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The Power of Wedding Astrology

One of the most powerful dimensions of astrology can be accessed through a wisely timed astrological marriage. Wedding astrology is an ancient mystical practice that bonds lovers through blessed stars and cosmic alchemy so that the future of their marriage enjoys divine favor. Wedding astrology is the most powerful ascension vehicle that lovers can use to access a higher dimensional quality of life here on Earth. The operation is simple: when a wedding ceremony is completed the astrology of that precious moment is sealed into the couple's lives, above them in the firmament and within them in their astral bodies. This new marital layer of astrology, for better or worse, will preside over all future experiences within the marriage. And most people don't know that this exists.

A wisely timed astrological marriage easily qualifies as one of the most fortunate life experiences that a couple could possibly enjoy. In this article you'll gain valuable perspective into the secret operation of wedding astrology so that you have awareness of its divine viability towards accessing an ascended life that is full of blessing, magic and empowered purpose. Wedding astrology is the missing link that can end all of the dismal wedding statistics. The light gained through cosmic marriage can mean the difference between long term success and relationship failure. This type of knowledge has been intentionally withheld from the mainstream but having lived its virtues with Amari these past ten years I feel compelled to enlighten you on how it works so that you can benefit as well.

For thousands of years, in various parts of the world, astrology has been used to establish powerful marriages. From ancient Egypt to modern day India and now increasingly in the West, the tradition of using astrology to calculate a divine wedding date lives on. Because the benefits to be gained are so great wedding astrology was typically reserved for the upper social classes as they sought to maintain and increase their dominance in society far into the future. Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius I believe it is divine will for people of all positions and walks of life to have knowledge and access to this wonderful life experience so that they too can benefit in ways which have been formerly concealed. The stars gained through cosmic marriage can be life saving.

Elite classes have been enchanted by astrology, both publicly and secretly, for thousands of years. I believe, for very specific reasons, that the House of Windsor indulges in the use of astrology to preserve and magnify their interests. In fact, I believe that the timing of Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton proves that astrology was used in their royal wedding because of a striking synchronicity involving the planets Jupiter and Mars that can also be found in the Queen of England's birth chart. In the Queen's chart below notice that she was born beneath a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. When William and Kate were married Mars and Jupiter were once again in conjunction, mirroring the Queen's astrology, although this time in Aries. Take a look for yourself.

Queen Elizabeth II is England's longest reigning monarch. In her birth chart this extraordinary feat is symbolized by her Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Now, I have a question for you: is it mere coincidence that Prince William, who will be the future King of England, happened to marry at a time when the astrology of Mars and Jupiter mirrored the source of Queen Elizabeth's great longevity as monarch? Personally, I don't believe in such accidents. To me this extraordinary parallel serves as emphatic proof of the intelligent, astrological design secretly above the wedding of William and Kate. Another interesting fact to consider: April 29th is Jacob Rothschild's birthday. Did William and Kate also wed on this day to pay special tribute or is there another secret agenda at work?

William and Kate's wedding chart is no ordinary chart, it was carefully designed by someone possessing genuine astrological wisdom. Note the royal ascendant at 1° Leo and the 10th house Taurus Sun that trines Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th. But the majesty of the chart, obviously, is found in the 9th house through the dazzling Aries stellium that consists of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Such a dramatic stellium comes but once in many lifetimes so if you think that the future King of England married at this time by mere chance I'm sorry but you are greatly mistaken. The Jupiter/Mars conjunction is the apex of power in this chart and it symbolizes William's future role as Commander in Chief of the British Armed Forces. There is more to tell but these facts speak volumes.

My entire purpose in writing this article is to inform and enlighten the public about the reality and function of wedding astrology so that conscious citizens can access and enjoy the divine benefits of its application. One of my greatest motivations as an astrologer is to bring knowledge and wisdom that has traditionally been reserved for the elite into public awareness in service of the highest good. As I reflect on my own past I can honestly say that wedding astrology was nothing short of a life-saving event that empowered Amari and I with the cosmic light that we needed to conquer the evils within our past.

