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New Moon In Aquarius: Power To The People

Chapter two of 2016 begins on Monday morning with our new moon in Aquarius! An electrifying, dream-fulfilling cycle full of unexpected empowerment and revelation is upon us, one that will set the tone for the new waves of divine energy that will be sparked into flame with the total solar eclipse on March 9th. Revolution is afoot on Earth and so in Heaven. Prepare for your thoughts of the future to be transformed with amazement, relief, and joy!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest until the full moon in Aquarius on August 18th:

  • timeline collapses within all Satanically-aligned agendas

  • life-empowering timeline transformations among the 99%

  • unexpected deaths that radically improve the future for all mankind

  • the emergence of fearless life paradigms and perspectives on the future

  • unprecedented, paradigm-shifting exposures of subversive secret societies

  • record breaking awareness of social, political, and cultural poisons

  • astral deaths and rebirths which cause divine light body activations

  • the spontaneous healing of disease, pain, and dysfunction

  • mysterious experiences connected to time, dreams, the psyche, and the future

  • the widespread exposure of infiltrators, to include within the conscious community

  • profound new connectivity with the collective unconscious

  • divinely timed pre-crime actions and collective efforts

  • precious healing, renewal, and redemption for the disabled and the ostracized

  • resource allocations that serve desperate humanitarian needs

  • network-based growth, empowerment, and enrichment

  • profound, life-changing epiphanies connected to potential versions of the future

  • the mysterious fulfillment of longstanding goals and dreams

  • an abundance of future-focused blessings, insights, and enhancements

  • powerful, game-changing upgrades to existing spiritual abilities

  • gradual disentanglement from things which restrict personal liberties

  • unexpected opportunities to partner with power

  • the mystical release of energies which disable healing and ascension

  • unprecedented global awareness on all silent crisis and epidemics

  • new social awareness about the “wickedness in high places”

  • spiritual empowerment against “multidimensional threats”

  • initiations into higher degrees of cosmic consciousness

  • powerful global demonstrations of collective human consciousness

Dream Empowerment

This lunar cycle will empower our ability to fulfill noble dreams and goals that have gone unfulfilled thus far in our journeys. But more specifically, the energies and experiences of this cycle will enable us to fulfill dreams and goals that are connected to pain, poverty, disease, debt, instability, fear, damages, decay, and other darker realities that we have faced individually and collectively. The time has come for these darker conditions to be transmuted and ameliorated to our great joy and relief.

Surprise Solutions

The sweetest theme to this lunar cycle, which will extend into August, is that surprise solutions will be manifesting to help us overcome our most difficult challenges. At times these solutions will manifest through connections from our past or from epiphanies that are sparked from above that help us to see the solutions that have already entered our midst. Power and resources will be opened, extended, and amplified to help us close chapters on painful seasons lingering on from our past.

Collective Power

Dream and goal fulfillment can be dramatically accelerated into physical manifestation by working in teams, groups, and networks where resources and powers are shared towards common and mutually beneficial goals. New moons open cycles of growth and progress so it will prove both wise and fortunate to join and develop promising network and community based opportunities that manifest in the weeks ahead. Leverage community supports, resources, and opportunities that manifest, especially those connected with crisis.

Timeline Transformation

A timeline is a certain trajectory or path into the future. Timelines can be altered favorably or unfavorably based on our choices, actions, and energies. The magic of this Aquarian lunar cycle is that our timelines will be transformed in divine and unexpected ways so that healing, stability, and empowerment are able to manifest more quickly. There are profound metaphysical changes coming that will transform all timelines into the future. The brighter your light, the brighter your timeline becomes – and vice versa.

Family Healing

Family healing is one of the most prominent themes of this lunar cycle. Expect an abundance of resources, relationships, and services to manifest which can all be utilized to heal and strengthen painful or dysfunctional family-oriented scenarios. Jupiter will echo a powerful “heal and repair” energy into August that will open us all to wonderful new healing experiences and courses of action. Impasses and dead ends with vital family needs will be addressed and transcended, especially for those families who remain united in service and spirit. Have faith that healing is just around the corner.

