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Jupiter in Scorpio: The Mystery of God

A supernatural cosmic season begins today, on October 10th, with the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio, the zodiac's house of power. The curtains will be closing on the many agents and agendas of evil as profound transformations of wealth, power, and awareness occur by the awe-inspiring timing of the astrological Jupiter. Heavenly adjudications will force a new era of purification, transparency, and modernization into life so that society can evolve beyond the criminal conspiracies and concealments of times past. God's light will shine upon our deepest wounds and weaknesses that great portions of our lives may enjoy rebirth and resurrection. Jupiter declares that the time of shadow kingdom conquest has come!

I predict the following themes and events to occur during Jupiter's transit of Scorpio which lasts until November 8th of 2018:

  • the widespread decimation of international communist political power

  • tide-turning successes against international drug trafficking syndicates

  • the deconstruction of all forms of subversive power monopolies

  • the unexpected revelation of secret lives, alter egos, and ulterior motives

  • great experiences of growth through material and spiritual inheritance

  • the fateful confrontation and conquest of personal demons

  • the neutralization and elimination of extremist terrorist elements

  • death and rebirth experiences that effect every level of society

  • the expiration of certain “illuminati” VIPs

  • the redistribution of worldly power according to spiritual light and law

  • history-making investigations, financial audits, and criminal prosecutions

  • life-shattering experiences for practitioners of black magic

  • the exposure and rectification of sexually deviant cultures

  • profound metamorphosis experiences in mind, body, soul, and circumstances

  • the issuing and stripping of powers according to divine justice

  • divine blessing towards all survival, healing, and recovery efforts

  • new and unexpected ability to reduce, repay, and transcend personal debts

  • extraordinarily beneficial access to the wealth and resources of others

  • targeted mystery enlightenment that promotes rapid soul growth and life success

  • illumination on the darker conditions of modern life and human psychology

  • life-transforming spiritual initiations and revelations of sacred wisdom

God's Astral Web

Stealth actions are ruled by Scorpio, especially those which are committed nocturnally. Conspirators weave webs in secret but so has God although His web has been woven on the astral plane far beyond the calculation and comprehension of any mortal mind. Over the next year, as Jupiter transits through Scorpio, we will see many of the most prolific villains ensnared in God's astral web where they will find it impossible to escape the divine account. God is our ultimate avenger so let your grievances rest with Him while you keep your hands and soul clean. The cosmic time has come for all of the demonic humans to become entrapped, exposed, and ruined.

Cosmic Redemption

We have just entered a great season of redemption for the world. Those who are guilty of serious crimes and sins would be wise to use this Jupiter energy towards confession, atonement, and the prevention of further evils. Think of Jupiter in Scorpio as a whistleblower's dream transit where timely exposure can repay massive amounts of karma in very little time. To anyone who has soot on their soul the time is now to come clean and repay your spiritual debts or you may not withstand Saturn's unrelenting three year transit of Capricorn which starts on December 20th of 2017.

Power Circulation

As Jupiter transits through the mystic degrees of Scorpio power will be circulated tremendously on Earth, at times with the force of a great tidal wave. We can learn who stands in God's favor by watching where power flows over the next two years. On many occasions this power circulation will express itself through new financial arrangements, wealth transfers, and economic restructuring. Jupiter will manifest great antidotes to all people and nations who have suffered from the Satanic "new world order" economic warfare. Many prominent banks are in Heaven's crosshairs as are the dealers in dark money. Expect great financial crimes to be raised into the light.

Debt & Disease

Jupiter represents God's graceful hand on Earth so as it enters the house of debt and disease we can expect powerful relief and progress on these fronts. If you have been gripped by these vices have confidence in knowing that gigantic solutions are on the horizon. By consciously observing Jupiter's transit through your horoscope you will be able to capitalize, with surgical precision, on debt and disease healing potentials. Know also that Scorpio, which sequentially follows the judgments of Libra, is the house of corporeal and spiritual punishment. Punishments will soon be raining upon the industrial profiteers of human suffering and death.

