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Jupiter in Libra: Journeys of Justice

Great journeys of justice will begin with the entrance of Jupiter into the house of Libra! This momentous astrological transit begins on September 9th of 2016, a date which reverberates with profound numerological meaning because it equates to “999.” Pythagoras would tell us that this number foretells of epic closures and endings that must precede the divine forms of genesis that heaven has in store for us. The signs are given by star and by number. Jupiter’s transit of Libra will have God tipping every scale on Earth through the enforcement actions of certain heavenly hosts. What comes next will be for the history books! Prepare to witness divine intervention on a massive scale!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest within our lives and world ‘til October 10th of 2017 when Jupiter enters Scorpio:

  • profound displays of divine orchestration within our relationship lives

  • the conversion of old enemies into new allies

  • the establishment of historic treaties, trade agreements, and peace accords

  • a two-year long cleansing of the world’s judicial systems

  • the appointment of excellent new judges and magistrates

  • the dismantling of the insidious Trans Pacific Partnership

  • open clashes between industry titans

  • a dramatic and just rebalancing of the global scales of power

  • blessed connections with soul mates, twin flames, and true loves

  • a blossoming of our relationships with God

  • the issuance of divine treasure and reward for demonstrated trust in God

  • mystical experiences with God’s angel of justice, Raguel

  • the fortunate entrance of super power advocates, friends, and allies

  • cultural purification wherever it must be done

  • the blessing of all noble friendships, marriages, and partnerships

  • the attainment of unprecedented levels of inner peace

  • the attainment of great wisdom through human and spiritual relationships

  • extraordinary opportunities to win security and prosperity through partnerships

  • the clearing away of open enemies and spiritually undesirable relationships

  • unusually wonderful fortunes with contracts, deals, trades, terms, and negotiations

  • fair closures to longstanding lawsuits, claims, disputes, and other legal contests

  • the attraction and creation of miracles through sustained spiritual commitments

Raguel and Themis

There is a great power partnership that has been fixed to the transit of Jupiter in Libra. This is the partnership between the holy angel of justice, Raguel, and the ancient goddess of justice, Themis. Together they will serve as ambassadors of God’s justice as they work through the timing and frequency of Jupiter in Libra. Their work will be phased with a prolific portion of phase one to be completed prior to February 6th of 2017 when Jupiter will enter retrograde in Libra. Prior to this retrograde Raguel and Themis will cover great earthly territory as Jupiter will rapidly advance to the 23rd degree of Libra, nearly rounding out the house before entering the 2017 retrograde. God knows we need help and these two will waste no time.

Phase Two

Between February 6th and June 8th of 2017 Jupiter will be retrograde in Libra. In lay terms this means that the full benevolence and power of Jupiter will be restrained during this time. Jupiter synchronicities during the retrograde will be concentrated upon rectification of past breeches of trust, justice, harmony, love, and commitment. This is when the great work of rebalancing must be done so that beyond the retrograde we can enjoy a more peaceful and orderly world. Retrogrades signal times when inner alchemical work should be prioritized. This one will be no different. Call upon God to assist with inner peace, relationship healing, just outcomes, perfect balancing, and the honoring of important commitments.

Follow Jupiter

Fortunes can swing wildly for the better when we align our actions to Jupiter’s transit. I hope that all of you begin this epic season with your horoscopes in hand so that you are able to follow and see Jupiter’s divine influence at work in your life. By doing this you can open yourselves to the highest possible benefits and future. In general terms it is wise for us to accept, engage, and develop in accordance with the people and opportunities that Jupiter syncs with. The Vedics know Jupiter as “Ganesha,” the great remover of obstacles. I agree with the Vedics that the Jupiter energy certainly enables us to overcome great obstacles. If you have obstacles to clear be sure to follow the path of Jupiter through your horoscopes.

Power Scales

I began writing this article in prayer, as I always do. Shortly thereafter I received a vision of a golden scale that symbolized the balance of earthly power. On the left side the scale was totally weighed down with power concentrated completely on the left side. Through a flash of gnosis I understood that Satan’s terrestrial power was being portrayed by this gross imbalance. Then I sensed Jupiter’s entry into Libra and I saw the scale completely reversed so that the right side had all the weight and all the power concentrated upon it. If my vision is true then we will see such a transference of power on Earth during Jupiter’s transits of Libra and Scorpio, when power will be stripped from the wicked and granted to the virtuous. Raguel whispers that Satan dreads Jupiter’s transit of Libra…

