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Uranian Wedding Chart

Uranian Wedding Chart


Astrology secretly presides over every marriage on Earth. When vows are sealed the newlyweds gain a new layer of astrology that governs their marriage forever into the future. The nature of wedding astrology reflects the alignment that was active at the time that the wedding ceremony completed. Wedding astrology is one of the most profound and beneficial branches of astrology but most couples have no idea that it even exists.


For better or worse, everything that a couple experiences together can be seen and understood through their wedding chart which serves them forever as a divine resource for mutual enlightenment, closeness with God and the wise navigation of life and time. Wedding charts reveal the energetic foundation and secret cosmic governance at work within the marriage. They are a required resource for couples to live in maximum wisdom, power and universal harmony.


With this service I create and provide my client’s wedding chart in Uranian astrology format so that they have the most detailed, accurate and expansive view possible of their wedding astrology. To do this I require the client’s wedding information with specificity to the date, city and exact time when the ceremony completed. I will then email the clients their wedding chart which they can then use in their personal studies, planning and life journey together.


I offer two tiers to this service. On the first tier I will simply create and provide the Uranian wedding chart for the clients’ personal study and use. On the second tier I will provide a deeply intuitive reading of their wedding chart, highlighting the most important things that a couple should know about their stars, their potential and their future together. Tier two clients can ask any questions that they’d like about their wedding astrology.


Upon providing a wise and enlightening read on my client couple’s stars they will gain a clear and rich understanding of who they are and what they’re capable of from the cosmic and spiritual perspectives along with other extremely valuable knowledge pertaining to the locations of the planets, gods and goddesses within the various houses of their wedding chart. I will place special emphasis on the most beneficial components of the wedding astrology.  


It is vital to also know that each year couples experience a solar return within their wedding astrology, meaning, that wedding astrology can be used to reveal the annual astrology that a couple will experience year-to-year. Thus, wedding astrology can be used annually to create a permanent state of higher knowledge on the astrological fluctuations that a couple will experience and evolve with year after year. Wise couples operate on this level.  


This service can be utilized to create a perfect, Uranian-styled wedding solar return chart and, at the tier two level, to book a deep intuitive reading on the wedding solar return chart where I will interpret and provide the most important and beneficial knowledge of the couple’s year ahead. Wedding astrology is an untapped jewel of wisdom for the vast majority of couples. Having lived it for over a decade with my psychic wife Amari I am pleased to offer extremely experienced, expert services in it.


I welcome any questions that you may have. If you are new to our work I encourage you to visit our professional reviews page so that you can gain a glimpse of our stellar track record with clients. From experience I can state that wedding astrology is a massive quantum leap growth experience that can evolve to higher levels with each passing year. I am ready to work with you to fast track your learning and ascent as a couple.


In cosmic service,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



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