Global Mass Exorcism

Widespread demonic infestation is one of the unspoken crisis of our times. This spiritual plague intensely contributes to the high rates of disease, poverty, corruption, violent crime, domestic abuse, and mental health disturbances that afflict spiritually unprotected souls around the world. Global demand for exorcism has exploded in recent years but I have good news for you: God will be performing a global mass exorcism throughout Jupiter's transit of Scorpio to purge demonic influence from our lives. We're going to learn how to defeat our invisible spiritual enemies with the things that they fear most. Start by acquiring emerald which has power over demons.

The Great Unveiling

This transit of Jupiter will bring an old promise of Christ to life, that which was recorded in Luke 8:17, as follows: "For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated." In great contrast to the secrecy and conspiracy that occurred during Saturn's recent transit of Scorpio we will now see the exact opposite: a profound and mysterious unveiling of evil that is commanded by divine power. But the unveiling will also be intimate to our souls as God will be revealing sacred things to each of us for the sake of our growth, personal empowerment, and mission success. Soul secrets will soon be told.

Alchemical Putrefaction

Every house in the zodiac rules a certain phase of the alchemical process, a process which culminates in the completion of the Great Work. Scorpio, as a house and energy, rules over alchemical putrefaction. These semi-cryptic words refer to the purging of all forms of internal darkness which rot and enslave the soul. As putrefaction advances, and typically with great intensity, the soul becomes reborn with a new power and purity that qualifies it for advancement into Sagittarian illumination and freedom. As Jupiter enters the house of putrefaction be prepared to confront and conquer internal darkness as this is the wise work of the time.

Material Detachment

Some of the greatest spiritual fear tests have to do with material survival. These tests are the business of Scorpio and those who pass these tests with their faith and honor intact qualify to receive the great mystical treasuries of Scorpio which guarantee survival, healing, empowerment, and supernatural forms of success. Some of us have already passed these Scorpio tests, many are currently experiencing them, and many more will soon be entering them. Jupiter in Scorpio whispers, "those who forsake the world will gain the world." Wild swings in material fortune are held in this transit's potential but to access them our souls must become non-material.

Scorpio Treasuries

When Christ intervenes to save or to consecrate the Holy Son will often bestow one of the Scorpio treasuries. Hidden throughout the degrees of the zodiac, beyond those found in the actual House of Scorpio, there exist specific portals of light that channel and manifest divine Scorpio energy into our earthly reality. One of the most wonderful effects of Jupiter's transit through Scorpio is the bestowal of Scorpio treasuries to individuals, cities, states, nations, companies, and corporations around the world. This mystical process will give birth to a divine power structure on Earth, all of which will be founded on the great light of the Scorpio treasuries.

Silence Wisdom

Osiris was once known as the Lord of Silence. When someone transitioned into the afterlife, where he reigned, they became silent. Scorpio can be an extremely silent house but now that Jupiter begins its transit there will be great wisdom to access in the silence, wisdom so sacred and powerful that it might be forbidden to share with others. Many of us will gain great jewels of wisdom in our future silence. No matter your degree of spiritual development know this clearly, it will be very wise to enter silent times of meditation, prayer, and self-reflection throughout this Jupiter transit. Seek your perfect wisdom in silence and translate the dreams that God sends.

Jupiter By The Houses

While many astrologers offer sign-specific guidance I have chosen to offer house-specific guidance because I think it more valuable. Look now to your horoscope and find the house that is signed with Scorpio, then compare it to my house-by-house analysis below. My intention is to impart you with life-empowering perspective that will greatly enhance the quality of your Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 1st House

It's time for your physical body to be healed, regenerated, beautified, and transformed into a higher version of itself. Your light body will be greatly amplified by Jupiter's energy causing a new radiance in your cells and their functioning. It could be extreme makeover time, the key being to match your new look with your soul light and spiritual mission. Leverage your new look to manifest goals and treat your body sacredly to magnify the magic of this time.

You can be called into a powerful new leadership position and if so you should take it to guarantee maximum financial gains when Jupiter transits Sagittarius from November of 2018 onward. It's time to conquer all of your personal fears so that you can begin to fly unfettered. The death of an unhealthy or outdated personality aspect can be in order. Times have changed and the universe beckons you to become the new and divinely transformed you.

