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Queen Elizabeth's Timing of Death

It has just been announced that Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch and the longest reigning female monarch in world history, has died. I am immediately drawn to think of the blood moon that came this past May 16th at 25° Scorpio that happened in direct conjunction to the Queen's Saturn at 24° Scorpio. Back then I knew that this was a dreadful combination for her but I declined to make a public death prediction as it just didn't feel right. But here we are, with her death announced to the world, four months after the blood moon touched her Saturn, a dire planet steeped with myths and legends of death. Below is the Queen's chart with the blood moon Saturn conjunction highlighted.

While the blood moon's conjunction to her Saturn was indeed an ominous sign about her impending departure that was months ago so why her passing today? Upon careful study I found malefic Saturn, once again, central to the timing of her death. In fact, at the approximate afternoon hour of her passing the moon was found in conjunction to Saturn which held retrograde at 20° Aquarius, a degree which is extremely relevant to the Queen's chart because she was born with Mars at 20° Aquarius and her Fate at 20° Cancer. Simply stated, at the hour of her passing Saturn vexed her Mars and Fate while the moon was solemnly present in her passing transit. The heaviest mortal hours truly belong to Saturn.

The Uranian chart below shows Saturn's position against her Mars in Aquarius and Fate in Cancer at the time of her passing. Pluto is also highlighted because transiting Hades was in rare conjunction at 12° Cancer at the time of her death.

As power is transferred in the United Kingdom we should know, clearly and truly as I've shown, that Saturn was central to the timing of the Queen's passing. The final countdown began with the blood moon in May then Saturn went onward to the Queen's Cancer fate and Mars. And to the specific hour, dreadful Saturn was there once again, via the moon's conjunction. Perhaps myth and legend persist through time because many are actually profoundly true. Wars continue to be sparked through Mars and deaths continue to happen beneath Saturn's shadow. Many who read this will also transition in Saturn's timing, a transit to watch vigilantly in our charts for sure. There is another whom the blood moon touched in May by the way: Joe Biden. The Scorpio blood moon made conjunction to his Scorpio Sun back then. We would never wish death but we are wise to patterns.

Will Biden survive Saturn's crossing of his fate line next March? That remains to be seen. I hope that you've found this article insightful, contributions are always welcomed and they do help to speed along more free, high-quality articles for astrology enthusiasts of the world. I do my best to share my gift as frequently and as generously as I can, my passion is in teaching you things that are otherwise obscured from you. We send condolences to the British Royal Family and warm regards to the people of the UK. Let's all keep our guard up to Saturn.

Watching wisely,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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