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Mars Transits Taurus: El Toro Oro

Mark your calendars! The first major economic event within the 2019 astrological year is about to begin! Starting on February 14th the universe will be offering us powerful, future-oriented ways of building, preserving, and creating wealth through the unstoppable advance of the Mars transit of Taurus. Many major financial breakthroughs are about to occur! Through conscious alignment with this golden transit increases in personal wealth, security, and quality of life are guaranteed. The Mars transit of Taurus is an economic blast-off period that will precede the long-awaited golden age manifesting transit of Uranus in Taurus. Be ready to rock with Mars, the golden hour rapidly approaches!

This economically fortifying transit begins with a rare grand earth trine between Mars in Taurus, Eros in Capricorn, and Pleroma in Virgo. Grand trines in any element are divine configurations of grace, blessing, and assured success. Grand trines exist in the astrology of many prominent lives, cities, and companies on this planet. They emit pyramid power that is divine and of God's wise authorship. The Mars transit of Taurus will activate such an energy above us which will translate into obvious and extremely beneficial means of increasing economic strength through our work, career, and methods of earning income. Partnerships with prosperity potential and healing opportunities will shine at the start.

The general essence of this transit is as follows: new means of building a richer life here on the material plane. Mars is a planet of confidence, leadership, initiative, innovation, and guardianship. We will need to manifest these qualities to seize the opportunities that Mars will soon be presenting us with. Through the timing of Mars in our individual horoscopes we will be presented with the people, resources, projects, promotions, and ideas that will lead to higher future prosperity. Motivation and inspiration for building and development will soon spike so make sure that you channel the Mars energy into building and development in some form or another. When Taurus is active God wants us all building divinely.

Taurus is the house of Mother Nature and all of her glorious riches. Taurus governs oil, gold, industrial metals, farmland, botanicals, crop yields, precious gems, woods, and minerals, architecture, production, and on the metaphysical level, the periodic table of the elements. Be ready for Mars to introduce you to new forms of natural wealth. Between the entrance of Mars and Uranus into Taurus we are entering a breathtaking new period of time when Nature will reveal her wealth in marvelous new ways. New sources and supply chains will soon be created all over the world so that wealth is distributed in spiritually just ways. This is the most beneficial transit of Mars for those working in the agricultural realm.

Mars synchronicities overwhelmingly manifest through males, especially the alpha types. That stated, be especially vigilant for male expression of the Mars in Taurus energy in the near future. Men of great talent, wealth, productive ability, and connection to the Earth are classic to show during this time. These types of men can serve as the impetus for positive economic and spiritual developments. If you start encountering Taurus males all of a sudden smile and give glory to the Almighty God who created such a marvelous life science for us to navigate with. The male Taurus' of the world will be the most effected by this transit although all people, regardless of gender, age, or location, will be feeling this vibe.

The Almighty God, who created astrology to govern the world with, is a God of infinite wealth and generosity. The Devil wages wars of crushing poverty while God's path leads to material freedom and limitless prosperity for all. The Mars transit of Taurus is a war on poverty transit. Passions will run high as conflicts arise over wealth, its use, its creation, its preservation, and its social circulation. Pay close attention to raging bull political debates over currency, debt, budgets, and taxation as Mars will be revealing the heroes and villains of prosperity and poverty. Think critically and measure policies according to their net impact on social wealth, social poverty, and currency strength. History makes it easy.

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House Guidance

At this point I'm going to share house-by-house guidance so that you can gain a good idea of how to use this transit on a personal level. Look in your horoscope for the house or houses signed by Taurus, then you'll know which house to read for. If you don't have your chart order it here.

Mars transiting your 1st House

This transit is all about self-development so that you can become a more valuable asset to the world. Mars will elevate your sense of self-worth while inspiring a can-do attitude that should be channeled into new forms of personal expression and leadership. This is a great time for you to take charge of a special project or position while making decisive new personal commitments that will lead you into a new dimension of growth and fulfillment. This transit could have you feeling very physical all of a sudden so be as productive as possible as this is a key ingredient to your new success formula. If you don't know about your inner wealth, the gifts and talents that God gave you, this is the transit that will force them into the light. When you find your inner wealth you can develop your golden identity.

