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Leo Lunar Eclipse Insights, Fomalhaut, & More

Last night’s lunar eclipse in Leo unleashed a great and serendipitous amount of cosmic magic into our terrestrial realities. Many of your dreams may have confirmed this as new gates and lights were opened and cast to aid us in manifesting unfulfilled goals and dreams. The Sun’s trine to Jupiter, at the magical 23rd degree of Libra, was the higher cause for the new grace that will be interwoven through our new daily rhythms. The gods themselves are on the move to pick up the tempo of our advance and ascent.

We are well within the energetic ripple of the Leo lunar eclipse which was flanked by the passing of a Moldavite green comet. In the old days they would say that royals and demigods were born beneath such heavenly signs. Although full moons signal cycle closures the blessings that can come with them can certainly create new life, potential, and success. Royal spiritual blessings have and are being divided among the worthy, as God ordains, by the moon’s eclipse in the magnificent house of the sun.

New daily rhythms will be manifesting this coming week with wonderful new momentum toward goal and dream fulfillment – and there will be many unforeseen surprises in store to keep the new journeys joyful, fresh, and exciting. The universe disdains stagnancy. Just think of the constant motion and change alive in our cosmos. Keep this sentiment in mind as the week begins. New magical currents that never existed before will be guiding us into higher paths and reminding us of God’s love for each of us.

Crossroads of the heart have been building up for so many during this Jupiter transit of Libra. Crossroads of the heart will be a major theme this coming week as will the testing and rewarding of loyalty, a virtue that will mean everything later this year as we enter the time period of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. In my opinion we should not wait to reflect upon and think about loyalty, we should start now in advance of the ultra-powerful, Biblical-grade solar eclipse at 28° Leo that will happen on August 21st.

I tell you truly, well in advance, that the ancient Egyptian weighing of the heart will happen for each of us during the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. The results of the weighing will absolutely determine how the future unfolds for each of us. If you care for your future work on purity of heart, lightness of heart, innocence of heart, and of course, lovingness of heart. The cosmic scales are on the move by Jupiter’s power and our hearts will certainly be weighed, it’s only a short matter of linear time.

The next new moon will happen in the House of Pisces at the infinite 8th degree where mind and mysticism blend into one unified force. Edgar Cayce, the great American “sleeping prophet” exemplifies the nature of light and experience that can pour through 8° Pisces. This upcoming new moon will also occur in extremely close proximity to the magical Gate of Fomalhaut, the star which imbues magical talent, ability, and esoteric resource. Alchemists and seekers of the world, it’s about to get deep…

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2017, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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