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Lion's Gate Disinformation

The most ridiculous and suspicious concept to hit the astrological scene is that of the so-called Lion’s Gate, an alleged event that magically activates to peak power every August 8th no matter what the details of astrology actually have to say. In this article you’ll gain honest, factual and professional astrological perspective that will enable you to see the massive holes in this false celestial trend. In my experienced opinion the "Lion’s Gate Portal" is the most absurd distortion to circulate the astrological world since the 13th sign fabrication took flight years ago with its intended aim of confusing the knowledge and wisdom seekers of the world while degrading the eternally perfect science of astrology.

Proponents of the Lion's Gate theory allege that "the sun aligns to Sirius" during the "portal activation" but actually, the sun aligns perfectly to Sirius on July 4th of each year not in late July or early August. They next allege that the Gregorian calendar date of August 8th holds a profound celestial and numerological significance. Let's take a very close look at this because this is where the heart of the hype is revealed. I'm going to show you the charts of the three most recent "Lion's Gate" alignments from 2020 to 2022. You'll notice that on each "Lion's Gate" the configuration of the planets and asteroids is vastly different, meaning, that our experiences on Earth will also be vastly different year to year.

"Lion's Gate" Astrological Alignment, August 8th, 2020

"Lion's Gate" Astrological Alignment, August 8th, 2021

"Lion's Gate" Astrological Alignment, August 8th, 2022

As you can see the "Lion's Gate" charts for 2020, 2021 and 2022 are vastly different with planets and asteroids holding different signs and aspects from year to year. The 2020 chart is especially enlightening because at that time we were experiencing mass covid deaths, intense global fear and miserable international lockdowns. The magic of the "Lion's Gate" wasn't there, at all, because on August 8th of 2020 we had a rare and painful series of Capricorn retrogrades that included Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Ask yourself for a moment: were you living divine ascension magic at that time in your life? For most of us the answer is 'hell no" and this underscores a critical concept that cuts through "Lion's Gate" propaganda: astrological conditions determine special calendar days, calendar days and numbers don't determine special times in astrology.

Fraudulent astrologers will never spotlight this core truth to you but there it is. Truth be told, you could have a miracle happen on 8/8 one year and a death happen on 8/8 the next year - the difference is the astrology of each year which is perpetually in a state of motion and change. August 8th will never, ever be the same each year so how could the same phenomenon present year after year on the same day? The answer is, it can't. The people who are pumping this lie are either horrible at astrology or they are part of an intentional psyop to manipulate people's minds while degrading astrology which is actually very powerful and beneficial when properly understood. Bottom line: don't trust people pumping Lion's Gate. They've never shown you any annual charts about it, have they?

There most certainly are times in astrology when Leo energy becomes dramatically active. These times are properly called "new moons in Leo" and they mark the beginning of a season each year when Leo energy grows stronger in our lives. These new moons don't care for our calendars, they come in their own wise, God-given time. The annual new moon in Leo is the true "Lion's Gate." This is the way it will always be and notice that the new moon in Leo comes on different calendar days each year. This year it was July 28th and next year its August 16th. The new moons don't care about 8/8, they come when they should according to wisdom and power far beyond our minds. Leo energy also increases when planets and asteroids periodically transit the royal house.

It is astonishing to see so many people pumping and parroting this obvious lie. The lack of integrity checks from the media companies running "Lion's Gate" articles is especially embarrassing. I welcome any questions from any of you about this subject. Congratulations to the people who intuitively knew better! I do have a heart for the people who bought into this, most of you are busy and don't have the time to dig deep into the subject, especially when there are no or few reliable sources out there showing the true heart of the matter. Ascension is a beautiful thing and each new moon is a milestone in that process. Use the energy of each new moon to move forward in manifesting your higher life.

Repping hard for true astrology,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Aug 12, 2022

thanks for this but embarrassing to have thought it true. Like everything these days what is the truth have to listen to ones intuition


Aug 11, 2022

Wow! How enlightening! I never knew better until now! Makes total sense! Thank you!


Aug 11, 2022

Boom .. I just love this. Thank you so much for clarifying this propaganda harvesting our energy on 8-8 Lions Gate.

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