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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer: The Royal Dawn

Life will soon become richer in beauty and quality through the royal dawn of the new moon total solar eclipse of July 2nd, 2019! This is the divine turning point in our astrological year! This eclipse will unleash new flows of magic, fortune, and grace that will create greater love, success, appreciation, and passion in our lives. The empty astrological houses are soon to be filled with royal light so that the Kingdom of Heaven advances strategically on Earth through the cosmic government of God that is astrology. Second chances at life will soon be dealt as the game of life advances through the timing of the zodiac. The needs and desires of our personal lives are the absolute focus of this eclipse which will quicken all domestic dreams into fulfillment. New genesis points will be manifesting everywhere to set the world on a beautiful new trajectory that champions life in all of its glorious beauty. The light of ancient Atlantis will pour into our present as the Sun darkens momentarily while the seeds of new monarchies are sewn in stealth.

Houses Illuminated

Every person on Earth is born with empty houses in their horoscope. We are each born with imperfect astrology but through righteous living we can each earn the priceless blessing of having our empty houses filled with new cosmic light so that our astrological journey blossoms in ways that it previously couldn't. This is one of the highest gifts of this eclipse: the illumination of our empty astrological houses on the personal, family, business, city, state, and national levels. When a house becomes lit the ascent into a higher life quickens and we begin to enjoy successes in places that were previously drought stricken, arduous, and impossible. Although the eclipse will activate at 10° Cancer all of the secret royal degrees in each of the twelve houses will be marked for activation with unique expression for every soul. Know that eclipses are natural times of divine astrological enhancement. But they are also times of reckoning where light can be taken from those who have chosen the left-hand path of evil and vice.

Second Chances

Beyond our wildest beliefs and imaginations this eclipse will usher in divine second chances at life throughout its one year cycle. Do not give up hope on life with such an event in our astrological midst! Unique to each sign the second chances will come and where time is a perceived limitation new longevity can be granted within through the mysterious life force effects of cosmic Cancer energy. Human DNA is governed by Cancer so know that we are entering a powerful season of celestial DNA enhancement. Unexpected genetic upgrades will underscore many of the second chance experiences, especially for people who feel that their best days are behind them. God can turn back our cellular clocks with light, scientists have not observed this yet but in the future they will. Keep watch for the good agents of this eclipse who will play extraordinary spiritual roles in your second chance transitions. Major life cycles do end with solar eclipses, true. But they are also powerful doorways into your next evolutionary level of life on Earth.

Uranian Astrology & Abortion

Have you ever wondered if there are astrological transits that are directly connected to the politics and industry of abortion? There are. I'm referring to the ultra-demonic transits of Kronos and Hades in Cancer. If you're new to Kronos and Hades you can learn about them here. Kronos and Hades are the patron demons of the abortion industry which is a modern incarnation of the ancient child sacrifice rituals that were practiced in lands like ancient Canaan. In the chart above you'll see that the total solar eclipse bisects the glyphs of Kronos and Hades which are found at 11 and 8 degrees Cancer, respectively. This means that we are entering a dramatic phase of divine intervention against the abortion industry that is responsible for 60,000,000+ human deaths since 1973. Expect to see tremendous pro-life victories at all levels of society in the years ahead towards the eventual overturning of Roe v Wade. A total solar eclipse in the house of life promises doom for an industry that prospers from human death. Expect to see it in the near future!

New Atlantis USA

The Kingdom of Atlantis was cosmically blessed at 10° Cancer with Jupiter-class light. This was the light that made it the jewel of the world before it's tragic, Pluto-related fall. Through my mystic senses I know that the USA has been blessed by God to become the New Atlantis. I predict that through this eclipse the U.S. national horoscope will be upgraded so that a new Jupiter shines in our 10th house at 10° Cancer. This Atlantean-styled Jupiter will serve as the new national crown and as a future source of national miracles. Through it a beautiful new fertility will be cast into the nation to restore the fallen birthrates while honoring the degraded status of the nuclear family which is so precious to society. Human genetic quality has been systematically degraded through various covert warfare means but now the time has come for our gene pool to elevate in quality and beauty. Atlantean DNA will return through the cosmic light codes that God controls. The illuminati quest for a genetically-enhanced master race will result in their catastrophe.