Extraordinary personal investments are very important at this time. Jupiter's synchronicities will show you where, why, and how. Powerful individuals can enter as one-on-one protectors, benefactors, change agents, and initiators. Power expression becomes a form of spiritual measurement so be sure to use your power benevolently as it rises. As opportunities open be sure to match your appearance to them, shape-shifting as necessary.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 2nd House

It's time for your material circumstances to improve dramatically. Jupiter can bring a rags-to-riches effect on your financial status so long as the rest of your life is in order. Income, earnings, and productivity can be amplified by accepting growth-promoting opportunities and by giving form to divinely inspired ideas. Jupiter will help you to collect outstanding debts, to win financial power struggles, and to insure your most treasured and valued goods.

Crisis connected to survival, shelter, poverty, and debt will enjoy extraordinary healing over the next two years. Jupiter brings a resurrection effect to the foundations of your life, just be sure that you're able to flow with transition, even if it seems fearful or mysterious. Fixation on material things can sabotage growth and learning processes. Let go and open to higher forms of spiritual wealth while profitably transforming old things into vital things.

Be on the lookout for sacred resources, treasures, and substances that begin appearing in your life as God wants you to acquaint with the mystery side of Mother Nature. By learning secret values you can generate great gains for yourself. As your stocks rise you will be measured by your willingness to sacrifice your own wealth for the sake of others, especially those in desperate need. Build wisely with your gains and pool resources with other trusted Jupiter builders.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 3rd House

It's time to grow through the power of esoteric knowledge. The more you learn and apply, the better off you'll be. Follow mysterious or powerful manifestations of the number two into a new daily glory. Jupiter brings a gnostic influence into your mind. You can develop new mind powers that radically alter your thoughts, perceptions, and manifestation abilities. Speak healing words and use your mind to save. Psychic symbiosis may surprise you. Master your numbers.

Problems with siblings, mental health, logistics, and communications can be radically improved during this transit. Daily forms of chaos will gradually melt away so that your mind can focus on enlightened topics and goals. But on this note you must make special effort to purify your mind while purging psychologically damaging inputs. Study and application of mental alchemy can powerfully transform the potential of your days. Your life will ascend as your mind does.

Commercial ventures can explode with success and media influence can become your new power. Working in tandem can yield you great results, especially after that perfect person or power pair manifests. If there are youngsters in your circle you may be called to protect and guide them through dark times. Your own psychological makeup and mental patterning will come into focus. This transit is largely about mental mastery that opens you to the infinite mind of God.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 4th House

Great family healing, security enhancement, and business growth are now ordained. It may also be time to transform your property or to move to a higher vibe environment all together. There could also be a transition in the family, perhaps during Jupiter's retrograde, that makes family inheritance and division of wealth a prominent topic. Secrets from the past can be brought up including sacred secrets that relate to ancient bloodlines. Soul family enters.

Investment opportunities can become magnificent but make sure that you don't make the plunge during Jupiter's retrograde period in Scorpio, move before or after that time. Damages can now be recovered for past injuries done to family members, even those who are deceased. Medical crisis within the family will receive universal support. Pooled resources dedicated to family survival can now be rebalanced and untangled. Make family genetic healing a focus.

Jupiter can also bring pregnancy and family expansion, perhaps through a marriage or adoption. VIP females who wield wealth, influence, and power can enter or divulge. Do clean business and treat them as family. It may also be time to liquidate a certain business so that a more promising one can be born. Trust your psychic business instincts and make power moves through Jupiter's timing. Property rehab projects can become extremely fortunate.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 5th House

You could find your true love, perhaps one from a past life, and if not God will give you a new passion focus. To grow this next year you must build on your passions while styling them to the new sacred fire in your heart. A great muse, initiator, or benefactor can enter to fast-track your artistic success in art, music, or performance. Royalties can be massively lucrative but mind your contracts. A path of discipleship can open secretly, royal alchemy as well.

If your heart feels broken, sick, or empty Jupiter will bring you life transforming remedies so have faith in new love, joy, and beauty. Your romantic life can become extremely active but you may also learn of secret betrayal. Drama can run very high so be sure that you maintain control of your passion and emotions One flame can die out so that a new one can enter, but always screen with the stars. If you are blessed with power and glamour forbid any vanity.

