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The City of London Chart

With Pluto actively in retrograde in nearly exact conjunction to Thuban, my inspiration has guided me along a deeper path of study, one that coincidentally maintains a dragon theme. Last night, after studying Prince William's chart, I was guided to study the founding of the City of London Corporation, a structure which governs one of the planet's most powerful and shadowy financial centers.

Although the initial founding of "The City" stretches back to the Roman rule of 43 AD the more modern and formal form of governance began in 1191 when the City of London Corporation was officially announced (and secretly dedicated). Intuitively, and because of the pervasive masonic influence of the area, my mind was guided to the summer solstice of 1191 as a true point of cosmic reference.

The chart below is my best professional estimation of the City of London Corporation's secret astrology. Circled in aquamarine, notice the Cancer stellium that was active at that time while considering that Cancer governs banks in astrology. But more importantly, especially from a masonic perspective, Pluto was then conjunct Sirius, a star of supreme importance in the masonic world.

Wise people understand that dark money and shadow banking are an absolute curse to this world as they stand in direct opposition to the manifestation of utopian, Golden Age programs like NESARA and GESARA. So why am I showing you this chart in particular? To show you where "dragons" bank and to show you the active synchronicity between the astrological Pluto and the City of London.

Most people know that the United States of America was founded with the Sun aligned to Sirius but most people don't know that the City of London mega-banking corporation was formally announced during a year when Pluto was aligned with Sirius. The spiritual war that this world is in is an ancient one so it's important for conscious citizens to see modern things through an ancient lens.

I offer this horoscope as an international point of reference and study for upcoming events which I believe will be concentrated against the shadow banking world. Quite bluntly, I think that the Devil banks in the City of London but because of the recent Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius a new era of rectification has begun. Let's keep watch on "The City" this summer.

Pluto leaves a dragon's fingerprints,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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