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Astrological Secrets of 9/11

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On this 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the U.S. homeland I feel inspired to share wisdom about the astrology of this transformational day so that conscious citizens of the world can forever know which astrological forces were involved, chief of which was deadly, ultra-malevolent Hades who was then in transit at 21° Gemini. Although Saturn and Pluto were technically opposed it was Hades, the mythological deity of death and the underworld that was at the astrological apex of this murderous day. In the Uranian chart below see the past position of Hades highlighted along with all the other forces which held the 21st degree in other signs. Although transiting Hades was the evil trigger it should be noted that 21 was the most relevant number in the astro-numerology of 9/11.

starseed, astrology, September 11th 2001, 911, chart, uranian, alignment, usa, united states

Hades is hidden in classical Western astrology but in the Uranian system of astrology which I practice this cosmic fiend can be seen. When the 9/11 day astrology is superimposed against the U.S. national chart a striking conjunction is seen: transiting Hades at 21° Gemini made perfect conjunction to the U.S. national Mars at 21° Gemini in the 9th house. This is extremely relevant because the attack directly involved airplanes and the use of the air element which Gemini governs. The other terrorist-resonant astrological factors to be aware of are Pluto's quincunx to the U.S. national Sun from 12° Sagittarius and the perfect trine that existed between transiting Saturn at 14° Gemini and the U.S. natal Saturn at 14° Libra. In terms of astrology 9/11 was a Hades/Pluto/Saturn event

starseed, astrology, September 11th 2001, 911, chart, uranian, alignment, usa, united states

In my professional opinion the number '21' has secret esoteric meaning that relates to the building of new orders. It is clear, considering all that has transpired since this dark day, that a 'building of a new order' theme became a driving force from this day forward. I think that American citizens should be super conscious of the number 21 from a national astrological and numerological perspective as future events of tremendous national importance will also occur in alignment with the national Mars at 21° Gemini. Next consider that President Trump, who was and will be a great benefactor to the nation, was born with Vulcan at 21° Gemini which favorably conjuncts the national Mars. His master number Sun at 22° Gemini also conjuncts the national Mars. These conjunctions represent his empowering effect on the USA in politics, law and military might.

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Although 9/11 was a U.S. national emergency the wisdom and knowledge that I'm presenting can also be applied to any national horoscope and any personal birth chart. I believe that terrorist event patterns will continue with the time signatures of the astrological Saturn, Pluto and Hades. People of all nations should be aware of and vigilant against these forces which comprise the Biblical 'wickedness in high places' that are not flesh and blood but which work through the flesh and blood of souls who turn themselves over to the service of evil. It is my hope that as citizens of the world develop cosmic consciousness we can collectively overcome such evils while preventing future tragedies. On the personal level, be very conscious of the Hades transit in your chart as it is one of the most dangerous in astrology. And also be wise about your natal Hades.

I offer this article in homage to the lives that were lost and affected through the 9/11 terrorist attack. I send my highest love and respect to the patriots and first responders of New York especially. I once had a dream that NYC was made divine and utopian like an ascended city. I have confidence that eventually this will be so. I will always remember where I was on the morning of 9/11 - the DFAC at Malmstrom AFB in Montana where I was working on the Minuteman nuclear mission. In disbelief I saw the towers smoking on the morning news as my base went into THREATCON DELTA. While I can't turn back the clock I can make people wise to the forces that were active which I've done in this article. Remember, the war that this world is in has a definite cosmic component. When we learn the stars we can see the players and then our victory will be ultimate.

Written in honor of the 21st anniversary of 9/11,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Kristina Hahn
Kristina Hahn

Sal, I’m sure you’ve told me this, but where is MY Hades?

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