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The Astrology of Julian Assange

Julian Assange is one of planet Earth's most prominent starseeds. You can tell that he's a starseed through his Mars in Aquarius and his Vulcan in Cancer, astrological placements that are also shared by genius billionaire Elon Musk who was born just five days prior to Julian. Why do we think that Julian Assange is a starseed? Beyond his astrological confirmations it is because of his selfless, passionate and unrelenting devotion towards the exposure of shadow government evil, even when it has come at great personal expense. True starseeds are dedicated servants to a cause far higher than their own. True starseeds are mission focused on advancing key aspects of the divine cosmic plan which originates from our Holy God. Julian absolutely possesses these traits.

Retrograde Arrest

Julian Assange was sensationally arrested on the second day of Jupiter's 2019 retrograde in Sagittarius. His arrest has sent shock waves through the world but especially through the conscious community because of the synchronistic timing between Jupiter's retrograde and Julian's arrest. It is our belief that Jupiter's retrograde has initiated a life-saving and life-redeeming timeline for Julian that will result in a presidential pardon by President Trump. I have studied the solar return horoscopes for Julian Assange into 2023 and I've performed an advanced Hermetic calculation to discover his Key of Freedom which exists at 22° Taurus in his solar 11th house. Based on this finding I predict that Julian Assange will regain his freedom through special alignments that time to his Key of Freedom.

Key of Freedom

There are secrets "lots" and "parts" in astrology that date back to the ancient world. These priceless hidden points in a person's horoscope reveal precious insights into their fortune, destiny, love, power, magic glory and sacred work. In the case of Julian Assange there is one that shines above all others in value and importance, that being his Key of Freedom. I use the term "key" instead of "lot" or "part" because of the way that I've learned them. Consider also that in the famed Emerald Tablets these esoteric astrological locations were described as keys. Julian Assange is a man who has sacrificed his personal freedom for his cause, something which is evident through the square between his Mars at 21° Aquarius and his Key of Freedom at 22° Taurus.

Hades/Freedom Affliction

If you look at Julian's approximate horoscope you'll find the glyph of malevolent Hades, a cosmic entity of extreme evil and death, at 20°41' Taurus. This qualifies as being conjunct to his Key of Freedom and since Hades is ultra-malefic we can conclude that Julian's freedom is found in a state of affliction. This is what's in his chart, does it not also show in the real world? Notice also that Julian's Mars at 21° Aquarius squares his Hades at 20° Taurus. This particular square symbolizes his relentless drive to expose and destroy evil, even at the cost of his own freedom and potentially, his very life. With my prediction of a future presidential pardon in mind I call attention to future aspects of transiting Jupiter and Zeus to Julian's Key of Freedom as cosmic times when the pardon can happen.

Trump Karma

Does President Trump owe anything to Julian Assange? The answer is, emphatically, yes! The conscious world knows that Julian Assange directly contributed to President Trump's miracle victory that saved the USA from descending into a torturous communist dystopia under a blood-stained Hillary Clinton. In 2016, when President Trump was campaigning and answering God's higher calling, Julian Assange played the part of Uranus in President Trump's 2016 solar return horoscope. Julian and his brainchild Wikileaks were the Uranian "wild card" that disrupted the Clinton campaign while empowering the Trump campaign. For this reason, President Trump has a spiritual debt to Julian Assange that I believe will manifest in a future presidential pardon. Great stars approach for this!

Intelligence Asset

Make no mistake, Julian Assange is a priceless intelligence asset. The CIA knows this, the NSA knows this, China knows this, Russia knows this and President Trump knows this. Julian Assange revolutionized whistleblower media in the most dramatic and successful way that the world has ever seen. For this he will always be a legend and a global hero to conscious citizens. He created new crypto/media models that will be used in the future by next wave transparency agents. We sense that President Trump wants Julian alive and in service to his anti-satanist liberation agenda. We sense that President Trump knows that Julian has much more to offer in terms of damaging the satanic elite. President Trump loves to make deals, we think he'll have a wise one ready for Julian Assange.

Psychic Impression

When I asked my psychic wife and partner Amari for her opinion on Julian Assange the first thing that she told me was, "he's one of God's elect." Amari believes, and I concur, that Julian Assange is one of the 12,000 elect from the Tribe of Cancer. She went further to say that Julian has "so much more that he still has hidden" in terms of world transforming intelligence. She senses that he has already created a strategic dissemination plan of high-powered, undisclosed material that will go viral should anything happen to him. For this reason Amari thinks that Julian would actually be much more dangerous in death and that he would have "the last laugh from beyond." She also senses that he will receive divine mental enhancement while in prison along with new guardian angels.

22° Taurus

With love and appreciation for his sacrifice we remain confident that Julian Assange will regain his freedom through special alignments that activate his Key of Freedom at 22° Taurus. We will update this "living article" in the future to further detail his astrological life path as special events transpire.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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