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The Capricorn Solar Eclipse of 2019: Worlds Collide

A dramatic escalation of divine intervention against all the disguised tentacles of satanic government will begin with the Capricorn partial solar eclipse of January 5th and 6th! A powerful and unexpected sequence of divinely strategic actions against the wounded and weakened 'new world order' will commence while the new international alliance of anti-communist nations gains increasing political and economic strength beneath the righteous march of Jupiter in Sagittarius. On the personal front a life transforming season of divine promotion and accountability will ensue to raise the worthy atop new mountains while knocking the wicked off their rotten thrones. The universe will now force our worlds to collide, the world of light and order against the world of darkness and chaos. Through the alchemy of this collision we will see governments transforming and bending to divine will.

I predict the following themes and events to manifest prior to the full moon in Capricorn of July 16th, 2019:

  • great career momentum through new transitions, duties, responsibilities, promotions, honors, opportunities, growth, achievements, and spiritual blessings

  • a summer strike against the monstrous Maduro regime which is responsible for mass starvation, incalculable human suffering, and tremendous regional instability

  • manifestations of crisis by way of performance negligence, dereliction of duty, character destruction, criminal investigations, and accountability enforcement

  • major strategic losses for the Satan-serving EU plutocracy that advances its oppression through the timing of Saturn; God smites the EU in the Spring of 2020

  • increases in domestic financial security through the influence of Juno in Taurus which carries forward til the full moon; women of honor will shine especially

  • a season of power decline for the communist Chinese government which precedes future and greater seasons of decline to come during Jupiter's transit of Capricorn

  • the amplification of prosperity for spiritually united families and business partners

  • a powerful new wave of law enforcement, legal action, and excommunication against sex offenders, predators, and criminals within all religious and spiritual communities

  • exuberant new manifestation powers that source from the eclipse wave and the Uranus prograde in Aries and Taurus; 2019 starts with new manifestation power

  • major strides of political and diplomatic progress between the USA and North Korea towards the creation of a new economic investment zone in the DPRK

  • wonderful new experiences of 'career branching' where the universe blooms cosmically-aligned career paths in exciting, inspired, and successful new directions

  • the blessing, cursing, and karmic accounting of entire industries and industry chiefs with 'special attention' on corporations and banks that have major China connections

  • the emergence of powerful maturation cycles within families with transformations in domestic roles, duties, responsibilities, daily routines, and positions of authority

  • through the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which echoes through the eclipse, a tremendous increase in global political consciousness and inter-connectivity

  • the entrance of cosmically-born divine masculine energies that will begin to remedy the damage done by subversive emasculation campaigns; Eros and Vulcan to lead

  • a dashing of hopes for Robert Mueller as the eclipse will aspect his Leo sun exactly

  • stinging penalties and realizations for those who resist maturity, self-discipline, integrity, honorable living, and responsibility; the Capricorn virtues mean all in 2019

  • a new, multi-dimensional timeline opening that leads to a successful Iranian revolution with milestone events to occur with the December 'ring of fire' eclipse

  • career quantum leaps through the activation of Capricorn degrees among the worthy; starseed abilities will become much more powerful/valuable with Uranus in Taurus

  • the conscious observation, through astrological timing, of divine intervention and chess being played between God, nations, governments, and the rebel angels

Bad Omen Beijing

The first eclipse of 2019 will activate over Beijing which is the capital of communist China. Communism is forbidden in the golden age as it is completely hostile to God's plan for humanity. A great spiritual curse will befall the communist Chinese government through this eclipse as punishment for the viciousness of their war plans and their contempt for Christianity which they persecute more each day. Expect to see increasing belligerence from the Red Dragon as it wails from the unprecedented pressure of its new curse. The communist Chinese government will suffer the same fate as Soviet Russia - eventual collapse. China hides great secrets from the world, especially about their weaknesses, but the eclipse ordains a new level of global awareness about the darkness, suffering, and scheming that they hide. Red China will show its fangs to the world as its power is gradually stripped. Remember the Beijing Capricorn eclipse when you see these things coming to pass. These future events will prove that communism exists in a state of rebellion to the divine cosmic order. The new astrology of the golden age will fade all communism out.

Worlds Collide

There are two worlds fighting for control of the planet. One world serves the light and one world serves the shadows of hell. In the horoscope above notice how the eclipse bisects Saturn at 11° Capricorn and Pluto at 20° Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are malefic planets that the fallen use to advance their global domination strategy. But notice how God's eclipse light will penetrate between these planets. I marveled at this when I saw it and a vision came to mind soon after. I was in a forest and I saw a gigantic log being split in two with a sharp axe. The log represented the 'new world order' government structure and the axe represented this eclipse. Their plans will be split in two, divided and weakened, while a forced collision of worlds increases. My advice is to fully align your lives with the world of light as it evolves in 2019. There you will find refuge, sustenance, power, and peace. The astrology of 2019 will naturally elevate your mind to see these worlds with crystal clarity.

