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Full Moon In Pisces Insights | August 26th, 2018

There are natural times in life when illusions are shattered by a mysterious sequence of events. Such a time has come as signaled by the full moon in Pisces of August 26th. The "kiss of karma" lunar cycle that began on March 15th is about to go supernova! This full moon activates within an extremely powerful grand earth trine that has formed between the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus in each of the earth houses. The stars have aligned and through them God ordains a global changing of the guard that will lead the world into higher levels of abundance, justice, and freedom. The white magic will soon be unleashed in epic proportions to see that the universal laws of karma are upheld, enforced, and observed.

Chaos Power

Let me tell you a great secret: The "illuminati" satanists work feverishly during planetary retrograde periods to advance their infernal plan for world domination. This is why you see so much chaos in the world when the planets are retrograde. It's not because the universe wills chaos for us, it's just that a certain class of depraved humanoids believe in harnessing and applying the power of chaos to manifest their desired reality. To them, this chaos power is at its peak when there are multiple planetary retrogrades - and they especially love when the outer planets are retrograde as they exert tremendous power and influence over terrestrial affairs. In general, they work to pervert the divine objectives of astrology.

Divine Turning Point

This full moon signals a divine turning point for the world against the forces of chaos. In terms of the science of astrology we can see this through the Virgo Sun's simultaneous trine to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and Uranus retrograde in Taurus. With the full moon peaking in Pisces we are entering a prolific week of karmic curses and karmic blessings that will redesign the future authority structure of the Earth, especially in terms of government, law, media, and religion. The political left, at its deepest core, is spiritually satanic. I'm pleased to tell you that 4th and 5th dimensional curses will befall them to disrupt their agendas while sowing chaos within their ranks. Expect to see severe dysfunction, infighting, and self-destructive behavior among the traitor class this coming week.

Trump Drama

The leader of the free world has had a hell of a time as of late but things are about to get much better because of the Mars and Saturn progrades which are but days away. The universal energies will shift in President Trump's favor so that his nation-saving agenda can advance into next-level phases. This new trajectory will manifest for him through the Mars prograde of August 27th and the Saturn prograde of September 6th. Keep in mind that President Trump won the election precisely as Mars entered Aquarius back on November 8th of 2016. That stated, the Mars transit of Aquarius is very powerful for him. On September 11th, which is a sacred and solemn day for the USA, Mars will be re-entering Aquarius. So look for President Trump to pull off another shock win with Mars back at his power point.

Health Sorrows

On a personal level this full moon will trigger a good week of divine blessing, support, inspiration, learning, and problem solving towards long-existing health sorrows that have degraded our quality of life. The light will come precisely into scenarios where confusion, malpractice, and lack of knowledge and resources have stalled or regressed healing attempts. God will be showing us how to advance healing and service causes for self and for others this coming week so have confidence that clouds will break over negative health and medical conditions. But there is also an air of health accountability that comes with this full moon. Health-related wake up calls will be coming to those who have seriously neglected or damaged their own bodies. This is the week to embrace Virgo's purity.

Career Karma

In the vast and mysterious dimensions of astrology a certain crossroad exists that intersects career and karma. This full moon shines in that exact degree location of Pisces. The week ahead will play host to tremendous career karma events in the astral and material planes. Just as karma can be positive or negative the career karma synchronicities will also be positive or negative and totally proportional to one's karmic standing. Divine advances will be granted to those who have put personal ambitions on hold for the sake, benefit, and care of others. Major career realizations will come next week to help us each align with the most soul-fulfilling legacy paths. This could be the full moon that pushes you into an entirely new profession and way of life so don't be surprised.

Betrayal Week

In astrology the action of betrayal is categorized to Pisces. There is a great deal of betrayal that has happened in secret but the events of this coming week are going to change all that. Get ready because secret betrayals aren't going to be secret much longer. Some will see the betrayal from afar and some will be dealing with it up close. Just know that astrology is a science, Pisces rules betrayal, and you're seeing what you're seeing because of the reality-ripple effects of the full moon in Pisces. Many important decisions will have to be made on the relationship front. My advice is don't live in an illusion and don't swallow the same poison twice. If your heart winds up being broken try to find some peace in the fact that the universe is flushing things out for you at a perfect cosmic time.

Mystical Skills

I am very pleased to share with you that this full moon in Pisces will bring tremendous upgrades to our mystical skill sets. Remember that divine blessings come during full moons for righteous lunar cycle performance. Career paths will open in beautiful new directions as these new skills blossom. Embrace them, feel them out, and apply them to your service as God intends for you. Also expect to be connected with people and circumstances that will allow you to employ your new mystical skills so that you can train and develop new experience levels with them. For those who do not currently have mystical skills, the full moon synchronicities of next week can introduce you to ideal entry points into the mystical world. Practitioners and professionals with integrity are highlighted.

Major Tragedies

When a major tragedy is suffered only God can heal the wound and only God can repay the debt. This full moon in Pisces marks a time when God intervenes to heal, to bless, and to repay in His great and mysterious way. With the current state and intensity of the global spiritual war I think it safe to say that everyone has either suffered a major tragedy or they've been closely connected to a major tragedy. Because Pisces is so mystical and transcendental I will predict that the upcoming week will be full of grace and magic that will come to sooth the tragic aspects of our lives, the secret sorrows of our lives that we don't speak about to others. This is where the love and light will be flowing next week as Mars resumes his advance through the master's house of Capricorn. Savor the mystical embrace that Heaven offers you and blend with the new light that is made one with you.

Closing Words

It is always my sincere hope that my insights are of great benefit to your life. I share my time and talent freely towards this goal. If any of you would like to share a small sum for the free article that can be done by clicking here. Donations are always appreciated and they do help to increase my article frequency. I'm starting to sense the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit, I'm brainstorming and I'll be writing a mega-article for you about it. Baby Lex is here, safe and sound, and growing wonderfully. Thank you all for the love that you've shown to him and to our entire family. If you valued this article we ask that you share it far and wide. Be sure to sign up for email alerts and if you'd like more frequent astro-insights try my Starseed SMS service. I promise that you'll be impressed.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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