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Astrology Without The Birth Time

One of the most common questions that I've been asked over my last decade in professional astrological practice has been, "what if I don't know my birthtime?" In this article I will explain the great value and wisdom that can be accessed from astrology even without knowing your perfect time of birth. It all begins with the understanding that it is extremely valuable to know the signs and relative degrees of your birth planets and asteroids even without knowing your perfect houses. While it is true that the birth time determines our ascendant and house divisions it is also true that knowledge of the signs and degrees of our planets and asteroids can serve us divinely throughout our life path, even to the extent of eventually discovering our true birth chart through synchronicity mapping.

Consider next that during the entire birth day, which virtually all people know, the majority of astrological powers hold the same sign and degree over the course of the entire day. Exceptions to this include the Moon and perhaps Mercury, the luminaries which are closest to the Earth but as we move out to Venus and beyond we find that they transit at an increasingly slower speed through the houses of the zodiac. Simply stated, approximately 93% of your Uranian birth chart will remain constant, true and trustworthy for your entire life despite not knowing your birth time. In the 'John Doe' chart above you can see how most of the symbols won't change their sign or degree regardless of the time of day. Zeus will hold 22° Virgo, Apollo 11° Libra and so on and so forth.

Let's say that you don't know your birth time but you want to benefit from astrology anyway and in the greatest way possible. The best example of how comes through Jupiter and more specifically, through your knowledge of the sign and degree that Jupiter held for you at birth. In the 'John Doe' chart above you can see Jupiter circled at 6° Capricorn in conjunction to Mars at 7° Capricorn. In this example, these degrees and planetary energies will always synchronize with great growth and professional success for this person as the transits of astrology periodically activate them. By tracking the transits to our natal Jupiter we can wisely observe the cosmic timing and divine expression of Jupiter energy in our lives - and this can happen without a perfect birth time.

To expand further on this example let's say that John Doe receives an unexpected notice of a position and pay increase with transiting Mercury at 6° Capricorn making conjunction to his natal Jupiter/Mars conjunction. He accepts the great news and understands that transiting Mercury's connection to his Jupiter/Mars in Capricorn has synchronized with the development. He then realizes, through his own self study in astrology or through consultation with a qualified astrologer, that it is extremely likely that he was born with his Jupiter/Mars conjunction in his 11th house which governs unexpected events, goal fulfillment and dream manifestation. Now John can take a solid, synchronicity confirmed step forward in reverse calculating his true birth chart.

John continues to observe his life through his imperfect birth chart. He continues to notice major professional goals manifesting with transits activating his Jupiter/Mars conjunction and he feels increasingly inspired to lead a new social cause that is dear to his heart and which intertwines with his profession. The 11th house synchronicities continue to show so he reasons with confidence that he was born an Aquarius rising. He adjusts his chart with his astrologer to reorient things according to his life experiences. His Zeus in Virgo gets repositioned to his 7th house and he has a eureka moment - he is actually personal friends with a celebrity athlete which Zeus symbolizes. Then his other chart symbols start speaking and a chain lightning of enlightenment and wisdom takes flight.

John then thinks of his role as family healer over the years while seeing his Chiron in Gemini in his 4th house of family. He thinks of the sister that he lost while seeing his 4th house Hades in Gemini. He remembers the time that his life was saved by a surgeon while seeing his Apollo in the 8th house of surgeries. And before long, John who never knew his birth time is suddenly on a profound mental journey of cosmic enlightenment that leads him to his true, reverse-calculated birth chart, a priceless treasure that he can use to navigate the future of his life through the God-given lens of astrology. It's a step by step process that began with his Jupiter and the astrologer who encouraged him to try. John's developing cosmic consciousness dramatically improves the course of his life.

Here are some key, practical benefits to knowing the signs and degrees of your planets and asteroids without your perfect birth time:

* knowing the timing, nature and method of your healing process via Chiron

* knowing where and when you can experience great adversities via Saturn

* Knowing the energy connected to your spiritual fate via your lunar North Node

* knowing the timing and nature of divine grace entering your life via Jupiter

* knowing where and and how you can experience deadly threats via Hades

* knowing where and when you can encounter true love via Venus or Eros

* knowing your type of genius and social contributions to make via Uranus

* knowing where you are meant to lead, initiate and conquer via Mars

* knowing the nature of your mind & best use of daily mental energy via Mercury

* knowing the nature of your family experience and evolution via Vesta

What I've described merely scratches the surface of what can be learned and gained through study of your, as I call it, approximate horoscope. The influences of the fixed stars must also be considered and this doesn't require a birth time to deduce. And, on a deeper level, there are also Hermetic formulas that can be applied between your planets to discover the hidden gems of your astrology like, for example, your Key of Glory or your Key of Life which don't require an ascendant to calculate. With all of this stated it is my hope that my readers without birth times are never, ever discouraged from using astrology as a wise guide to their life. Start by knowing the signs and degrees of your sun, planets and asteroids, follow life along in your chart, and your wisdom will flourish.

We will be publishing high-quality astrological resource material in the not-so-distant future and in the mean time I am available for one-on-one teaching, consultation and general assistance. I highly recommend that you begin your learning process by studying your Uranian birth chart which is the most advanced, enlightening and accurate type of birth chart in the world. You can also accelerate your learning of astrology with a subscription to our popular Starseed SMS service. Most importantly, I want you to know that immense learning and benefit from astrology can happen without your birth time. You can make strides in developing cosmic consciousness without it and eventually it is possible to zero-in on an excellent reverse calculation of your true birth chart.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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