The Bigger Picture

There is a supernova-class astrological event on the 2019 horizon that will also occur in the House of Capricorn. I'm referring to the 'ring of fire' solar eclipse that will happen on Christmas night in an extremely rare and benevolent conjunction to the planet Jupiter who will by then be transiting Capricorn. This Christmas mega-eclipse should be understood by the Christian world as a celestial milestone for the mystical entry of divine government. In my humble opinion, this Jupiter-magnified ring of fire eclipse marks the time when our Creator will get extremely 'hands-on' with our dysfunctional governmental affairs, especially in the nations where the eclipse will trace its shadow. Because of the degrees involved with this blessed eclipse to come I interpret a powerful social and humanitarian expression through governments and industries towards the highest welfare of all people. Government-level magic will be producing government-level miracles in the year 2020.

Industrial Karma

Industries will be rocked and blessed according to karma and the mysterious workings of this eclipse. In astrology it is the House of Capricorn that governs all of the world's industries. Many top CEOs will soon find themselves embroiled in the greatest crisis of their professional lives. Industrial wealth, power, and influence must be used towards the betterment of society, this is the way that God wants it. Astrologically we can perceive this inherent responsibility through the transitional relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius. The industries which have aligned themselves against society will have the most to pay in 2019. Executives must be conscious of astrology to navigate wisely into the future. Oligarchs will also be 'spotlighted' as the eclipse degree of 15 Capricorn resonates exactly with oligarchy. Watch for headlines about them from Russia and China especially where this eclipse will trace. If you're in a bad karma industry now is the time to clock out.

Career Ascension

This is a tremendous eclipse cycle for rapid career ascension. The universe will be working its magic to ensure ways and means for all strivers who are focused on ascending into higher levels of career success. Major openings and breakthroughs can be expected in the house of your horoscope that hosts the 15th degree of Capricorn. Eclipse synchronicities can easily propel us above and beyond the limits, hardships, and wounds of Saturn and Pluto if we are perceptive enough to engage and develop them. Enter the eclipse cycle with prayer to God for clarity of understanding in your highest path forward. Strategies of growth and success will unfold before our eyes and through the months we will gain new wisdom and talent that will hyper-charge our career potential. If you haven't found your passion or niche this eclipse cycle will offer you good signs, guidance, and entrances into those blessed paths. For those who are already aligned, this is a cycle of higher mastery.

Success Blocks

This eclipse cycle will be extremely refreshing for those who feel like they are not successful enough. Astrology applies to all people no matter their race, religion, age, or geographic location. So when we have a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn it is time for us all to succeed in new ways and in varying degrees that reflect each of our places in the great cosmic soul ascent. Success blocks will be made known to each of us, including and especially through new teachers, guides, and mentors, so that no one is left behind from this universal growth wave. The light will zero in on personal flaws and weaknesses that have hindered or prevented new blessing and growth. Now is the time for great self-honesty, responsibility, accountability, integrity, timeliness, higher standards, and wise utilization of time. God will always match our efforts so start this cycle with your best. This eclipse can also inspire sudden closures with work, career, and paths of employment.

Family Wealth

There is only one light in Taurus during peak eclipse and that is the light of Juno at 21° Taurus, a degree of Taurus that relates specifically to family wealth and financial security. Through the blessed goddess influence of Juno we will all have new opportunities to increase family wealth, financial security, and even business revenue. But there is something that must be honored for us to feel the full magic: we must manifest spiritual idealism within our families and business dealings. The higher that we take our family spirituality, the higher the wealth blessings will be. And if certain family members won't be wise about this cycle they will be left out of Juno's golden circulations. Spiritual family members, be ready! Things will be happening to test our bonds and willingness to aid one another, including and especially through the mediums of money and investments. Look for golden spiritual queens to bring through Juno's energy in the most obvious ways.

Legal Warfare

Legal warfare is coded into the 12th degree of Sagittarius and this is precisely where Jupiter will be when peak eclipse occurs. With Jupiter serving us as 'the great benefic' make the connection between divine 2019 success and new legal actions targeted against gross violations, damages, negligence, accusations, and injuries. To live in alignment with the universe be ready to initiate legal actions and defenses on an as needed basis to manifest your highest year. Failure to do so could seriously jeopardize your highest future. This Capricorn eclipse ushers us into a tremendous accountability cycle so recognize the connection between legal actions and eventual accountability. This is not a timid place for Jupiter to be, the 12th is a fighter's degree of Sagittarius so bring that passion to the table in a wise, lawful, and strategic way. If you act with Jupiter your odds of winning will spike!