Eyes Wide Open

Conscious awareness is an Aquarian trait. We will soon be initiated into greater states of conscious awareness of the type so high and clear that evil and danger are ruined by the vision. Foresight and foreknowledge will be instilled in us all in traditional and mystical ways so that the conscious become acutely in-tune with all future-based potentials. Follow your instincts into the future as they will soon become as sharp as the talons of a preying eagle. Vision, knowledge, and inspiration will come to empower our perspectives and trajectories into the future.

Secret Synchronicities

One of the most magical phenomenon to come from this lunar cycle will be that of the secret synchronicities. These will be the signs, clues, and confirmations that the universe shows each of us without the knowledge of another living soul. It will seem as if the universe is speaking just to us through an increasingly mysterious series of synchronicities. Timeline flux will be powerful and radical in the coming weeks so use the secret synchronicities to choose the highest paths for yourself. The timing and the nature of them will be astonishing.

Brotherhood, Sisterhood

This profoundly synchronistic Aquarian cycle will engender a tremendous new sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among the conscious. Instinctual relationship gravitations will be occurring to create new power, wealth, security, and stability. Be confident in joining groups of like-minded people who share common goals and dreams with you. The universe will be helping us to team up with the perfect people to create safety nets and power platforms which will be utilized later in the year. Build where there is resonance while sharing and exchanging to serve the higher good.


There are cults active on this world who strive day and night to create death and chaos. The good news is that this lunar cycle will create death and chaos within their ranks. Those who are trying to lead mankind into a seemingly inevitable dystopia will reel from the anti-chaos cosmic power of this Aquarian cycle. There are celestial powers who will be intervening for mankind’s sake as soon as the new moon occurs. These “astral interventions” will set the stage for powerful “curtain call” events that will sync in close approximation to the upcoming solar eclipse in Pisces. So don’t fear the future, welcome it!

Power Concentration

Whomever deserves power on this world will soon find it concentrated upon them. Dramatic shifts of power and social perception will prove to be major themes of this lunar cycle. Power and influence will be shifting according to God’s will. By studying where the power moves we can gain insight into the higher plan for humanity. If you find yourself on the receiving end of power concentration I have two very important advisements to share: Be certain to wield it with total responsibility and be certain to use it to serve the highest good of mankind.

Alchemical Wonderland

The energy of this new moon and its cycle will create an alchemical wonderland on Earth. Profound astral transmutations will be happening all over the world to transform dark scenarios into their brighter counterparts. Cosmic laws and alchemical principals should be studied and applied to capitalize upon the creative potential within this new energetic environment. To the mystics and alchemists among you I say this: Listen closely to your inner-guidance as your teachers will soon be helping you to master the new energies, currents, and potentials. Go within and you will master the flux.

Ascension Keys

It is part of my sacred labor to deliver ascension keys to help humanity ascend through the astrological cycles. Here are my ascension keys which I share to help you succeed throughout this new Aquarian cycle:

  • make personal sacrifices to serve the greater good

  • pool resources and power to fulfill common goals

  • share, barter, and exchange within resonant communities

  • detach from anything and anyone that is future-restricting

  • leverage network models as much as possible

  • develop and leverage valuable community relationships

  • set positive intentions focused on credits and debts

  • use unexpected financial gains in the wisest ways possible

  • make conscious effort to expand extra-sensory abilities

  • heed warnings connected to dark versions of the future

  • respect sudden endings which open you to a brighter future

  • pray for release from negative quantum entanglements

  • act pre-emptively to save and exercise great social vigilance

  • raise awareness to silent social evils, threats, and epidemics

  • study the astrology of milestone events within your lives

  • meditate deeply on recurring patterns of synchronicity that appear

  • make powerful and decisive “clean breaks” from negative people or situations

  • be supportive of noble social or humanitarian causes that present themselves to you

  • be watchful for infiltrators and imposters that appear within established communities

  • use divine causes to create divine effects

  • fearlessly explore profound new states of conscious awareness

  • make no plans and ride the flux wisely

Parting Words

If you've read this far I sincerely hope you've enjoyed. I put my heart and soul into these articles. If you appreciate my effort please share this article with a friend and let me know what you think with a comment below. I promise to have new musings for you next time. Until then I wish you all a wonderfully mysterious Aquarius cycle! Don't forget to use your Jedi powers...

Much love,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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