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The 2024 United States Solar Return Chart

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One of the most comforting astrological signs for President Trump's election victory in 2024 can be seen through the United States solar return chart which features "great benefic" Jupiter in his sign of Gemini in the 9th house, the house that governs national elections. Actually, America's strongest house in 2024 is the 9th house because of the presence of Mars, Uranus, Hercules and Jupiter. The way I see it the nation has the brightest energy in the house where we need it most on election year. I see the "too big to rig" theme symbolized in the 9th house as Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, something which indicates a voter turnout so large that it overcomes election fraud. Jupiter is also flanked by victory-inspiring Mars who will be aligned to economic war star Aldebaran while Uranus draws the minority vote with revolutionary power through its alignment with Algol. The tormented and forgotten people will be turning out dramatically so that political power transforms to serve them. The political revenge theme will also be active through Uranus' alignment to Algol.

starseed, astrology, united, states, america, 2024, solar, return, chart, USA, astrologer, salvador, russo

I present this chart according to very fine observations and calculations that I've been performing in secret for years. I think, respectfully, that this chart is superior in accuracy to any solar return derived from the Sibly chart which has been the national standard for U.S. astrological observation for a long time. That stated, I think it important to discuss the significance of Jupiter and Hercules side by side in Trump's sign of Gemini during our next national annual cycle. President Trump is clearly a Herculean figure in U.S. politics. He has tremendous strength that defies his age, he continues to achieve great victories in the face of impossible odds and he has an unwavering fierceness to continue fighting the most dangerous enemies of America in legendary fashion. President Trump is the embodiment of Jupiter and Hercules in Gemini. In the 2024 chart for the USA both Jupiter and Hercules are unafflicted so these energies will go the distance and that means Trump will go the distance. I also see no jailing of President Trump in this chart or his own 2024 solar return.

Watch the number nine as it pertains to President Trump, the election and political positions of power as this cycle unfolds as nine is the number of Jupiter for our national cycle ahead. Also note how Jupiter is the closest planet to the zenith of the national chart in 2024. That is an extremely good sign because Jupiter represents the "Hand of God" within the context of astrology. In other words, the Hand of God over the top of our nation through the firmament above it. Fortune for the nation will be held by goddess Tyche at 27° Leo, a degree that I believe resonates with the Trump family. I also see a "miracle victory" theme through Fate's position at 11° Aries which is divinely supported by Jupiter's sextile from 9° Gemini. These are some of the signs and science that give me peace and confidence on the astrologer side. I share them with you to raise the energy in your mind and spirit for what's ahead. Satan can try all that he likes but he has no celestial power so the higher cosmic order that God designs will be done. America's astrology in 2024 shines bright for Trump.


Astrologer Salvador Russo


PS. If you are new to our work we uniquely predicted Trump's miracle victory in 2016, here's the proof.

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Thank you for a very uplifting reading again. I would love it if you'd do a reading for the UK and the election on July 4th. I'm voting for a Reform Party candidate now that Nigel Farage is leading the party. He's an ally of Trump's which says it all. We need liberation from globalist control in the UK just as much as the US.

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