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The Astrology of Arizona State

As proud, patriotic and cosmically conscious Arizona citizens we feel compelled to share the founding astrology of the State of Arizona with our audience. With the Arizona audit results to be released in the near future we think it very important to contrast that event against the state founding chart for maximum perspective. According to historical record Arizona received its official statehood on February 14th of 1912 so the astrology of that sacred day has been secretly presiding over Arizona's evolution through time ever since. I am in the process of determining Arizona's perfect houses but through the chart below we can see the general constitution of Arizona through the signs and degrees of the celestial bodies. With honor I now present the approximate Arizona birth chart.

Here is a brief rundown of where astrology was when Arizona became a state:

  • Sun @ 24 Aquarius

  • Moon in Capricorn, approximate 16°

  • Mercury @ 12 Aquarius

  • Venus @ 19 Capricorn

  • Mars @ 5 Gemini

  • Jupiter @ 12 Sagittarius

  • Saturn @ 14 Taurus

  • Uranus @ 0 Aquarius

  • Neptune retrograde @ 21 Cancer

  • Pluto retrograde @ 27 Gemini

  • North Node @ 24 Aries

  • South Node @ 24 Libra

  • Hera @ 17 Sagittarius

  • Zeus retrograde @ 23 Cancer

  • Apollo retrograde @ 25 Leo

  • Athena @ 20 Taurus

  • Vulcan retrograde @ 1 Gemini

  • Demeter retrograde @ 21 Cancer

  • Vesta retrograde @ 27 Leo

  • Eros retrograde @ 1 Leo

  • Hercules @ 27 Pisces

  • Poseidon retrograde @ 21 Virgo

  • Chiron @ 5 Pisces

  • Pleroma retrograde @ 17 Cancer

  • Lilith in Capricorn, approximate 13°

  • Hades @ 19 Pisces

  • Baal @ 25 Aries

  • Fortune in Aries, high likelihood

Arizona finds itself at an extremely special astrological time. As I write transiting Jupiter, the great benefic planet that symbolizes God's graceful, powerful and mysterious hand, will soon retrograde into exact conjunction with the Arizona Sun at 24° Aquarius, a majestic event which happens but once every twelve years. In the chart above you can see Jupiter's current position at 26° Aquarius inching ever closer to the AZ sun. It is also extremely relevant to note that transiting Uranus, currently at 14° Taurus, is exactly conjunct the Arizona Saturn and this happens but once every 84 years. Because of this rare conjunction, the planets involved and because this degree of Taurus governs elections we can soon expect a 'game changing' political event that divinely reshapes the future.

One of the most special times in Arizona's state history is when the 'Phoenix Lights' event happened when thousands of citizens collectively witnessed a profound extraterrestrial display over the city of Phoenix. Guess where Jupiter was on that famous night? It was transiting at 11°35' Aquarius in conjunction to the Arizona Mercury at 12° Aquarius! The chart above reveals the astrology of that magical night with Jupiter highlighted. What does this prove? It proves two gigantic concepts: that when a transiting planet makes contact to a state planet a synchronous event will happen and Aquarius, as I've stated for years, does in fact govern extraterrestrials. Arizona has a strong reputation for being an 'ET hot' place and that is because we have strong Aquarian energy active in this state.

I will update this 'living article' in the future as key state-level events transpire. I will show the charts of the events and how that astrology interacts with the state astrology. I will explore and present other state astrologies as my time permits. At this point I just want people to know that astrology has dimensions beyond the birth chart that encompass entire states and nations. As Carl Jung famously stated, "we are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born." The same rings true for the fifty unique states that constitute the United States of America. I will close for now, I hope that you are learning. Cosmic consciousness is a Golden Age key. I'm working hard to help you develop it.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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