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Full Moon 6° Aries | September 29th, 2023 | Starseed Astrology

In mere hours the world will experience an especially powerful full moon in Aries that will be illuminated by a semi-rare conjunction between the Sun and goddess of wisdom and victory in war, Athena, who actively transits in Libra! This full moon will serve as a major milestone of Light within the active war for power and control of the nations. The 6th degree of Aries governs conflict with open enemies with a special emphasis on military conflict, judicial conflict and cultural conflict. These are the "theaters" where the full moon energy will impact life the most and the best in the coming days while Zeus and Mars rarely meet in Libra.

Full moons preside over climaxes, completions, fulfillments, resolutions and rewards that advance the will of God within our lives and world. As this full moon peaks, and during the seven days thereafter, we will be seeing scales of power tipping in positive new directions as this is also a full moon of divine judgement and justice-drenched transferences of power. Themes of transformation within relationship power dynamics will be brightly active in the days ahead when the favor of God will be showing itself powerfully amidst warring factions and parties all over the world. We see a mighty electrified hammer dropping at this time!

Active forms and sources of cultural poisons will be especially targeted by the full moon light and the gods above that advance the will of the Most High. Defeats, accounts and processes of justice will begin to advance in dramatic new ways as the Aries moon sets a bright new tone and tempo for our lives. On the personal level this full moon is themed to six critical things: resolution, peace and settlement within relationships; the ending of certain relationships, terms, partnerships or alliances; ultimatums that force and transform; battle lines drawn and enforced; the seeding of new marital or committed relationship success and divine mergers of social contacts, friendships, couples, cultures and powers.

Goddess Athena, who in legend is forever honored for her military genius and victory tactics, will be centrally involved in our full moon activities for the purpose of advancing medical successes, financial restitution, divine endings to power struggles, criminal illumination, interpersonal enlightenment and sacred metamorphosis processes through the fruits of Athenian relationships that manifest or develop during the next week. With the Libra Sun amplifying Athena we can expect to encounter new "Ambassadors of Athena" in the days ahead who will each be perfectly suited to aid and assist us in trusted, powerful, wise and sacred ways against things in our lives which disturb our balance or peace.

When discussing this full moon with my clairvoyant wife Amari she had visions of secret battles and elite military changes happening as an effect of this full moon. She said that, "the secret masters over them will become more visible" and that the "puppet masters" would be increasingly "dismantled." She saw the legs from corrupt tables being taken out and deep rooted evils being dug up from the earth beneath the table. She sensed a theme of "behind the scenes power clashes" with intense "choose your side and master now" types of ultimatums. She also saw the electrified hammer slamming down, a vision which connects to the "once in two years" rare conjunction between Mars and Zeus in Libra. Amari senses that secret alliances of Light are about to become much more public.

Speaking of Zeus, the upcoming "ring of fire" solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th will actually happen in a dramatic conjunction to him so Zeus' super-benefic energy will be amplifying globally, an influence of great relevance as the war between Russia and Ukraine ignited through a Zeus aspect years ago. The video below depicts an incredible lightning display that happened recently in Saudi Arabia, an event which I feel is a warning of sorts about potential deals and alliances that the Saudis could make with a certain Middle Eastern power. At this full moon time and leading into the upcoming Libra eclipse we must be very wise about who we trust, who we deal with and who we establish alliances with.

It is wise practice to know which of our twelve houses will be effected by a full moon as this places specificity to the area of our life where the greatest reward, change and activity will begin happening. We offer cutting-edge Uranian horoscopes for those who would like to experience the full moon in a higher state of knowledge and cosmic consciousness. Generally speaking, this full moon will be especially strong for those born with the Sun in Aries or Libra or for those who were born with their ascendant in Aries or Libra. If the full moon components (Sun, Moon, Athena) happen to aspect anything in your birth chart then those forces will be sharply activated as well. Watch the lunar magic wisely.

Military, law enforcement and emergency responders are all astrologically governed by Aries. Be conscious of special experiences and opportunities that will soon present through people within these fields. God will be interconnecting us with them in new ways that serve the Divine plan and new types of personal success or defense. The vision and concept of a chain clearly comes to Amari's mind. It represents the systems, authority structures and social relationships that keep our civilization strong, true and righteous. She sees this full moon bringing empowerment to this conceptual chain, specifically to the people who have been disempowered and to systems that have been weakened or compromised.

As we discussed this I had a vision of God-serving political figures standing side-by-side with their arms hooked into one another like links on a chain. There was a long, bright line of them that was international in scope and whose members held various positions and professions. They were all united and strong together like a new frontline on the battlefield. Then, as the view panned back to see the length of them from left to right, I saw God's light, fire and power shining through them to the extent that the whole vision was overtaken with Light. I felt a new divine force coming through them all and a new frontline established for God.

As the full moon alchemy advances into October we encourage you all to stay fearless and focused on positive manifestations in your lives and for the world. Astrological storm pressure will be easing on October 10th as Pluto returns to prograde in Capricorn then. We hope that our full moon insight are of benefit to you, for deeper insight into Zeus in Libra and all other key transits and aspects consider a subscription to our fan-favorite Starseed SMS service. Our October premium article will have richly-written Libra eclipse horoscopes for all signs and ascendants so check back soon for that. May this full moon bring you victory, blessing and success. May it also bring you wisdom and spirit for what's ahead.

Written for you with passion and faith,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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Sep 29, 2023

Thank you so much for this forecast insight at no cost! It’s been tough here in Australia with costs of everything soaring! I appreciate this so much! We are the Light!!!

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