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Solar Eclipse In Pisces: Babylon Unveiled

The most powerful event in all of astrology is about to occur! The total solar eclipse in Pisces signals a time of long awaited divine intervention. The open wounds and secret sorrows of the world will soon receive direct and powerful attention from the Almighty who will soon act through the triple-nine alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. Miraculous victories will pour forth from the spacetime vortex that these ancient luminaries will soon open. The first dawn of 2016 is upon us!

I predict the following themes and events to occur beyond the mystical shockwave of this chapter-closing eclipse:

  • the great unveiling of Mystery Babylon

  • the healing of great wounds and secret sorrows

  • life transforming returns of spiritual karma

  • every form of miracle imaginable

  • dream enabling relocations

  • unexpected career advancements and quantum leaps

  • victories against diseases, fears, and physical weaknesses

  • the prominent unmasking of double agents, betrayers, and psychopaths

  • divine enhancements to our physical bodies

  • divine reparations to the meek, victimized, and long suffering

  • the emergence of new heroes and heroines the world over

  • the supernatural stimulation of industries and labor markets

  • spiritually-orchestrated, life-enabling blasts from the past

  • great endings to long seasons of evil

  • the exposure and ruin of false charities, philanthropies, and aid organizations

  • spiritually-inspired endings of illusion, self-deception, and self-destruction

  • wonderful transitions into ideal ways of life and living

  • priceless experiences with healers, teachers, trainers, advisors, and guides

  • the widespread cursing of Satanic elites

  • unprecedented scientific breakthroughs against disease

  • gravitation into spiritually-aligned paths of service and profession

  • and marvelous first-time connections with the inner Kingdom of God

Babylon Unveiled

The ultra-powerful currents of this eclipse will reveal Mystery Babylon unlike ever before. Mystery Babylon is an ancient term used to describe Satan’s kingdom on this world. This demonic kingdom has operated behind veils, illusions, and secrecy for centuries while portraying itself to be the opposite of what it actually is. The trusted agents, administrators, and structures of Mystery Babylon will be the first targets of this eclipse which will soon emit the power, authority, and retribution of God. Their duplicity, betrayal, and wickedness will be exposed in astonishing ways as this long awaited “999” cycle unfolds. The world will marvel to see forbidden truths revealed beyond the piercing of ancient and modern illusions. As surely as the stars align their spells will be broken.

Inner World Adventures

It is true and it has been taught since ancient times that God can be found within. One of the most blessed effects of this eclipse will be the growing sensation of the inner presence of God at work in our lives. Because we have entered a new age, and because the stars have aligned for it, God will feel increasingly “hands on” in our lives and affairs, especially where we need help the most. Inner world adventures will soon blossom into life as we become guided, healed, enriched, and empowered by uncanny sequences of events that confirm the reality of divine providence working for our sakes. This eclipse will activate great new senses and spiritual perceptions which are intended to serve us as infallible compasses. Enjoy the highest year by acting in faith and confidence with the inner urges and confirmations that you feel. And when your heart overflows with love, that is God saying hello…

All Things New

Although the eclipse will happen in Pisces we will all feel the unmistakable vigor of Aries leading us into undiscovered territories and long sought personal victories. The laws of spiritual karma will determine what we each receive during this eclipse cycle which ends on September 16th with the full moon in Pisces. This is a cycle where the goodness, service, and sacrifice of our past is repaid in dream fulfilling ways that satisfy the most sacred ambitions of our hearts. If you have given everything you will gain everything and vice versa. As the returns come in varying degrees and forms be certain to employ courage, faith, and diligence along new paths of service that open to you. To ascend and prosper this year we must welcome and leverage the great forms of “new” that present to us. Confidence, initiative, and leadership will help you ride Jupiter to victory.


Numbers make the world go round and mystical numbers are teachers profound. The number of this eclipse is “999” because of the Sun’s position at 18° Pisces (1+8=9), the Moon’s position at 18° Pisces (1+8=9), and Jupiter’s position at 18° Virgo (1+8=9). This is a sign to the wise that great endings that benefit all of mankind will be occurring this year. It means that painful, seemingly hopeless chapters in our lives will be ending in miraculous ways because Pisces is the house of miracles.

This eclipse cycle extends into another “999” cosmic event which is the entrance of Jupiter into Libra on September 9th of 2016. This is the astrological “Judgement Day” and it comes on the 9th day of the 9th month of our nine year (2+0+1+6=9). By this reasoning Jupiter enters Libra on “999” to usher in a great season of justice, judgement, and divine rebalancing for our severely imbalanced world. And if you think these types of numbers don’t matter watch this.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Jupiter's "999" entry into Libra!