South America Revitalized

All astrological events have global reach but when it comes to eclipses the nations that can view them receive extraordinary attention from the universe. This eclipse will be visible to much of South America so I interpret divine enhancements to the national horoscopes of South America's countries towards an economic resurrection of the entire continent. It should be noted that on the relative eve of this eclipse Mercosur has successfully negotiated a massive trade deal with the European Union that will open South America to a tremendous new era of prosperity. This deal was twenty years in the making and it successfully completed just prior to an eclipse that traces over several South American nations. This is a gigantic synchronicity for those who pay attention. Business will be booming in South America and new life will glow with the people. Expect to see major new investment projects manifesting in South America over the next year and into the future. These events will precede the new South American infrastructure development.

Creative Flow

I have great news for everyone who depends on creativity to secure their livelihood: this eclipse will unleash a creative flow of epic cosmic proportions that will carry you into new heights of success and comfort! Although it may not seem, this one-year eclipse cycle will prove tremendously supportive and fortunate for those with creative, artistic, and performance-related career paths or aspirations. Mega-breakthroughs will be happening for those engaged in their passion pursuits no matter their current level. We are entering an astrological cycle where great returns can be made on creative and artistic investments. I encourage you all to tap into the fiery creative flow that will soon be wildly abundant. Eclipses open us to higher levels of life while orchestrating our transition into them. Keep investing in your passion pursuits while knowing that the universe is working to elevate you so long as you remain in the creative flow of this eclipse. Don't let the next Mercury retrograde phase you, the eclipse potential is far greater in its divinity.

Cancer Currents

If you're new to astrology know this: Cancer governs homes, apartments, rental properties, family, extended family, mothers, pregnancies, newborns, businesses, investments, cities, nations, homelands, and relocations of residence. We will all be seeing tremendous blessing, transformation, and transition within these areas of our lives over the course of the next twelve months. As the Cancer currents advance we'll begin to notice a higher universal wisdom guiding us into more secure, beautiful, enjoyable lives. Total solar eclipses can force vital events into action so that evolution is guaranteed. As the blessings enter, as the transformations begin, and as the ideal transition paths become clear know that God surrounds you with love and powerful grace to succeed with a new type of life. Pay close attention to the females in your life, those present and those to come, as many of the greatest and most transformational events will be directly connected to them. The feminine aspect of God will be working overtime this eclipse cycle.

Eclipse Science

If you don't have a high quality copy of your horoscope now is the time to get one. If this eclipse makes an aspect to any of your birth planets, asteroids, or Uranian placements those influences, themes, and potentials will become extremely strong in addition to the eclipse house activation. This is the part of astrology that is truly astonishing, when you start seeing cosmic energy manifesting in your own life in a scientific manner that is specific to your birth chart. Here are some examples of how this works: if the eclipse makes aspect to your natal Jupiter you could come into great wealth, fame, and honor this cycle; if the eclipse makes aspect to your Sun you could be anointed for a higher cause, position, or level of authority ; if the eclipse aspects your Neptune you could find yourself entering a profound new level of spiritual enlightenment; and if the eclipse aspects one of your gods and goddesses then their role in your life will become greatly pronounced and fortunate for the next year. It goes on and on but I think that you get the idea.

Read below for your sun sign and rising sign for more personalized eclipse insight

Aries & Aries Rising

Divine blessings are coming into your family life! With Chiron in Aries during this eclipse cycle family healing is a major theme that you should embrace and perhaps lead depending upon the karmic past. The time is divine to create that new business or to brilliantly expand the one that you've already created. You're entering a great cycle for relocation and investment so act upon extraordinary opportunities that appear, especially when royal names, symbols, and themes are present. New ascension through upgraded family and business astrology are magical parts of your eclipse cycle. Expect powerful family momentum where you have felt stuck. Just be sure to do all the necessary work to keep things moving higher. Security increases will be streaming into your life so that you can feel more confident. Beautiful blasts from the past will inspiring your creative side. Blessed news of a new baby is in potential and your own family could soon be born. Leverage the ancient ways that God reveals to win your next cosmic advance.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