There is life before wedding astrology and there is life after wedding astrology. Because of the tremendous new light that is gained in the form of an entirely new astrological chart that exists above the couple wedding astrology is also a mystical event of initiation and metamorphosis. Imagine how great your lives could become with the sun, moon, planets, gods and goddesses wisely positioned over your new life together. Wedding astrology adds a new layer of light, security and power over a couple according to a design that can be wisely created to support the highest goals and dreams of the couple - like cosmic art.

We have seen many marriages fail in short periods of time because the couples elected to marry beneath disastrous astrological conditions. Wise timing is the key that makes wedding astrology work in the most beneficial way. Couples have unique horoscopes, chemistries and dreams for the future so the perfect wedding alignment must be discovered through extremely precise calculation. Over the years, through my own experience in wedding astrology, I have developed great knowledge and skill that enables me to design perfect designer wedding horoscopes for others that are true to the house and degree.

No matter what your dreams for the future of your marriage are the stars can be wisely aligned to support their full manifestation. Wedding astrology can take you from a low place to a high place as a couple journeys in divine advantage from star to star, ever increasing in light, ascent, ability and potential. In a world where upward mobility can seem impossible wedding astrology offers a divine pathway of quality of life improvement for lovers who are willing to wed wisely and sincerely before God. The Babylon system weighs heavily on true love but the star power contained within wedding astrology transcends those obstacles.

The most common and costly mistake that we've repeatedly seen is that couples select a wedding date according to work schedules, wedding guest availability, calendric numerological dates and sentimental attachments to certain days or holidays instead of the wisest astrological time for them. While significant these mundane factors pale in comparison to astrological specifics which could actually be horrible for a couple on the all-important wedding day. We pray that none of you make this critical mistake that can cost you thousands, years, heartache and strife. Be wise and orient everything around your special time.

My best advisement for couples who aspire to live a higher and wiser life is that the perfect wedding date and ceremony time be determined astrologically and totally prior to any terrestrial wedding planning. This is the best way to go because everything will be focused on your marriage's divine point of origin in astrological time. If people can't make it or if other worldly factors don't line up don't worry. Once you have your perfect stars together you can catch up with everyone and when they see your life blooming beneath your new cosmic light they will begin to understand your wise ways. Your enrichment will never end.

Wedding astrology can also help couples who wed at a difficult time. Through a renewal of vows ceremony timed to a divine astrological time couples can transform bad stars into great ones. We recommend this for couples who are experiencing unusual or prolonged hardships that reflect misfortunate wedding astrology or for couples who see their wedding chart and realize that their stars together could be much better. When vows are renewed in a conscious and prayerful way beneath blessed astrology and before the Most High a couple's wedding astrology can be divinely transformed - and so their entire future.

Vow renewal is a sacred option that couples can employ to favorably transform the astrology above their marriage, with God's blessing, so that a wonderful new dimension of marital life can emerge. The old stars will give way to the new stars and you'll be able to experience your marriage through the context of your upgraded wedding horoscope. House by house and season by season you'll see the light moving you higher together. The old reality mold will be gone and you'll be able to grow together in beautiful ways that reflect a new cosmic order above you that was designed with your goals and dreams entirely in mind.

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Now that all the theory is out of the way I need to write from the heart about our own experience with wedding astrology. As I wrote, it literally saved our lives. Amari and I found out the hard way at the very start of our reunion in this life that when genuine twin flames reunite the forces of darkness go into overdrive to try to destroy them. As our love sparked and blossomed we were beset with crisis on many fronts. The first major turning point in our battle against evil came through our cosmic marriage which happened in Sedona, Arizona on April 28th of 2011. After becoming enhanced by the magic of the Aries stellium we were able to conquer our enemies. Our astrological founding of Starseed Astrology was another major ascension milestone but I will save that tale for another time.

It is a profoundly beautiful and mysterious experience to see your marriage evolving according to the eternal advance of astrology. The grace and glory of God shines through wedding astrology, a blessed experience which is available to all. After eleven years of meticulous daily observation and initiated learning I consider myself a master of wedding astrology. My wedding service is available to any couple who is ready to quantum leap into an ascended life. I welcome you to read my wedding service reviews and if you are ready to proceed you can book my 'Cosmic Marriage' service here. I hope that you found this article to be insightful, I'm sharing this great secret so that you too can benefit divinely.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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