Mars transiting your 2nd House

This transit is about raw economic increase, the kind that you haven't seen in about two years. New financial building blocks are coming through Mars but you may have to spend and build in order to discover or create new wealth. Expenses can increase with Mars in the 2nd but as long as they are wise expenses you will eventually come out in the green. This is a great influence for any type of nature excursion or construction project. Get out there, get grounded, and be close to the Earth to find the hidden gems that await you. This is a seed planting transit for future wealth to blossom. The 2nd house is slow so don't rush this process. Be product and value minded as new tools and resources are brought into your field of awareness. Your Mars says, "invest with the Earth and your wealth will be multiplied."

Mars transiting your 3rd House

What you know can make you rich. This is a mind and knowledge enriching time for you. Mars will be unloading a salvo of golden ideas for you to implement as part of your new personal success and economic ascent. Make the greatest gains through confident application of your Mars-enhanced mind, this connection is priceless to make. Crystal upgrades to your mental abilities are super appropriate as are any overdue technological, digital, or automotive upgrades. Update your web presence to access new digital money and take any trips necessary that will enhance your economic life. Work productively with siblings and make sure to master all vital communication and coordination. Big financial talks are ahead. Make sure to make key decisions with intelligence overruling passion.

Mars transiting your 4th House

Mars will be bringing new wealth into your family and business life as part of its two-year rare security enhancement effect. This is an auspicious transit for fortunate investments of all kinds, especially where properties and businesses are concerned. This transit could even have you giving birth to a new Mars-styled company with great profit potential. New business development is a must and if you need to move this is the transit that will help you with the money and muscle that you'll need to make it happen. Wealthy males can wind up in your living space all of a sudden. Make the most of these connections knowing the higher timing of Mars. Males in your family can aid you financially or open you to new financial prospects. Feel safe that this Mars will protect and uplift your bottom line needs.

Mars transiting your 5th House

A joyful time dawns like the rising of a golden sun! Financial increase can absolutely be connected to your near-term artistic production or performance. The full economic power of Mars is now with your passion pursuits and heart's desires so it will be much easier to crystallize them into material form. Be careful not to slip into spiritually-devoid hedonism or reckless bouts of gambling during this time. Instead, follow your heart compass which will be powerfully synced to Mars into early April. This is a beautification transit on the inner and outer levels so be about new beauty one way or the other. This is a classic transit for new romance as well, so long as Mars makes no ill aspects during his Leo dance. Use your cosmically-amplified creativity to steal the show and be a lover, not a fighter with this Mars.

Mars transiting your 6th House

Mars blares in the heavens, "it's time to heal and strengthen your body as never before!" Physical and dietary upgrades are the name of the game and Mars has all the resources, science, methods, and experts that you'll need to succeed. Your body is your temple and Mars has a new ascension regimen to implement. Promotions at work are in order, including financial, so step up to take the lead and the higher wage. A golden project can burst into life, especially if nature, science, or healing are involved. Give your best to it as the power of Mars will now rocket-propel your highest path of service and financial return. A priceless round of training is ahead of you. Don't shy from a sudden surge in workload that will be the basis of your new talent and skills development. Wealthy clients and masters ahead.

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Mars transiting your 7th House

A golden partner or a wealthy adversary will soon manifest, depending on your karma. Cooperative work and deals of all kinds will shine toward new prosperity. Make them and take them knowing the higher location of Mars. Trust is the spiritual currency that you need most, make sure to build it during this time. Lucrative cultural opportunities can manifest now so take the lead in the cultures that you value most. This Mars can inspire a sudden marriage proposal and in general it will strengthen all the most valuable relationships in your life. It's all about fair cooperation for mutual economic ascent. The universe will reward all your fair dealings so treat your new partners well. This Mars will help to rectify financial imbalances in your life. Advocate your needs while maintaining harmony for all parties.