The knowledge, means, and motivation to build a higher life are yours as this eclipse cycle will have highly stimulating effects on your intelligence, creativity, charm, business acumen, and earning potential. To thrive during this cycle you'll need to learn the ins and outs of the things that you love and the things that appear to you holding great promise. Knowledge-related investments are gold for you as are talent and skill related mentorships or training programs. Beautiful new employment opportunities with higher financial benefits are in store, just be sure to make the transition in a graceful way that doesn't burn bridges. This is a perfect cycle to establish a beautiful new web presence or to grow the one that you already have to prepare you for things to come. Investments in your own healing and development are a crucial part of your path of ascension at this time. Don't be afraid to trade paper currency for things of real value, this is not a cycle to be rigid about expenses connected to life ascension and peak personal development.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The royal dawn of this eclipse will shine over your financial life. It's time to earn in new ways that resonate much more closely with your heart. Pour your new cosmically-charged creativity into investment and development projects that have an intelligent uniqueness to them. Don't worry, they will shine so bright that you won't miss them, including in your mind. But this can also be a time of necessary expense towards new environmental comforts, a wiser location to grow from, or to increase the quality of life for your family or team. Property sales, acquisitions, and upgrades are highlighted as this can be a very positive real estate cycle for you. Golden contracts and wealthy partnerships will find their way into your life as part of the eclipse financial boost. You'll be able to clear away old debt much faster this cycle. But as you grow through your new financial favor don't become materialistic or you'll short circuit future gains. Leverage powerful relationships to aid with vital transformations. There is light in your corner at the court.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

You will be the most blessed of all the celestial tribes of the zodiac during this eclipse cycle! With a total solar eclipse happening in your sign you're entering a year of miracles and divine personal growth that will feel invigorating and ecstatic on the emotional level. It's time to blast through whatever is holding you back on the inner, outer, and astral levels. When the eclipse activates you'll receive a perfect, growth-oriented cosmic blessing in your astrological life that will establish your new path through the cycle. Your heart's desires will be nurtured into manifestation while you begin to receive tremendous ascension upgrades. In the most profound expression this eclipse can enable and expand your mystical access of the inner Kingdom of Heaven. You are on the cusp of a hyper-creativity wave so be sure to unleash your inner-artist to the fullest extents. Your light body will also be refreshed towards increases in health, beauty, and longevity. Honor this blessing through the purest living possible. A chapter of glory will soon begin!

Leo & Leo Rising

The time for major family and business dreams to come true has come! Your faith in the divine plan for your life will be powerfully restored as this eclipse cycle advances. Deep and unspoken emotional wounds, forms of family crisis, unresolved tragedies, and unsettled injustices from your past will all be repaid by the grace of God through the timing of this eclipse and its one year cycle. The theme of karmic justice will become increasingly active towards the heavenly goal of a total restoration of what you feel to be your weakest side. As your perceived weaknesses evolve into new points of strength you'll be able to stride into your highest manifestation power. With four deities in Leo this cycle you will also be discovering dazzling new aspects of your own divine nature that have been withheld from you until this eclipse. Charity, philanthropy, and your personal involvement or leadership in a noble social cause can also put you in a wonderful new spotlight. You'll feel totally in your element as this eclipse radiates royal light.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

It's time for divine promotion and realignment of your career path! The new life that this eclipse promises will pour through your career sector, bringing it back to life or exalting it into a higher form. There could be a family or personal move connected to a major career opportunity or an extremely favorable change with your working life that enables more wealth, comfort, or closeness with your loved ones. Accept the good changes to enter the higher timelines and sync your major movements to Jupiter. This eclipse will blend your cells to the future as one of your unique tribal gifts will be a radically awakened cellular consciousness. You'll be able to feel, diagnose, and optimize in a revolutionary way. New angel mentors will give you strength, counsel, and light where you need it most. Consciousness elevation and community expansion are golden routes to travel, love and build with your new eclipse crew. Inspired success formulas and new business blueprints are yours. This is also a great cycle to truly understand your family's astrology.

