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The Astrology of Jeffrey Epstein's Death

What do the stars have to say about the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein? They say that it was a matter of dark fate, calculated murder, and betrayal by former partners of power who feared his future legal communications. Whenever a death occurs a wise person should look to the positions of Saturn and Pluto within the horoscope of the deceased. At the reported time of death Pluto was in exact conjunction to Epstein's Mercury at 21° Capricorn which literally killed his ability to communicate with another living soul. Saturn was in exact conjunction to his Chiron at 15° Capricorn while also forming a deadly opposition to his Uranus retrograde in Cancer. In astrology it is somewhat common for deaths to occur when Cancer placements are opposed by either Saturn or Pluto. But then there is the fate factor as Saturn was also in opposition to the lunar north node, otherwise known as the 'point of fate', at 15° Cancer. For Epstein, the Aquarius who was born with the affliction of Hades, Saturn and Pluto were transiting a zone of his chart that governs betrayal, karma, and coverups. For me the recipe is quite clear: he was killed for silence with a shallow suicide dressing.

The chart above reveals the astrology that was precisely active at the reported time of Epstein's death. Circled on the right you'll see the glyphs for Pluto retrograde at 21° Capricorn and Saturn retrograde at 15° Capricorn. These notorious planets symbolize the people and forces who wanted Epstein silenced. They also symbolize the shadow government, illuminati members, and the cosmic archons that are trying to thwart our entry into our divinely promised Golden Age. The retrograde status of Saturn and Pluto absolutely confirm conspiracy, corruption, and criminal coordination at high levels. But make note that these foul events were astrologically committed in Capricorn and starting this December 2nd the planet Jupiter will begin its transit of Capricorn. One of the most glorious themes of Jupiter's year-long transit of Capricorn is the divine and inescapable accountability of God that will be enforced into our world into December of 2020 well past the next U.S. presidential election. Because of the upcoming "ring of fire" Christmas eclipse that will occur in rare conjunction to Jupiter, I predict the collapse of the Epstein-level child predator network.

Dead or Evacuated?

Is Epstein truly dead or was he somehow evacuated from jail and what do the stars say about this? There are three prominent aspects that bring me to the conclusion that he is, in fact, dead. Consider that as a 0° Aquarius Jeffrey Epstein's solar 6th house, which governs his health, contained Uranus retrograde at 15° Cancer. This means that his Uranus was extremely important in terms of his physical health. When his death was reported Saturn retrograde was in exact opposition to his health-sensitive Uranus. This type of malefic opposition could absolutely coincide with a collapse in health or a sudden death. The next aspect that comes to mind is that Pluto retrograde at 21° Capricorn was in perfect square to his Hercules at 21° Aries. Hard planetary aspects to Aries placements can sync with events of aggression and violence. With Pluto involved that can amplify the potential into deadly territory. The last aspect is that of transiting Mars at 24° Leo making square to his Kronos retrograde at 24° Taurus. The interpretation here is similar to the last, that of targeted attack involving demonic enemies who were former allies. All in all I think that is he is certainly gone.

Epstein's Dark Money

What does dark money look like in astrology? It can look like Hades and Kronos in Taurus. These are super-malefic influences that many extremely rich and extremely evil people are controlled by. These were the demonic sources of Jeffrey Epstein's extreme wealth. You can find his disgusting financial demons circled in neon green in his horoscope. Epstein, who was an extraordinarily depraved person, was especially afflicted by Hades as it made a perfect square to his Sun at 0° Aquarius from 0° Taurus. People born with such afflictions are fated to experience severe battles with inner demons. Epstein clearly succumbed and so he chose the path that he lived which ultimately lead to his death and in my personal opinion, a hellish version of the afterlife. Epstein was also born with Jupiter in Taurus, a classic symbol of great wealth, but I sense that his Jupiter was cursed into retrograde because of the path that he chose. Once in retrograde it also became a source of ill-gotten gains through spiritually-infected people. There are many prominent names out there who are captives of these same financial demons. Always seek wealth through the golden light of God.

Epstein's Pedophile Energy

To those who are wondering about Epstein's pedophile energy from an astrological perspective here is my opinion: it came through his Lilith retrograde in Leo and his Pluto retrograde in Leo. In astrology Leo governs children so when someone has demonic placements like Lilith or Pluto in Leo the risk for child sex crimes is greatly elevated in probability. Through Lilith and Pluto in Leo Epstein sank into the blackest pits of sexual depravity and criminality with children. These placements also reveal why he had a bottomless appetite for these types of crimes. But his Pluto retrograde at 22° Leo is especially symbolic of the network that he was tapped into - it was always a Pluto network. Something else to consider, when he was found dead transiting Pluto at 21° Capricorn was in aspect to his natal Pluto at 22° Leo. This makes me think of the Pluto consciousness working through certain agents to keep the secrets of the Pluto network hidden. Leo is also a royal energy and have you noticed that certain royal names and titles have risen through the Epstein revelations? Lilith and Pluto are agents of darkness. Do not be confused about this and don't fall for their scripts.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election

It was calculated by the Pluto network that Epstein could cost the Democrats the 2020 U.S. election. This was an absolutely unacceptable risk and so we see what we see. But will it end here and what will God do? As an astrologer this is what I know: divine intervention is most powerful when Jupiter transits prograde and tomorrow, just one day after Epstein's killing, Jupiter will resume prograde at 14° Sagittarius. To me the timing is incredible and because of the repeated signs that I've been given I believe that the wrath of God is about to start manifesting against the "Pluto network." People are aware of Pluto's return in the U.S. national horoscope. This is the Biblical serpent wishing to swallow the the USA into permanent darkness, the cosmic Ouroboros swallowing its tail. Pandora's Box has been opened, the investigations will proceed, and the nightmare that they have hoped to stop will come in far greater degree. The cosmic year of divine accountability begins this December. Keep faith that God is greater and that He can reveal what humans and demons try to hide. We're entering a radical phase, a Tribulation milestone tomorrow. Only God's light will sustain.

Jove's lightning right on cue,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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