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Zeus, Uranus and the American Revolution

I'd like all astrology-loving Americans to know that the American Revolution was sparked into life by Zeus and Uranus, chiefly. When the Battle of Lexington began revolutionary Uranus was freshly in Gemini, at zero degrees, where it made a fateful square to the North Node which was then at 1° Virgo. The position of Uranus at 0° Gemini is extremely relevant to a revolutionary war because 0° Gemini has a certain secret domain that encompasses military conflicts. There was also a conjunction between Zeus and Mercury in Aries which directly opposed Saturn retrograde at 3° Libra, the latter of which represented the oppression and injustice of the British Royal Crown. The flashpoint astrology of our nation's beginning was concentrated upon Uranus and Zeus, I'd like every American to know it. The chart below shows the full detail in Uranian style:

In my personal studies I've identified General Washington as fledgling America's first Zeus microcosm. The great general and our first president was actually the first Zeus of the nation; and wasn't he marvelous? With the USA in a current state of extreme turmoil as we journey through our first ever Pluto return, we should know that Uranus will once again enter Gemini on July 7th of 2025 just days after a national solar return. In the past I've predicted a second American Revolution. By looking to the position of the stars to come we can see an identical pattern emerging, particularly through the return of Uranus, the Great Liberator, to the degree that it held when the war went live. As Uranus operates divinely through the dimension of human consciousness, any future revolution to come will surely be based in a radically and peacefully elevated state of mind that greatly benefits the people as a whole. America's divine mind is coming...


Astrologer Salvador Russo


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1 Comment

May 10, 2022

Thank you, Salvador! The signs are present, for sure. More nations choose currency backed up by gold. The US dollar is collapsing, in sync with President Biden. He's losing his sanity. Arrests are now in large numbers, many under the pretense of a quarantine due to a positive C-19 diagnose. The Russians begin to publish data exposing Hillary Clinton's horrors, and Hunter Biden, whose involvement in Ukraine bio-labs is a fact. A purging seems to sweep through the world now, and it seems that each of us, in our personal lives, experience this as much as in the world at large. We're pushed to show our mettle, no stone will be unturned.

For those of us who connect with the…

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