid of others more than ever during Saturn and Pluto retrogrades, including for crucial, life or death situations.

On the bright side of this full moon, for those who have lived this culminating Libra cycle wise and well, we can expect great blessings for our personal peace, our path of service, and our relationship lives. Expect to be paired with great relationships that you deserve to have in your life. The blessings will start with the full moon but their manifestation will flow through next week so give time for the divine grace to filter through the cosmic order. Recognize a divine connection when it comes and do well with one another so that the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades are muted and made harmless. Divine solutions and remedies will flow between good partners and friends all year long. Bring your best to your relationship life to enjoy your highest possible 2019.

On a final and most important note, Libra governs what we've done for others and what others have done for us. This singular piece of wisdom is the deciding spiritual factor for all of the events which are soon to transpire into next week. If you have done good and noble deeds for others during this Libra cycle then expect the universe to bless you in sweet accordance. But if you have done ill and wrong to others then expect the universe to correct, limit, and teach you in accordance. Our lives are measured moon to moon so be sure to follow the new moon cycle within your personal horoscope which you can order here. Amari and I wish you all majestic new moon experiences! If you valued this free new moon article consider making a contribution here.

With passion for God's star science,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2019. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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