Temple Purity

One of the greatest reasons why people do not ascend into higher dimensions and qualities of life is because their bodies have become polluted. This pollution is very often self-induced through the habitual, self-destructive consumption of harmful foods, drinks, and false medicines. It must be understood that ascension occurs in proportion to physical purity and energetic brilliance. Use the momentum of this eclipse to take decisive actions towards purifying, healing, and strengthening your physical bodies, especially by natural means, as this will open you to the highest mystical potentials of the cycle.

Essene Gospels

Amari and I encourage all who seek enlightenment, ascension, vitality, longevity, beauty, and mystical empowerment towards veganism as this lifestyle will welcome them all into your life. To the Christians among you, know clearly what Christ taught about flesh eating: “For I tell you truly, he who kills kills himself and whomsoever eats the flesh of slain beasts eats the body of death.” Please take a moment to bookmark the Essene Gospel of Peace, a work which originally found me through a Virgo Sun. It has changed my life and perspectives on health in wonderful ways. I close this passage with a golden question: Would you go vegan to gain mystical treasures?

Animal Karma

All the animals who have ever been tortured, hunted, or slaughtered will be avenged during this eclipse cycle. As the months pass crisis will grow within the industries and supply chains that profit from the deaths of animals, especially for the sake of human consumption. Those who are actively involved in these industries will experience “special misfortunes” driven by their extremely negative karma. Life will teach us boldly and convincingly what God thinks about animal slaughter in the modern world. All we have to do is pay attention to what befalls those connected to this hideous industry that promotes disease, decay, and death. With Jupiter in Virgo for many more months it is wise that we all transition into a post-meat, non-GMO food economy. I assure you there will be riches there…

Saturn's Tempest

The geopolitical world will soon be plunged into a white-hot tempest of alchemical fire. This phase of Saturn’s transit begins on March 25th when the ancient titan enters retrograde in Sagittarius. The all-important truth will be sifted from the ashes of slander, libel, and international propaganda campaigns. Here is a secret of Saturn’s retrograde: Those who are guilty of slander, libel, pathological lying, propaganda, and political conspiracy will suffer the worst of Saturn’s inescapable taxes. The political world has become a great battlefield for control of the future. We are entering a historic political season that will lead to a divine rebalancing of world power. The one who survives Saturn is the one who is worthy to rule. Saturn's retrograde ends on August 13th. Align with the cosmic law and the higher truth and you will be favored.

Unexpected Alliances

Some of the greatest fortunes of this eclipse cycle will come through unexpected, game-changing alliances, friendships, contracts, and agreements that are based in service, skill, profession, performance, new projects, new methods, new discoveries, new science, new trades, new initiatives, new laws, new leadership, and new cooperative opportunities. When they come they will involve elite, “Jupiter grade” figures who can enable great successes through partnership, commitment, and mutual exchange of value. I translate this from Jupiter’s aspect to Uranus, an energy which will echo forward into the time of Jupiter in Libra. The magic words here are trust, balance, and diligence because if they are lost then so are the highest potentials. Be bold, be enterprising, be considerate, and work together to achieve the impossible. The stars are ripe for it!

Divine Footing

The feet belong to Pisces where medical astrology is concerned. This eclipse will bring mysterious and wonderful occurrences that relate to our feet, our standing, our path, and our ability to journey. The truth is that some of us have lost our footing over the years. Some of us have lost our traction. And some of us are stuck where we stand. The divine energy of this eclipse comes to transform these troubles with footing that have been the cause for sorrow, hopelessness, and pain. Brothers and sisters who serve the Light, be prepared to gain divine footing! God has new plans and paths for us all. To walk them properly our feet must first be made strong. Remember these words as the weeks pass and savor the divine footing your good works have earned you.


The spirit war is vicious, I earned a purple heart. Genie keep your wishes, the treasure’s in my chart. I’m workin’ with the fishes, there’s magic in my art. Ambrosia’s so delicious, I play a royal part. Be a triple seven, not a triple six. God will overcome, all the Devil’s tricks. Plutocrats are demons, they’re hoping for a fix. All their evil binds them, to the river Styx. Revolution’s coming, eclipses are the key. Jupiter brings judgement, all the world will see. I’m writing from my heart, I’ll never ask a fee. A lion told me once, the stars can make us free.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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This article was written under the influence of Frankinscence and Golden Lemurian Crystal.

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