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Astrology, Coronavirus and the Death of Chinese Communism

Communism has killed more humans than any other form of government and now with transiting Pluto afflicting the governmental heart of the China national horoscope the cosmic bell has tolled for the end of the Chinese communist regime. The raging Chinese coronavirus manifested into full power as transiting Pluto made conjunction to the Chinese national Jupiter at 22° Capricorn, a conjunction which is symbolic of a governmental death and rebirth phase that has painfully begun. But there is also Pluto's apocalyptic trine to the Chinese national Kronos at 23° Taurus in retrograde, a cosmic symbol of their profoundly unsanitary eating habits and market conditions as well as dysfunction and conspiracy at biological research centers. I want my readers to know that coronavirus has a powerful Pluto signature so we are wise to watch Pluto's aspects closely for all major coronavirus developments.

Above is my approximate horoscope for Communist China which is based on the October 1st, 1949 birth of the People's Republic of China through the revolution of Mao Zedong. Notice Jupiter's glyph in the 2nd house and notice the glyph of Kronos in the 6th house. These are the trigger points for the explosive emergence of coronavirus through transiting Pluto's deadly contact which you can see in the chart below. Saturn's close presence is symbolic of the gigantic, dreadful, and extremely limiting Chinese quarantine. This is nothing short of a Chinese plague and while we feel for them sincerely on a human level we are also aware of the higher cosmic alchemy taking place through Pluto's transit. As I've written before, communism is forbidden in the Golden Age of Aquarius as it is profoundly incompatible with the values and ideals of an ascended race and planet. The coronavirus will cripple communism.

The coronavirus outbreak is the first of three great woes for the communist Chinese regime. As I predicted accurately in January of 2019 through the Capricorn eclipse over Beijing, Communist China has entered a timeline of great power decline. Watch and see as the spell of communism is vanquished by a new form of consciousness that manifests and spreads in China at lightning speed. The noble spirit of Hong Kong, which all conscious earth citizens should admire, salute and support, will expand into mainland China to the horror of the communist power apex. I see revolution in China's future, one that will seal the fate of communism in that land forever. As history proves to us, some crisis are necessary for a higher alchemy to take effect. As Pluto's energy grips China through the eternal House of Capricorn we are wise to learn great lessons of spirit, governance, cosmic law, karma, and humane living.

Communist China is currently 70 years old. This means that their progressed Saturn is currently located at 23° Scorpio in exact, painful and deadly opposition to their natal Kronos retrograde at 23° Taurus. This is another method of seeing the coronavirus crisis unfold through their national horoscope. On the esoteric level Saturn and Kronos are demonic influences that resonate with the "wickedness in high places" from the Christian Bible. Make no mistake, there is demonic spiritual energy active in China and it will be quite intense for the next two years. This brings another great crisis and tragedy into focus: that communism forbids spirituality, religion, and faith in the divine. Without a spiritual life a human quickly becomes pray to demonic forces. The Chinese people need Christ more than ever before. Their government isn't God and their government will fail them. Be resurrected through the Christ light.

With compassion and optimism for a New China,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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