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Libra & Libra Rising

Although you're not a Cancer you'll certainly feel favored as this eclipse will usher in a new season of justice, blessing, power, and protection as Zeus will prograde in your sign the day after this eclipse! Know Zeus as the Olympic patron of your tribe for many years to come. Your astrological path will be altered in ways that radically increase your wisdom, freedom, international exposure, and multicultural experience over the next year. If you have outstanding legal problems, especially connected to family, business, or locality, you can expect fortunate, life-refreshing outcomes so that you can ascend into the new promised life. You're entering a year that is fertile for growth and success in the higher echelons of society. But it may be time for long distance relocation so think wisely about your environment, future goals, and relevant political calculus. Major career breakthroughs can manifest so that you find yourself in new positions of authority and honor. Long distance love can now evolve closer or it can be born into life altogether.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Welcome to one of the deepest healing and regeneration cycles of your life! This royal dawn eclipse can be nothing short of life saving with specific expression upon disease, debt, substance abuse, psychological health, criminal entanglements, and spiritual cleansing. You can find yourself with new access to family resources, banking power, and spiritually-charged inheritances while a general theme of wealth increases through others manifests. There may be a business that you need to liquidate so that you can reinvest in something greater. A royal metamorphosis process can transition you into your exalted state, follow the royal signs of mystery. Difficult emotional entanglements and threats against your security will be soothed and removed by the universe. Initiation into the ancient mysteries can dawn secretly within your consciousness. Accept the invite and dive deep to discover the treasures beyond this world. The light-born insurances of God will manifest in worldly ways to secure you. Alchemize into your new life at will.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Universal justice is upon you in a dramatic and joyful way! Your relationship life will soon be bursting with growth and prosperity opportunities, even at long distance which is no stretch for you. The universe will be magnetizing strategic relationships into your life that you can work with to grow beyond your current imagination. You're entering a year where deepened commitments and development efforts with trusted partners can reap you tremendous rewards. This can also be a surprisingly romantic time for you where the stars align for love to take center stage in your life. You could easily find yourself in the center of the sweetest types of trade and negotiation, especially beyond the Jupiter prograde. Any remaining pain or debt from your old life will melt away from the grace that manifests through your wise dealings into 2020. Be a super partner and an angelic friend to all to ensure that the universe sends you maximum reward. Use your heightened wisdom to raise others up and God will light your astral map in marvelous ways.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This eclipse will give birth to a wonderful new phase of your working life with a dramatic spike to your spiritual path of service which can be totally distinct from your day job. Between this year long eclipse cycle and the upcoming Jupiter entry into Capricorn this December a mega window for work and career evolution is opening. Divine refreshment and beautification of your physical temple should be one of your top priorities. Trust that God knows how to bless you against any Saturn or Pluto fatigue. Be ready to adopt a new eclipse-inspired health, beauty, fitness, and meditation regimen to come into higher alignment. A refreshing new balance to your life will be emerging and special business projects or work from home plans will grow into outstanding success. This eclipse could actually grow your pet projects into the future focus of your professional life. All aspects of your livelihood will be blessed, just be sure to care for your body as the energetic rigors of Saturn and Pluto are real. New clients, experts, and workmates are coming.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

To the metaphysical masters of Aquarius, get ready for a cosmic heart activation that you'll never forget! Your newly blessed heart will be bursting with new intelligence, empathic ability, and spiritual sense to prepare you for a year where cosmically-aligned risk taking can bless your life and open your future in divine ways. It's time to create something beautiful for society that stimulates brotherly and sisterly love. During this cycle the perfect partners will appear to help you manifest the full vision of your heart. The royal dawn eclipse shines above your house of love, pleasure, children, and entertainment so to live in alignment you'll have to indulge in the most beautiful and joyful aspects of life with your loved ones, a sweet work by any measure. If this type of regimen seems like as stretch remember that this eclipse brings astrological upgrades that will alter the type of reality that you experience. To serve the world and humanity in the greatest way let your heart do the thinking and manifest a business or project in accordance.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Last but not least we have our miracle making Pisces who will soon be experiencing a sublime dimensional blending with the Heaven on Earth energy. Part of this process entails a genetic upgrade that is unique and precious to your tribe. God wants you to know the full magic and beauty of who you are. With Neptune retrograde in your sign during this eclipse cycle trust me that your inner spiritual adventures will be prolific. Use them as creative inspiration for your work in this world as this is a major success key on the artistic level. If you're willing to try your hand at business this is a perfect time to start and if you're already in business a new cycle of evolution and success is upon you with celebrity experiences in potential. Your golden ticket is in soul expression and major family or property investments are totally part of your path now. There could be notice of new children or grandchildren, family will be growing one way or the other. A new angelic presence will be lifting you on the emotional level. It's time to work your royal magic.

Angel Investors

One of the most publicly distinct expressions of this eclipse energy will be seen through the increasing frequency of angel investor events. When you see angel investors doing major things for the world think of this eclipse. This was one of Amari's strongest psychic impressions. An angel investor could be in your future but if not remember that God is the ultimate angel investor. We hope that you have found value in this free article which we have labored on together for many hours and days. This Friday we are taking our autistic son to see specialist that we have been waiting a long time to see. Our autistic son is a Cancer so we feel that the time is right for him to receive some major healing. If any of you out there are also dealing with autism we send love, compassion, and understanding that could only come from parents of an autistic child. If you enjoyed this article we ask that you share it. We do get censored but with your shares that won't matter. From our hearts we wish you all divine eclipse experiences. Sending love from AZ!

Sal & Amari

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