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Full Moon In Capricorn: The Pool Of Creation

A fateful evening draws near that will burst into life beneath the prestigious glare of the upcoming full moon in Capricorn of July 1st. Men and women will play fated roles that create or inspire greater levels of security, success, reputation, trust, service, and family harmony. The reordering of hierachies will prove a lively theme as promotions and demotions of all kind encircle the Earth. Feminine power will be high and influential as the Cancer Sun triggers a great spiritual sequence...

Lunar Wisdom

Now for those who are uninitiated to the lunar wisdom a full moon signals the completion of a cosmic growth cycle of which there are twelve. As full moons rise events conspire toward three common ends: fulfillment, culmination, and resolution. This triune theme will always echo through these sacred hours although the house and degree of the full moon's occurrence will tell the true tale with respect to mortal experiences and esoteric insights.

The Pool of Creation

The full moon of July 1st occurs at 9° Capricorn, a cosmic gate known in alchemy as, "The Pool of Creation." This gate, as I have learned, encompasses the collective gene pool of our entire race and so this full moon will have special effects upon the quality of our common genetic stock. It is no secret to the conscious that war has been waged against us at the genetic level. Our Creator knows this full well and a great hour soon comes for His splendid touch to revitalize us at the genetic level. Allow me to explain further...

Genetic Healing

All things occur on Earth according to cosmic law. In simple terms this means by the timing of the stars. So when I write to you about an impending genetic healing from God I want you to understand the astrological factors involved so that my words are grounded in science, albeit an ancient, esoteric science. Do you see that Jupiter in Leo will make a 150° aspect to Chiron Rx in Pisces? This is the gene-blessing, life-healing alignment of which I speak, on display in Heaven for those who have eyes for it.

Golden Codes

So who will be receiving this genetic healing and enhancement among the billions on Earth? Here is my answer: those who hold love in their hearts, those who are innocent of evil deeds, those who care for the wounded, those who have prayed for the healing of others, those who suffer from life-crippling diseases, and those who have prayed for the healing of mankind and our planet. The great golden light of Jupiter in Leo will soon bless our codes and cells that we grow to shine with new health and spiritual radiance - and this process begins during our next full moon!

Martian Karma

Beyond the Jupiter/Chiron aspect, which is the greatest feature of this full moon, we find that Mars will make perfect square to the Point of Fate located at 5° Libra. The forces of karma will inspire men to serve, heal, counsel, cooperate, share, partner, invest, and commit for higher purposes beyond their immediate knowing. Men will be delivering karmic returns on the night of the 1st and the two days thereafter. Keep this in mind as new dynamics and circumstances arise and be certain to explore unusual and extraordinary fortunes or opportunities that they bring to the table.

Queens Return

Along the axis of 9° Capricorn and 9° Cancer the profound entirety of the ancient past is brought to life, with special emphasis on certain females of legend, like for example, Cleopatra, Nefertari, Joan of Ark, the Virgin Mary, and even more recent additions like the beloved Princess Diana. Some of us will have divine experiences with elite females from the past that in some way will aid in our spiritual development and life progress. Pay close attention to their works, wishes, and teachings as many of them seek new successors to reclaim, rebuild, and reintroduce their ancient legacies...

Pluto's Ray

Families of the world have suffered greatly since Pluto has entered Capricorn to oppose, with great malice and intensity, the traditional astrological house of the family which is Cancer. Pluto's ray against Cancer activated during the 2008 calendar year. Since then all families have been touched with trial or tribulation of some form or another, in varying degrees, according to their spiritual light. In the ongoing wake of these extremely challenging experiences families are yet in need of strengthening and restructuring, protection and nurturing, wisdom and focus.

Lilly Pad Pathways

This full moon will bring family weaknesses to attention for discussion, reflection, and rectification. Families who find themselves in the midst of pivotal transitions and transformations should flow in confidence with all positive, peace-promoting momentums and opportunities that present, even if they appear less than perfect. Many "lilly pad pathways" will be opening that will allow for higher and higher qualities of life to be secured and enjoyed over time. For those who value natural wisdom look to the message of the frog.

Family Prayers

Be prepared to make gradual leaps from potential-rich experience to potential-rich experience while maintaining your faith that the Most High knows your needs and blesses your path before you. It is wise that troubled families unite in prayer during the full moon that grace and magic may lift their fortunes and futures. Now is the time for families to recommit to goals and strategies that bless the house as a whole. Be honest with one another and work to resolve inadequacies and imbalances that limit family growth and success. And always remember that families that pray together are blessed together...

Royal Inspiration

As the full moon hour comes the Sun and Moon will transit into the 10th degrees of Cancer and Capricorn which are royal degrees of each sign. This means that creative power will be high and divine during the full moon and golden inspiration will flow that is intended to be applied to create higher levels of business and professional success. In many cases the perfect concept, vision, or strategy will emerge suddenly by the sweet influences of Venus and Juno, the latter of which is the true "Queen of Heaven." So if any of you feel stifled creatively you have but to tune in to the celestial sphere on the evening of July 1st to receive the inspiration you seek.

Family Love

At last the full moon's energy will touch all frayed mother/daughter relationships toward healing, reunification, new understanding, mutual respect, and resurrected love. Bonds with mothers and women of authority can improve and develop quite rapidly through the full moon's energetic potential but sincere efforts will be required to enjoy those ends. Words to the wise: do not dwell on the negative past but focus instead closing outstanding grievances once and for all. Time fleets for all mortals. We should not waste time squabbling with family when God is ready to bless the families that place love above all.


I'm running laps on Saturn's rings, I tread the path of ancient kings. When wisdom comes be sure she blings, her secrets slip and my heart sings. I love the poem be sure to know, I stream the words them make them flow. A quantum mind is sure to glow, the stars are guides in times of woe. Healing tones and secret lights, I'm swimming through my mystic rites. I've had my share of sleepless nights, I've won my share of astral fights. Aphrodite's day so near, love will always conquer fear. God almighty, what a year, cosmic wisdom comes in clear!

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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