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The 2017 USA Solar Return Horoscope

Every year, on July 4th, when the Sun returns to the Gate of Sirius at 13° Cancer, the United States of America enters a new cosmic year. This is a sacred time for our nation that inspires new hope for the future of our world. To tell you the truth the USA had a magical, Rosicrucian inspired founding. There was an ancient wisdom guiding the Founding Fathers that lives on to this day in special places and within special people. Manly Hall was absolutely right that the USA has a secret destiny and during this cycle, as Jupiter returns to Scorpio, this secret destiny will be brought to life in stealth and with great mystical power.

In the spirit of the time I offer my best professional estimation of the USA’s 2017 solar return horoscope to the world and especially to the astrological community. I find it fascinating that this year Jupiter will shine at 14° Libra which is the same degree where Saturn was sealed back in 1776. Here I interpret an unshackling of the minds of the citizenry towards new peace and unification. The 8th house positions of the Sun and Mars tell of national healing, reconstruction, and redemption, especially in terms of security, taxation, critical infrastructure, and economics. Light will be shined on our water and on our most secret accounts.

The 11th house of the USA will host Zeus in Libra and Jupiter in Libra so I interpret divine social justice as a prominent theme for the nation this year. The 11th house is universal, cosmic, and astrological so this confirms my previous writings that new national astrology will be with the USA to seal new justice into our days, laborers, and society. Athena, goddess of wisdom, will preside at 2° Taurus which is the 33rd degree of the zodiac, a degree dear to wise and righteous masons throughout the world. By this sign I pray the nation grows wiser and by Athena’s great reach and reputation I’m sure this will be the case.

On a spiritual level, having reached the great crossroads that we have, I continue to see the Leo virtue of loyalty being extremely important for us on the level of national citizenship. I dare to say that God expects citizens to be loyal and true to the nation which secures them, to the nation which opens them to unique and extraordinary opportunities. I am shown loyalty as a golden, fiery, double-edged sword in my mind’s eye. I see a luminous angelic figure spinning the sword as a wheel in their hands, rapidly and with an air of intimidation. This supernatural loyalty sword will begin to strike and anoint with the upcoming Leo eclipse.

Astrology belongs to the world but this is a special time for the USA. As a patriot military veteran astrologer I will be sure to translate additional USA solar return insights in the future. Although many still see President Trump negatively Amari and I see him as a colorful but powerful form of divine intervention. The reality is that his miraculous victory shattered the U.S. illuminati political dynasty. His agenda is totally contrary to that of Satanic world government. President Trump is a nightmare to the illuminati and their nightmare is soon get worse. At last we have a genuine people president that has been authenticated by the stars.

Authenticated by the stars? Yes, President Trump has been authenticated by the stars. Think back to his surprise announcement. What showed in the heavens then? Nothing short of a grand fire trine between Jupiter at 19° Leo, Uranus at 19° Aries, and the goddess Athena at 19° Sagittarius just days after his solar return began. This was the great seal of his beginning and Jupiter was at the heart of it, literally, while in Leo. Fast forward to his inauguration, where was Jupiter then? At 22° Libra in perfect trine to his Sun at 22° Gemini. Jupiter is like God's hand in astrology and God's hand is with President Trump.

To our fellow brothers and sisters here in the USA we say this: have great optimism for our nation's future! Heaven's light will soon be entering the precise degrees of our deepest, darkest national wounds. The great American solar eclipse will be activating renaissance lights above our nation to usher us into a radical and beautiful new creative paradigm. To our friends outside the USA, Amari and I wish you peace, love, freedom, and prosperity. We have faith that with time the U.S. will evolve into a nation that brings light and blessing into other nations around the world.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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