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The U.S. Midterm Elections and Uranus' Retrograde into Aries

Astrology never ceases to amaze me. Time and time again, when there are extremely critical junctures in our lives, there is always a remarkable astrological event that mysteriously matches those critical junctures. Here in the United States we are well aware that on November 6th we will have our hotly contested midterm elections that will have a profound impact on our nation's future timelines. But what 99% of the population doesn't know is that on that same fateful day the planet Uranus will regress from Taurus into Aries. Uranus is well known to be the "planet of revolution" so imagine the significance of its house movement on this powerful political day. If you would like to cut through the 3D media narratives I welcome you to my insight and perspective of November 6th, 2018.

7th House, USA

First of all we must understand that the USA was granted perfect houses by the Almighty God since its beginning. By perfect I mean that each of the house cusps are marked at 0 degrees starting with Libra at the nation's ascendant. This means that the 7th house of the USA is perfectly signed with Aries and this is important to know because when Uranus retrogrades back into Aries on November 6th it will be re-entering the 7th house of the USA which governs the nation's culture. Students of astrology can tell you that Aries resonates with conflicts and wars. Considering our social climate of culture wars are you surprised to learn the sign of our 7th? Know that Uranus will be retrograde in Aries until January 6th of 2019 and that it will re-enter Taurus on March 6th. Culture climate is about to go nuclear!

New Republican Power Majority

I predict, as I did recently on Facebook, that a new Republican power majority will manifest in the USA after the midterm elections. I think that the revolution that Uranus will trigger will be a Republican one. I'm predicting Republican increases in the Senate, the House, and among the state governorships. Not every time, but definitely with a historic victory theme for the Republican party. I give you these predictions because of astrological factors. I have cited the Uranus retrograde into red-colored Aries but I'm also predicting this way because Jupiter will enter Sagittarius on November 8th and Jupiter, in my opinion, is the "patron planet" of the Republican party with Pluto being the "planet of the Democrats." The new Republican power majority will trigger anti-American leftists into a great frenzy.

Culture Alchemy Intensifies

Be prepared to enter an even hotter and more intense phase of our U.S. cultural alchemy! The new intensity will advance a spiritual process that will eventually lead to national peace and unity. But make no mistake, the sociopolitical climate will soon become much more volatile. As an astrologer I am in a unique position to present a higher perspective that can cast wisdom and peace upon a divisive and potentially dangerous situation. I would like you to know that God governs the world through astrology. By observing political agendas, actors, and outcomes through astrology we can gain insight into divine will for our laws, governments, and societies. See who gains power through the lunar cycles and see who gains power through Jupiter's advance, then you'll see the higher cosmic truth.

Danger Zone

The upcoming Uranus retrograde in Aries is an astrological danger zone. Risk and threat potential will be highest between November 6th and January 6th. Although this article is focused on U.S. national events this influence, of course, is global in reach. Please take all necessary precautions to increase personal safety and security during this time. Trust your instincts and stay away from mass gatherings of people where the Uranus retrograde energy can combust very easily. This is a time to say special prayers for military, police, customs agents, and emergency first responders who will be called into action against hostile mobs, paid agitators, politically-sponsored anarchists, and deranged lone wolfs. This Uranus retrograde will also give birth to new heroes. Salute them when you see them.

Retrograde Science

Believe it or not but there is a science to chaos. Astrology is that science and depending upon our birth astrology we can measure our individual levels of threat exposure. If you were born with birth planets or deities between 27°30' and 29°59' in the following houses you are at higher risk for Uranus retrograde hazards: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo. Placements in these signs and degree spans represent the squares, oppositions, and quincunxs that will form within the retrograde window. I advise checking your horoscopes so that you can pinpoint a Uranus alignment to one of your personal planets during this time. Knowledge can be a great defender. If you don't have an accurate, trustworthy horoscope you can order one from me by clicking here. Mine are top notch.

The Unexpected Advance

Please don't think that Uranus is a malefic planet. That honor belongs to Pluto, the illuminati power planet, first and foremost. There are some wonderful things that will come through Uranus, especially after its prograde in January. These are the unexpected advances that God has in store for each of us that will start our new calendar year with a divine and unexpected bang. I will tell you the day when this will happen: January 19th. This is the day when the Capricorn Sun will make perfect square to Uranus in Aries. This is the day when the great and final Uranus in Aries blessings will come into our lives and into our world. Savor the gifts and events of this day as we will never see Uranus in Aries again in our natural lifetimes. It's the transit that made me an astrologer and I will miss it dearly.

Closing Words

Amari and I send love and well wishes to all. We hope that you've found this article to be enlightening and uplifting. The next major events in astrology are Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius and the new moon in Scorpio. I intend on writing about both so stay tuned. If you would like more frequent astrological insight I welcome you to try my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. If you would like to schedule a professional astrological or psychic reading you can do so here. And if you would like to get a very special gift for your loved ones this holiday season try visiting our crystal pages. If you valued this article we ask that you share it with your friends, family, and networks. And if you like what we do and believe in our work contributions can be left here. Have faith in the future, God controls it.

From the heart,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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