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The Pleiadian Rehabilitation of the U.S. Economy

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will be signed into law by President Donald Trump, a master builder who continues to embody the astrological energy of the ultra-beneficial planet Jupiter. The long awaited economic resurrections that I predicted in February will now come to pass as Jupiter in Scorpio opposes a degree of the zodiac that is sacred to the Biblically-honored Pleiades star system: 16° Taurus. The full manifestation of this Heaven-sent law serves as absolute proof that a new Jupiter exists in the 8th house of the USA at 16° Taurus. As the Seven Sisters dance in celebration a gilded future opens to the world through the golden sequence of events that this law will create.

Pleiadian Intervention

On May 6th of 2016 the USA secretly received a nation-saving event at 16° Taurus in its 8th house. This spiritually classified event was the new moon in Taurus that trined Pluto in Capricorn which caused the demise of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. This Pleiadian-charged new moon set off an unexpected sequence of events that ultimately led to the defeat of the Devil's candidate. If Clinton had won her Soros agenda would have devastated the wounded American Republic. But this was not the case because God blessed the USA with new Sagittarian treasuries. This explains Trump's miraculous victory, the record breaking stock performance, and our new Saturnian immigration policy.

Metaphysical Specifics

I'd like every astrology enthusiast on Earth to learn something very important about astrology: it's a dynamic science. This means that the astral energies sealed above our lives and nations can grow far beyond what is seen in the birth horoscopes. When you see your horoscope see a beginning because the truth is that God can cosmically enhance us beyond our wildest dreams. In the case of the USA's national astrology there are tremendous new enhancements in all of its houses. Although Jupiter was not in Taurus when the USA was founded I'm telling you, with my good name sealing the wisdom, that the USA now has a radiant new Jupiter shining at 16° Taurus in its 8th house with Venus at the 15th.

Pleiadian Rehabilitation

I once wrote that God would be designing a new wealth architecture over the world that would advance a utopian developmental agenda for our civilization. The initial phase of this cosmic masonry focuses upon national economic rehabilitation for all nations, not only the USA. But in the case of the USA, because of the Rosicrucian magic of its founding, our 8th house is signed with Taurus. This means that the super benevolent economic energy of the Pleiades will be manifesting through the astrological domain of the USA's 8th house. The 8th house rules taxes, debts, and rehabilitation and Taurus rules economics so from here on out our economic rehabilitation will be driven by Pleiadian light.

Biblical Pleiades

Is it a coincidence that a star system named in the Holy Bible has such an intimate role in the economic restoration of the USA? In the Book of Job, in the King James version of the Bible, God asked Job if he could "bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades." I tell you that the "sweet influences" of the Pleiades are now on full display with the passing of the largest tax cuts in the history of the United States. The Pleiadian economic influence in the USA will directly counter and eventually destroy the perverse satanic/communist economic control system that has been imposed on U.S. citizens. We are seeing the first step in a glorious journey of wealth and quality of life revolution for all citizens.

Global Gold Ripple

I once wrote about an "Alcyone Wealth Network" that would form the cosmic backbone of the new global economy. What's happening in the USA is akin to the first "Jupiter node" in the wealth network activating. I sense very strongly that Poland is next to receive the Jupiter blessing at 16° Taurus in their national astrology. I want you all to test my words, remember them and test them so that you know that they are true. Observe economic developments in Poland as periodic astrological alignments to 16° Taurus occur. When you see divine economic progress happening then you'll know that Poland is connected to the Alcyone Wealth Network. And why Alcyone? Because it is the chief star of the Pleiades.

Bitcoin Perspective

I am often asked about my opinion on Bitcoin. Amari and I share the same opinion that Bitcoin is not of God's working. The lust for fast, easy wealth is completely incongruent with the balanced, cyclical manner that God prefers for our wealth increases. I've observed that Bitcoin's market value has exploded during the Uranus retrograde which to me is a major warning sign about its future value and stability. With all things considered we think that Bitcoin is a digital pyramid scheme and that the true digital currency revolution, the one that God is behind, won't start until Uranus transits Taurus. The only digital currency that we would ever trust is one that is backed by gold and silver.

Fake Astrology

Since day one we have been true and accurate about our astrological Trump analysis. Leftist astrologers have fallen flat on their faces as their false Trump predictions have seriously damaged their credibility and standing within the community. We told you that Trump would be blessed beyond the Great American Eclipse while others falsely told of his doom. Now here we stand with President Trump glowing in the success of his first major legislative victory, a victory that represents the anchoring of divine Jupiter energy that resonates with Pleiadian economic rehabilitation. As 2018 begins fake astrologers will be hard pressed by Saturn's integrity checks. God has standards for astrologers...

Parting Words

If you appreciate this free article I would appreciate your widespread circulation of it as well as your subscription to Starseed SMS. With this exclusive mobile service you'll gain razor sharp esoteric insight into the most important astrological events of each month. If you're impressed with my work I'm certain that you'll love Starseed SMS. I welcome you to read the testimonials for insight.

Amari and I are super optimistic for all conscious, good-hearted people in 2018. We will continue to bring our best insights with great emphasis on astrological truth, accuracy, and integrity. Our Saturn in Capricorn article will post in January when the cosmic law ordains it. A true astrologer honors the cosmic writing schedule. Merry Christmas to you all! We love, serve, and rep for Jesus 100%!

In cosmic service

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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