Time Mastery

Time waits for no one and time pressures will be active in 2019, especially during Saturn's retrograde in Capricorn! But don't worry, our Capricorn partial solar eclipse will be unleashing a new time consciousness throughout the world that will help us all to work much more wisely with time, something which is precious for a mortal to receive. As the weeks pass you'll be able to notice how you're suddenly working better with time. You'll make better time decisions, you'll be more productive with time, and wiser with time strategy. The glyph of Capricorn is symbolic of great, legendary, and masterful success. Capricorn is also the house where time tests, requirements, and restrictions abound. Be ahead of those deadlines and give your very best efforts where time and timing are concerned. This can make all the difference in 2019, I assure you. Be ahead of Saturn and the retrograde will be all the smoother. And if you're wise then learn your Key of Time.

Fathers, Mentors, & Honor

This Capricorn eclipse will cast special and profound attention on all fathers, living and deceased, as well as esteemed mentors who will enter with mysterious timing. Cosmic blessings will be coming to all the fathers who have cared for their children and families with honor. This is a sacred time for such fathers, may God bless and raise you all. There are many in this world who lack a healthy father relationship. To the people who can relate I say this: don't be surprised if the universe sends an amazing new father figure into your life during this eclipse cycle. Mentors are coming our way too, to share their wisdom and experience so that we may climb into higher success and honor. And speaking of honor, you should know this: honor is the most valuable spiritual currency for this Capricorn cycle. Recover it, develop it, and leverage it as best as you can. Be honor-conscious in 2019 and always do the honorable thing as God sees all that we do and all that we do not do.

Revolution 2.0

The Democrats have recently taken the house majority here in the USA. Why did this happen with such tremendous grassroots support for President Trump's MAGA movement? Election integrity is to blame but is there a higher spiritual purpose behind the Dems' temporary acquisition of political power? With my former house prediction being off target I have prayed intensely about this and the repeated understanding that forms in my mind is this: God has permitted their house power to thoroughly prove to the nation and world that they are hell-bent on destroying the United States of America. The Great Awakening must expand further, into new mental and spiritual territory, and so it will as our political worlds collide even further into the 2020 timeline of the 2nd American Revolution which will be light-born and Heaven-sent. I believe that General Washington is one of President Trump's spirit guides and that the Father of the American Revolution still has shots to call. Continue to pray for the nation and watch as President Trump is strengthened through all eclipses.

Ascension Keys

Amari and I offer the following ascension keys that if applied will help to make your Capricorn eclipse cycle much more successful, as follows:

  • recover lost honor while developing new honor through righteous, wisely-timed deeds

  • give your best to the new duties and responsibilities that life presents you with

  • recognize the living connection between spiritual development and career progress

  • be quick to recruit and apply the law towards vital defensive and offensive maneuvers

  • improve organization, efficiency, and productivity through systems development

  • develop the concepts of order, maturity, respect, and accountability within family life

  • restore relationship imbalances and build trust to increase 2019 personal fortunes

  • have a spirit of compromise and negotiation towards the creation of peace and justice

  • help others to learn and develop their gifts, especially towards career expression

  • be super-conscious of time and the wisest use of it, including astrological time

  • integrity tests are coming to measure our characters, make sure that you pass them

  • initiative and leadership will amplify success potentials further, live them boldly

  • universal learning is gold this year, heed the lessons of life as they come to you

  • the goddess Juno will inspire wise courses of investment, heed her golden signs

  • be adaptive to the unorthodox means of future prosperity that Uranus will offer

  • plan ahead for Saturn's retrograde in Capricorn, pray for light to aid this cause

  • be invested in the right industries, signs will show which ones are divinely favored

  • increase your spiritual light to increase your social rank, this is a Capricorn secret

  • for the conscious men of the world, embody the divine masculine that stirs in Heaven


It's been a while, I must admit. This star pursuit I'll never quit. My cosmic soul is full of grit, I seal this all in poet's wit. An omen for the dragon red, when Michael strikes he takes the head. In Saturn's vice for years I bled, but then I conquered Saturn's dread. The wicked priests will surely hang, the gods will strip a dragon fang. When Christ was born the angels sang, in Venezuela Mars will bang. My sun lights up the sacred house, I love my twin I call her spouse. If wisdom's wet I've had my douse, my German partner's name is Klaus. A ring of fire on Christmas night, when God will show his cosmic might. His magic comes to clear the blight, our third eyes hold the second sight. Christian Europe how we love you, pray for Pari God above you. Coded intel streaming through Q, cosmic intel shining on cue. Twenty twenty God world order, Trump will have his golden border. Satan's time is growing shorter, learn to work the magic mortar.

With passion and optimism for the future,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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