Mars transiting your 8th House

If you've got financial fears this is the Mars transit that will teach you to conquer them! The greatest financial alchemy of the past two years is about to start to help you transform economic weakness into economic strength. Don't be attached to material things during this process, that could create sabotage. This is a great Mars for medical success, survival needs, accelerated regeneration, loan access, credit increases, joint ventures, and priceless mystical exploration. Sacred resources are part of the Mars payload, embrace them to trigger a secret rebirth. Mars will raise new intuition within you especially where money, sex, and secrets are concerned. You may have to do some detective work now. Golden evidence can be found to seal a certain deal. This Mars conquers inner demons.

Mars transiting your 9th House

Wisdom is better than rubies and this transit of Mars will soon prove it! The enlightenment that will open you to greater worldly prosperity is upon you. Be open minded as Mars stretches your learning and philosophical framework into golden territories of truth. Higher learning will lead you into higher earning. Victories of the pen and paper are now in order. Use the Mars momentum to advance your righteous legal, academic, and political agendas. New teachers, books, and travel plans will soon manifest for inner and outer journeys that should be taken. This is an "Indiana Jones" type of Mars that commands distant adventures, multicultural learning, linguistic ability, historical reverence, and foreign treasure seeking. Keep watch for new international connections that can help you prosper on a global level.

Mars transiting your 10th House

Promote, promote, promote! That is the song of Mars in your 10th. Wealth, status, and career increases are now in order, especially if you've been putting in hard work these past two years. If not you'll encounter master-level enablers who are wealthy, talented, and proven in their fields. Through their mentorship you'll find yourself with a new career and finance strategy that you'll need to develop over time. There are no shortcuts in this house so be sure to follow the golden trajectory that Mars lights up for you. Higher honors, duties, and legacy achievements are typical to this Mars which is known to crown new legends. For those already atop their peaks, this Mars will inspire you to use your wealth and influence for the social good. Build for society and God will grant treasure that money can't buy.

Mars transiting your 11th House

Your future is about to get hacked by the golden disruption of Mars! The gods know where the future's wealth will be and soon Mars will be giving you golden glimpses. This Mars transit will prepare you for the future through network development, community resource development, consciousness upgrades, precognitive flashes, and advanced preparations of all kinds. But perhaps more joyfully, this Mars will push many of your financial goals and dreams into full manifestation. Your material manifestation power will surge during this time so make sure that you're pulsing out wise intentions from your mind into the universe. A great time for community service, cause championing, and giving back to society, this will win you good karma that is like gold in the 12th house where Mars will head next for you.

Mars transiting your 12th House

At this point its all about your light and your karma, these are the currencies that matter most in the 12th house. If you're in good standing before the Lord bonafide financial miracles can happen for you now. Good karma will be returning through material wealth and mysterious luxuries of all kinds. Mars will also teach you how to break out of self-imposed economic prisons. Where is the illusion and what have you been missing? This Mars transit will show you. But Mars could also require something of you as a test of your soul: your willingness to play the part of an economic guardian angel to another in great need. Will you answer the call? The resources, including from the mineral kingdom, that will help you to connect to God in the greatest way will begin to manifest for your spiritual acceptance.

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Closing Words

I hope that you've all found this article to be both valuable and enlightening. Amari and I wish you all an exciting and prosperous transit. Be sure to sign up for our direct email alerts below to avoid Facebook censorship. We'll be busy uploading some amazing new gems and ascesion crystals over the next few weeks. For now you can see updated Shungite and Herkimer Diamond specimens on our crystal pages. Amari has also just finished an amazingly mystical batch of blue lotus infused palo santo. If you enjoyed this article your social shares and Facebook recommendations are always appreciated. And if you would like our professional services they can be engaged here.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


LinkedIn: @salvadorrusso

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