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Full Moon in Scorpio: The Magic of Transformation

A full moon is soon to glare in the zodiac's house of mystery, magic, and metamorphosis! Full moons in Scorpio are famous in mystic communities because they preside over powerful, life-altering transformations of all kinds. Deeply guarded secrets are revealed beneath them as the universe forces rebirth through mysteriously-timed revelations. Full moons represent a culmination and closure to a lunar cycle. Tomorrow's full moon at 27° Scorpio will close a growth cycle that began on November 7th of 2018, just one day prior to Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius. This full moon will have Hera, queen of the gods, stationed with Sirius at 13° Cancer while Aphrodite and Uranus conjunct at 4° Taurus to bestow new genius and surprise wealth. Saturn will be riding the nodes of fate and the Taurus Sun will bring the wealth of Atlas to life. Although the retrogrades are heavy the Almighty ordains, through his celestial governors, that all of our lives are healed, transformed, and empowered for chapters ahead!

27° Scorpio

Every degree of Scorpio is unique so it's important to understand the true depth of 27° Scorpio. This is the degree that governs the most powerful industries of Scorpio which include Big Pharma and Big Insurance. This degree is also resonant, in its negative form, with Mystery Babylon which is Satan's shadow kingdom on this planet. I sense that this degree also related to the raising of Lazarus from the dead by Jesus Christ. To me it is a degree where the most powerful forms of resurrection can take place so to have a full moon there signals a cosmic time when great resurrections are meant to occur within our individual lives in accordance with the science within our horoscopes. The first essence of this full moon is that of resurrection. There are certain aspects of our lives that are about to be brought back to life in a very powerful and mysterious way. The greatest forms of crisis also resonate with 27° Scorpio so think for a moment about the greatest crisis in your life - this is where the light is headed.

Crisis Healing

There are public forms of crisis and there are secret forms of crisis. This full moon in Scorpio will shine upon both and it will be especially beneficial for you Scorpios out there so don't give up hope. Did you know that full moon energy carries forward in a divine way for one week's time? Starting this Saturday and carrying forward into May 25th we will all be enjoying a refreshing week full of crisis healing support and synchronicity. This is a full moon where deep honesty is vital to maximum healing. Our guardian angels are hoping that we can suppress our egos so that we can be transparent about our wounds, weaknesses, and secret crisis points. Scorpio is a heavily guarded house of secrets but the full moon means that it's time to come clean so that real and divine progress can be made. Full moons are also times of spiritual and cosmic blessing so expect to gain light and strength where you feel life being most difficult. Purge the darkness completely to make room for the new blessings to come.

Sirius Light

Family healing is at the very forefront of this full moon energy because of the presence of Hera at 13° Cancer which is the astrological Gate of Sirius. Since ancient times Hera has been known as protector of women and children with a huge heart for family life. As her graceful energy enters during the full moon make special efforts to make positive transformations within your homes, families, and living spaces. Through Hera we will see solutions to domestic problems manifesting on issues ranging from family debt and illness to financial, food, and residential insecurity. Hera's presence with Sirius also indicates a time of blessing for mothers who have made great sacrifices for their families. These blessings will come through traditional comforts of the world and through magical goddess enhancements. A channel will be open to Sirius through Hera during this full moon. If you start receiving sacred insights about your life, past, family, or future now you know why. Houses are regenerated through Sirian light.

Golden Surprises

One of the sweetest conjunctions in all of astrology is the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Why is this? Because when Venus and Uranus enter conjunction we are all blessed with beautiful and valuable gifts and fortunes that promote our ascension. This full moon in Scorpio will host a precious conjunction between Venus and Uranus so golden surprises of all kinds will be manifesting, especially in terms of finances, valuable goods, luxury gifts, natural resources, strokes of creative genius, astrological wealth upgrades, profitable networking, and radical, future focused insights. As the universe showers its gifts through Venus and Uranus keep socially-beneficial building and the wealth of the future in mind. This is also a conjunction of generosity and economic contribution towards the needs of others. The material givers are always blessed with the light wealth so be wise and be generous during the extraordinary full moon events. Brilliant ideas of great economic potential are also part of this conjunction.

Atlas Wealth

How does one repay a great debt? The answer is with Atlas wealth. The Sun's position at any full moon is extremely relevant towards the interpretation of the full moon blessings. During this full moon the Sun will be transiting at 27° Taurus which is known esoterically as the "Gate of Atlas." The 27th degree of Taurus is a degree of great material wealth and financial status. This is the likely reason why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle elected to marry when the Sun was in conjunction to Atlas from 28° Taurus. This means that the influence of Atlas is upon them. In astrology financial debts are governed by Scorpio so during this full moon in Scorpio our Creator will be opening new debt healing paths for us to venture into. If you are stressed and afraid of your debt I want you to know, with great certainty, that a time of divine debt assistance is upon you. When the Sun is with Atlas great financial blessings can be issued into our 4D lives that will then manifest into our more practical 3D lives. Use your senses during the full moon and the days afterward and try to feel the secret currents of wealth that will be moving tremendously.

Career Transformation

Because of the full moon degree that will soon be active we are also stepping into a time period of rapid career transformation. It may not seem possible with Saturn actively retrograde in Capricorn, the zodiac's career house, but I tell you that it's true. Closure, transition, and evolution are the three key words that come to mind. Some people will soon be experiencing career closures that will open them to positive new career transition and development phases. If something starts closing in your career life don't have fear, instead take it as a sign that the universe wants you doing something else that is better for your soul and more precious to the world. For those who are already working in their cosmically-aligned career paths this full moon will serve as an evolutionary milestone and transformation point. Next week you will see the career metamorphosis energy really taking hold in a mysterious and exciting way. Meditate on your career during the full moon peak and receive Sirius guidance.

Immortal Cells

The House of Scorpio, which I am extremely acquainted with, is the house of the zodiac where spiritual initiations take place. This full moon in Scorpio will be tremendously initiatory for seekers and mystics all over the world. The blindfolds will be temporarily applied to our inner vision as the Almighty guides us into mysterious new mystical territories. We are about to go much deeper in our spiritual journeys, even to ancient places like the Temple of the Blue Flame where cells are renewed in glorious beauty. The dead are not dead and the past will reach forward to prepare us for the future. The love bonds between families parted by death will soon grow much stronger. The prayers of our ancestors will soon be answered through the upcoming total solar eclipse in Cancer. I hope that you have found great insight and benefit in this free full moon article. Your social shares are appreciated as we have been heavily censored on Facebook. If you would like to make a contribution to Starseed Astrology you can do so here.

Alchemy will leave you breathless, alchemy can make us deathless.

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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