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The Lost Hermetic Lots & Arabic Parts of Astrology

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It has been my great privilege to discover or perhaps relearn many of the lost Hermetic lots which are also known as Arabic parts. These extremely precious esoteric astrological formulas have their origins in the ancient world during a time when the mystery religion was far vastly understood and practiced. My instincts tell me that they made their most prominent surfacing in ancient Egypt, the mystical land where alchemy was born into the world. To be perfectly clear, the "lots" or "parts" of astrology, which I have learned as "keys", reveal extremely valuable astrological locations in a birth chart that correspond to profound forces and experiences which I will soon detail to the extent that I can at this time.

As history confirms to us the lots were part of mainstream astrological practice during the Hellenistic and Roman eras. After the fall of Rome the lots made their way into the Arabian world where they cast great influence on Islamic astrologers whose work then made its way, via Latin translation, into medieval Europe where the lots were received as the "Arabic parts." To this day there is only one accurate lot or part in widespread circulation and practice, that being the lot of fortune whose formula measures from the native's sun, to their moon, with that distance then measured out from their ascendant. The lot of spirit floating around is false and the others, I'm sorry to say, are pure speculation.

With great certainty I can confirm the following lots and parts which I call Keys:

The Key of Life

The Key of Death

The Key of Time

The Key of Freedom

The Key of Glory

The Key of Victory

The Key of Power

The Key of Misfortune

The Key of Magic

The Key of Spirit

The Key of Beauty

The Key of Sacred Labor

The Key of Love

The Key of Knowledge

The Key of Wisdom

The Key of Destiny

I've used these Keys in professional practice over the years towards honor and acclaim from clients who have been extremely impressed by their accuracy and value. I've observed the function and reality of these Keys not only in client work and through analysis of prominent world figures, but on a much more intimate level that involves my own astrology and that of my immediate family. The purpose of this article is twofold: to establish a public record on the Hermetic Keys that actually exist according to my own professional learning, use and verification and secondly, to serve as a humble 'step one' in a great campaign of advanced teaching that I intend for the world in the realm of esoteric astrology.

With more to come as the stars align,

Astrologer/Alchemist Salvador Russo


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