You could be called to make sacrifices for the welfare of children and if so you should do so as this will earn you Jupiter's highest rewards. Using your power and influence to prevent crimes against children will put you on Heaven's "A" list. If you adopt expect a miracle to follow. Great new prosperity can be gained through a transformation of brand image and strategy, it's time. Teach children sacred things. Empower them with the wisdom that Jupiter shares.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 6th House

It's time to purify your body/temple so that you can receive the indwelling of God. This is what will help you grow the most at this time. Sacred nature will rise into your life to present you with your new health protocols, often through Jupiter-class healers, physicians, counselors, and consultants. The more that you forbid toxicity into your body the more that God will bless you. A divine nexus of health, wealth, and work evolution is starting for you.

Your workload will increase but so will your earnings, skill, and notoriety. A master could enter to train you, embrace them as they come. Jupiter can bring you rich clients that expand your name and reach. Be sure to bring your best work forward, doing every thing sacredly as if it were for God. Work relief can also happen so that you can take down time for that major medical procedure. If you have to go under the knife Jupiter is in a perfect place for success.

If your health, work, and career are in order this time is about saving the lives of others through your teaching, training, service, and counsel. The more lives you save, the more stars you earn. Path of service transformation can save your future. If you hate your work its time to transform it, God will show you the way. Have no fear during the transition time and begin with prayer. A divine metamorphosis of your work and livelihood has begun. God brings training and power.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 7th House

It could be time to divorce or time to marry depending on your soul path. The balance of power will begin to tilt in your favor and you could win large settlements during this next year, especially if injustice has been done to you. Contracts, deals, and negotiations can become massive all of a sudden but mind the retrograde timing. If you are just and true you will win your power struggle. Social climbing can become golden so be courtly and mutual always.

Your entire relationship life can undergo a death and rebirth. The universe will show you who to cancel and why. Open enemies will be unmasked and higher replacements will come, so long as you clear the space. The time is perfect to exit an abusive marriage or relationship. Don't hesitate, use the courts and law, and things will line up perfectly for you. Power partners are on the way, including couples, that can help you to achieve all types of milestone goals.

Troubled marriages will receive wedding astrology alchemy so that they are reborn in new light. This is a great time for deep relationship healing with super supports being made available. If there is love fight onward to maintain it. Power alliances can put you in the fast lane of dream fulfillment. Honor God's divine matchmaking in higher awareness of the time. The bonds that are built now can last many lifetimes. Power and prosperity through trusted partners.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 8th House

This transit prevents death itself while releasing you from forms of slavery, imprisonment, and bondage, including the internal types. Jupiter brings a cosmic exorcist energy into your life so expect to conquer your personal demons. This is a phoenix time for you where your entire life can transform by the power of God's mystery. Soul wisdom from past lives will be opened to bring you new peace, profound understanding, and great new motivation for your future.

This is an auspicious time for debt elimination, credit increases, loan access, and for receiving wealth and power through the natural deaths of others. You can gain glimpses into the afterlife, perhaps through your dreams, and your loved ones who have passed on won't seem so distant. The contents of your subconscious mind will open you to a Jungian mystery adventure with God as the guide. It's time to visit the depths of your psyche, there is treasure to recover.

Outstanding soul debts will have light shined on them in ways that you can't ignore. It's your work to repay them and your future is at stake. Past-life regression is recommended and it's time to master your accounting. Plunge into tax troubles, you have Jupiter on your side and positive reforms are coming. You'll want clean books going forward because your life can become much more public in a couple of years. Who reincarnated where? God may teach you these things.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 9th House

It's time to be initiated by the Spirit of Wisdom. The lesson plan will transform your life forever and some of it may be astrological. New spirit guides are entering to prime you for the new cosmic chapter. If you have legal trouble Jupiter can connect you to the perfect lawyer who can win your damages. Academic financing has Jupiter's blessing so press towards higher learning. Be about your official paperwork, it becomes very important these next two years.

One way or the other you are meant to grow in power, influence, and status through forms of education, traditional and mystical. Jupiter can lead you on a synchronicity trail that brings you face-to-face with the secrets of history, religion, and philosophy. It's your work to synthesize the truth that shines to you so that your own philosophy evolves divinely. Be invested in spiritual development and rock the world with your prayer power. Beware foreign retrograde travels.

