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The 2022 U.S. Solar Return Chart

As of July 4th, 2022 the USA has a new astrological design over it as the U.S. national return has recently occurred. The chart below depicts the specifics of this new design which features Jupiter, Chiron and Mars in Aries in the 2nd house of the national return chart. I've highlighted these placements in particular because to me they represent a great regeneration of economic and military power that I believe will commence next spring. I also see themes of a high-level power struggle with the U.S. military command structure that will eventually result in a divine outcome for the nation, its defense and our strategic interests. Jupiter is positioned in such a way that I interpret divine intervention and corrective action against our economic crisis and our secret military crisis.

As our national solar return has just recently begun we have a ways to go to experience the best of the Aries energy that has been sealed into our future. I think that we'll see the fireworks that we're seeking just after the turn of spring. It should be understood that the 2nd house governs the national economy when looking at a national chart. With Jupiter representing divine intervention, grace and growth we can look forward, in confidence, to tide turning events that set the U.S. national economy on a positive new trajectory next spring. And because Aries governs the military, we can also expect God to get intimately and powerfully involved with active forms of crisis within the U.S. Total Force. There is more to this chart that I will update at future times, for now this is the intel.


Astrologer/Veteran Salvador Russo


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