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2022 Uranian Astrology Eclipse Charts

The 2022 calendar year plays host to a blood moon in Scorpio, a blood moon in Taurus, a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio and a partial solar eclipse in Taurus. The fate lines will also transit in Scorpio and Taurus so we are heading into a year with powerful celestial events that will concentrate upon debt, economy, taxes, wealth, power, production, earnings, interrelated laws and divine improvements to each of these things. In my humble opinion, this eclipse series will enable our world to heal and evolve from extremely negative economic conditions and in such a way that existing economic schemes against mankind will be trumped.

By following the eclipse pattern in your birth chart you'll be able to gain a sense for how their energies will manifest in your life, especially in terms of economics and blessed new phases of economic development. Pay special attention to the houses that the eclipses activate and to anything in your chart that is directly aspected as major changes and evolutionary developments will synchronize in accordance. Below are the four eclipse charts of 2022 in Uranian astrology format. I offer them to help the community have clear awareness of what degrees will be activated and when, along with enhanced cycle perspective.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, 10° Taurus, 4/30/22

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, 25° Scorpio, 5/15/22

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, 2° Scorpio, 10/25/22

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, 16° Taurus, 11/08/22

The final eclipse of 2022 is my favorite of them all because it will occur in an extremely benevolent location of Taurus that corresponds to the Biblically-named Pleiades star cluster which secretly shines through 16° Taurus. From my perspective, the economic liberation of humanity is massively on the cosmic agenda for 2022 and I think that each of these eclipses will be advancing us toward that glorious end. More detailed information about these eclipses can be gained through my Starseed SMS service. If you appreciate this article and our general effort to stimulate cosmic consciousness globally you can contribute here and at Venmo @starseedastrology. May your 2022 be surprisingly golden!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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