You could be inspired to travel, to speak powerfully to the public, to shape new policy, or to start a campaign of some sort. Teacher figures can manifest as spiritual guides, even through books and literary works, and you could be called to teaching yourself. Prosperity can be gained through media projects, academic endeavors, publishing, and translation. It's time to grow wise very quickly, especially about the secrets and mysteries of life.

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Jupiter in Scorpio, 10th House

It's time for the promotion that you deserve and depending on your past deeds it could be one that elevates you into a position of fame, honor, and power. You can now be relieved of great responsibilities that you've shouldered for years, including financial responsibilities and responsibilities to society. If your career is true to your soul it will be blessed by God in dramatic ways that cement your status, authority, and legacy forever. Time itself can be repaid to you.

Jupiter calls you to purify your conduct and to rehabilitate your reputation so that God can place you in higher ways around the world. You can gain a powerful friend in a high place during the next year, someone who can open a door for you to enter so work hard to refine yourself in advance so that your character matches the demands of the position. You can be entrusted with people's lives so be sure that your new power and authority always serves the light.

A father's inheritance, legacy, and last wishes could weigh heavily on you or perhaps the caretaking of a prominent male. A sacred responsibility could be passed to you to carry on into the future. Your demonstration of honor, integrity, and respect of tradition will directly determine the magnitude of grace that you receive in the future. Make divine reformations within your sphere of influence, especially where God promotes you, and climb His new ladders.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 11th House

The power of God comes to help you make your dreams come true. A series of high-powered blessings, all of which will be totally unexpected, are coming to uplift your timelines into the future. The impossible will suddenly become possible and wounds that have gone unhealed for years are a special focus. Your entire reality will shift, as will your consciousness, as you become interfaced with higher light and multi-dimensional intelligence. Your matrix reloads.

You can be called to champion a desperate social cause, especially if you have already been blessed with wealth, power, and influence. If you are in a position to save and you turn from it you will have to pay Saturn and the price will be stiff. Community resources and collective power will open to you and you may be called into membership of a special society, organization, council, or network. Jupiter can bless a crowdfunding effort if the work is benevolent.

The gods and goddesses rule from the 11th, above the 10th house mountains of mortals. You may learn great secrets about the celestial hierarchy of power and about the mysteries of astrology. As you see your dreams built and fulfilled keep the needs of others close to heart. The highest transit blessings will come to you when you channel the grace you receive into the lives of others. You need to circulate the light that God gives you for the highest good of all.

Jupiter in Scorpio, 12th House

Whatever seems hopeless in your life will be blessed so that you know that you're not alone, so that you know that God cares dearly for your suffering. Mistakes that you've made in the past have been forgiven as this is a time of pure grace and mercy for you. This can be a quiet time of retreat, rest, and solitude but the reward can be the mystical union with God. With this Jupiter you can find the Inner Kingdom and from it you can draw new power that births new life.

God will walk you through your karmic crossroads, where time, past lives, and the multiverse blend together. You may see the Hand of the Philosopher and you can be invited secretly into the Mysteries of Pisces and of white magic. Charity becomes hyper-charged. As you give it you win a lightning return without limit. God calls you to be selfless of yourself because its very important for your soul at this time. The spirit world will open to you and God is your guide.

This is the season to conquer all of your self-defeating ways, including with sex, drugs, and dark psychological patterns. Jupiter will show you how to draw out the poison if you pay attention. Through transit harmony all self-imprisonment ends and it must for you to blossom when Jupiter crosses into your 1st next year. Be a savior for the hopeless to win spiritual treasure. And to all who have suffered tragedies, this is the season when God repays you.


Raise your light to raise your shield, wisdom makes the demons yield. Psychic through the quantum field, Scorpius where souls get healed. Time to learn the sacred rites, wisdom gained in blackest nights. Life will show its magic sleights, Jove lifts to sacred heights. Don't forget to wear your seal, purge your vice and then you'll heal. Power poems that you can feel, sense my light I'm super real. Royal secrets just like Dee, Uriel is close to me. Death is said to come by three, Neptune holds a magi's key. All these words are scribed for thee, I pray my work will help you see. Live the law and you'll be free, I seal this deal with Mercury.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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