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The New Knights Templar & Vulcan's Transit of Leo | Starseed Astrology

Knights Templar Astrology

It has been impressed upon my mind that we have entered a secret season of astrology that will preside over a certain resurgence and reemergence of the fabled Knights Templar who will take on a new modus operandi that is wisely suited to the modern world and all of its unique challenges. The transit that specifically presides over the raising of new Templar Kings is that of Vulcan's transit of Leo, an influence which can only be seen through Uranian astrology.

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Vulcan's transit of Leo is long, royal, resplendent and generational. It began on August 1st of 2017 and it will end on November 1st of 2071. Children born beneath this influence will carry the Christian warrior essence as the House of Leo esoterically resonates with Jesus Christ. As a Christian mystic I have learned that Leo is secretly the "Christ house" which makes perfect sense when you correlate its royal nature to the "King of Kings" supreme cosmic expression.

A small minority of the new templars have recently been born with the vast majority of them to come. There are others more mature who are already supernaturally established. I think it important for society to understand the bigger picture of the Vulcan in Leo transit as it pertains to the concept and emerging reality of new Templar Kings. Who are they now and who will they be? What key positions will God grant them to advance His Kingdom on Earth?

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Conscious parents should be wise to this generational Leo influence which resonates profoundly with Christ Consciousness and the gradual strengthening of the Christian world. I am not at liberty to reveal specific birth chart indicators that can confirm a genuine Templar King. At this time it is my place to seed the knowledge of this astro-societal phenomenon that I believe will become radiantly clear, as the midday sun, in years ahead. Reincarnation will play a powerful role in this process as ancient Knights will be reborn as new Kings. The name of Jacques de Molay clearly comes to mind, I think we will see him again.

I hope that you've enjoyed this brief but uniquely important article which I will expand upon in the future as the timing of cosmic inspiration directs. For those interested, I routinely interpret the times and aspects of Vulcan's transit of Leo through my popular Starseed SMS service. If you'd like deeper, more specific and ongoing knowledge of this transit I welcome you to try a subscription. I pray for the parents of the new Templar Kings to come, may God bless you with all that you need to raise the new frontline in wisdom, strength and divine purpose.

Loyal to Jesus forever,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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