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Trump Dream: Tell The Story, Birds Of Glory

Last night I had the clearest and most striking dream about President Trump that I ever have. They've come before in years past but not like this. The dream was set in a theater and President Trump was on stage in his usual suit and tie giving a speech. There was a mixed crowd: a minority hated him but the majority loved him and they listened earnestly. I was in the middle of the two camps seated in the center of the theater. While he was speaking the negative crowd was jeering him and interrupting his speech, then, I spoke up loudly in his defense and said something to the effect of, "don't listen to them President Trump, we love you and we thank you for all the great things that you have done for all of us."

At this point the dream focus shifted. President Trump walked up to my seat, stood before me and with great warmth and encouragement said, "Tell them the story about the bird and the cage, you know the one. Tell the audience that story." He said it with a smile as if he knew deeper things and I sensed that once the story was told the crowd would be uplifted or motivated in some way as if it were a story of victory that would inspire or benefit everyone. I woke up from the dream at that point, the last image that I saw was President Trump's face about one foot away from my own. - face to face. He looked healthy, younger, and full of light. I then began to think on the meaning of this dream, the bird and cage.

I discussed this in detail with my psychic wife Amari as we usually do with one another when we have special dreams. She immediately had a vision of a bird flying free in the sky which to us translates into a message of new freedom and overcoming hopeless oppression or containment which a caged bird represents. I never saw a bird or a cage in the dream by the way, it was always about telling the story of them for the benefit of others. Amari then mentioned to me that the day before she 'happened' upon a quote from Alejandro Jodorowsky that reads, "birds born in a cage think flying is an illness." I didn't know she read this yesterday but when I told her about my dream she showed me the image that she saved in her phone, and here it is below. We are clearly getting a sign.

We believe that this dream is a message of impending freedom and victory against current forms of oppression and containment, including for people who don't even realize that they are caged. Amari made the accurate correlation between birds and communication. Have you ever heard the term, "a little birdy told me?" This classic phrase, which is bird centric, is about communication and information flow, including in a secretive, identity-concealing manner, so we think that the the dream symbolism and vision also relate to new freedoms of communication and thought that are coming. To us the cage also symbolizes limitations on mind, knowledge and consciousness development that will also end. So who is holding the key to the cage? President Trump or God himself?

On a deeper alchemical level I have a distinct sense that the unlocking of the cage also has to do with the Monad Heiroglyphica and I mean this especially on the national and governmental levels. I can't go further than this, I hope that the symbolism above speaks to your soul wisdom. I assure you that this is a very good thing and that many divine transformations and nation-healing revelations will come through the unlocking power connected to the Monad Heiroglyphica which has definite astrological expression. A weekend before this dream Amari saw several beautiful cardinals here in Arizona at a local event. Since she has Black Choctaw tribal lineage we also consider the spiritual meaning of the cardinal which encompasses confidence, victory through action, the power of adaptability, the embrace of new beginnings, divine leadership and assertion.

On a psychic level Amari senses a powerful and just 'restoration of life' energy coming and on the Christian level the cardinal represents the blood of Christ, renewal and resurrection. Cardinals are also known to be messengers between the heavenly and earthly realms. Although the cardinal wasn't in the dream it is a bird that appeared to us recently and just prior to the 'bird and the cage' Trump dream. So, we think that the cardinal is very relevant, for Arizona and for the world at large. There are many cages on people right now, including invisible cages that aren't yet realized. But we feel deeply, as these signs come to us, that a time is rapidly approaching when cages will be opened by higher power and authority. In the dream this process of unlocking and freeing was a done deal, a story of victory to be told. And so we have full faith that this will come to pass.

Arizona is a very special place within the United States. In an upcoming article we are going to explain why we think so on psychic, astrological and spiritual levels. For now we hope that this message brings light into your mind and confidence into your spirit. Although times are dark, heavy and chaotic a new dawn is coming. We will continue to share special dreams with you in the future. We will continue to pray for President Trump as we will continue to pray for God's blessing and intervention in the USA and across every nation on Earth. For more detailed astrological insight consider a subscription to Starseed SMS and our Premium Blog where we routinely give deep expert insight on every major aspect and event. If this article resonates with you we ask that you share it far and wide as we remain the most censored astrology company in the USA.

With full faith in America's return,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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