Magic Words

Heaven’s light permeates every aspect of our earthly lives. Jupiter’s transit of Libra will be inspiring Libran language into our minds, interactions, and mediascape. Here are many of the magic words that will be inspired by the Jupiter in Libra energy: peace, justice, commitment, contract, equality, compromise, negotiation, fair, trade, balance, equilibrium, partners, allies, diplomacy, treaty, truce, accord, marriage, trust, dispute, divorce, adversaries, friendship, harmony, mutual, cooperation, liaison, fidelity, vows, deal, settlement, culture, judgement, ambassador, pact, agreement, spouse, terms, and scales. I share these words to prove a point: that language itself is organized by the zodiac. Certain words belong to certain signs, that's just the way it is. Now watch as Libra’s language dominates the mediascape…

Divine Relationships

Libra is the celestial domain that presides over all earthly relationships. Jupiter’s entry into Libra signals the beginning of a golden year with regards to relationship potentials. Enter this year with the clear awareness that divine grace will be entering our lives through relationships existing and yet to come. Jupiter’s energy will also help to resurrect and restore failed or stagnant relationships that still have hope for the future. From friends to spouses to family members to business partners, the Jupiter vibe will help to make our relationships much more divine. It will also help to harmoniously end relationships that have run their course. If you are looking for your soulmate or twin flame know this: Jupiter’s transit of Libra will be fantastically supportive of making that dream come true.

Cosmic Justice

The essence of Jupiter in Libra is cosmic justice, for each of us and for the world at large. Expect to see justice working marvelously in the near future. Expect to experience justice in the most divine and profound ways imaginable during this transit. I am elated to declare that the time of great cosmic justice has finally come! The entirety of our karmic past has been perfectly judged by God. Jupiter’s transit of Libra brings the rulings to the judgements that have already been made above us, beyond us, and for us. If there is one word to take from this article let it be justice. Embrace, employ, and practice justice in all that you do and you will ascend with Jupiter in Libra. Be trustworthy, create peace when you can, honor commitments, and keep justice centered in your mind to ensure your spiritual ascent.

Balancing Act

Billions of people are living lives that are terribly out of balance. The good news is that this is about to change for the better. The energy of Jupiter in Libra will be working against the greatest causes of imbalance on Earth, to include on the political, governmental, and economic levels. There will be wild and historic swings of wealth, power, status, and influence among the nations over the next few years. Some nations will rise as others fall. When you see these things happening take comfort in knowing that God is creating a new balance and order on Earth that perfectly counters the Satanic globalist agenda. As a matter of fact, God’s intervention through Jupiter in Libra will be smashing the “globalist” vision to pieces. Wait and see, it’s going to be thrilling!

Marriage Upgrades

It’s common knowledge that divorce rates are incredibly high and marriages, for the most part, are not what they used to be. The universe has an antidote and yes, it’s Jupiter in Libra. For those who don’t yet know marriages also have a cosmic life. When the vows are taken and the wedding ceremony is completed the stars of that moment are forever sealed into the futures of the newlyweds. This can be a blessing or a curse depending upon the astrological timing of the marriage. That being said, Jupiter in Libra will be bringing magical transmutations of cosmic energy to good couples who need new stars to thrive. Marital miracles are real and Jupiter will be bringing them. And for anyone who is planning to wed in the near future, be sure that you don’t wed while Jupiter is retrograde in Libra…

Ascension Keys

In service of the highest good for all people I offer the following ascension keys to assist with your spiritual ascent during Jupiter’s transit of Libra, as follows:

  • maintain reciprocity with all whom you deal with

  • recover, develop, and leverage trust

  • partner up when you obviously should

  • honor your commitments and be true to your word

  • use the new energies to restore lost balance

  • be a great friend when called upon

  • avoid being biased like the plague

  • develop and utilize diplomatic ability

  • be watchful for “Jupiter grade” contracts

  • marry at a wise time if it’s on your agenda

  • evolve your social and cultural circles

  • support fair trade business practices

  • be cooperative, not competitive

  • be discerning of open enemies, they’re out there

  • make important introductions to help other people

  • strive to master the balance between above and below

  • work in harmony and order with the cosmos

  • and most importantly, develop your relationship with God


Jove brings in heaven’s court, Satan’s time is growing short. I rhyme at last for fun and sport, as Vulcan leaves his Cancer port. Saturn is the cosmic teacher, priceless wisdom is his feature. In my sign but I’m no preacher, Soros is a ghastly creature. Justice journeys for us all, perfect rulings big and small. Partner up and have a ball, God leaves ladders at the wall. Raguel is my new friend, his angel sword is sure to rend. Pluto failed to make me bend, Sag and Aries that’s my blend. So here it comes, the sacred hour. Egypt knew the sacred flower. Learn the stars and tap their power, my soul is strong I’ll never cower. Full of light and full of fire, freedom is my main desire. I climb the order ever higher, my spirit guides all call me sire.

To your infinite success,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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