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Winter Solstice Address

The winter solstice marks the beginning of the most powerful astrological season. It begins with the Sun’s entrance into the House of Capricorn, the realm of our zodiac which encompasses the order and authority of the entire world. When the Sun transits this house of legend each year we are granted great opportunities to scale the metaphorical mountains in our lives into new dimensions of worldly success. As we follow the path of the Sun through Capricorn we become empowered to fulfill many noble hopes and dreams during the Sun’s revolutionary transit of Aquarius.

New Authorities

As we cross the mighty threshold of the winter solstice new authorities will be established throughout the world to pave the way for global increases in quality of life. Divine government is real and it is being cemented in our world more and more with each passing Sun. The astrological events within the 2016 calendar year will restore lost hope in our world and future as the strategies of the adversary are decimated at every turn. We see wars on many fronts within our world order but let us never forget the ultimate war behind them all – the great and ancient war fought with spirit, energy, and consciousness.

Golden Relationships

New professional relationships will be manifesting quickly by the turn of the new year. The solstice alignment reveals that we can all create extraordinary success by leveraging new elite relationships as they enter our lives. There are three mythic gods who will be coordinating these connections more than any other. They are Zeus, Athena, and Hermes, each great in their own ways, and each subordinate to the authority and will of the Most High God who presides over every pantheon in every universe. Be wise and seize great, time-sensitive, goal-oriented cooperative opportunities that can propel you into higher levels of earthly living.

Prosperity Cycle

The new moon in Capricorn on January 9th will usher in a long awaited cycle of material and economic prosperity. This is the cycle where inner spiritual wealth will translate into great gains in economic status, power, and influence. The accumulation of wealth is a cyclical cosmic process. I am telling you with great certainty that we are heading into a golden cycle of economic relief and wealth accumulation. We can capitalize on this economic growth cycle by seizing and developing opportunities that come through elite, extraordinary, high-caliber relationships which have yet to enter our lives. As they come remember that they are orchestrated to arrive by mythic deities who are quite real and wonderfully benevolent.

Divine Promotions

There is no other time of the year that makes our God-given responsibilities and expectations more clear to us than now. We are soon to enter a time of maturation, accountability, privilege, and reward for the honorable performance of past duties, especially those that have come at great personal cost. When the Sun transits Capricorn God promotes the worthy in status while holding the negligent and corrupt to account all over the world. Families, relationships, and personal ambitions will be powerfully blessed and realigned according to the constitutions of our characters and the merits of our deeds. The light of the Capricorn Sun will inspire great new visions and strategies for the future. But as great as the world is remember this: When we reach the summit there are nothing but stars to reach for.

Auspicious Christmas

Days after the solstice the Christian world, of which Amari and I are a faithful part of, will celebrate Christmas under the rare occasion of a full moon in Cancer. A full moon has not occurred on Christmas day since 1977 and will not occur again until 2034. As if this were not enough Uranus, also known as “the great liberator”, resumes its prograde on the 25th as well. The heavens proclaim that this is not your ordinary Christmas. With a full moon in Cancer we are wise to honor family traditions and hierarchies while reminiscing on the beautiful, seldom remembered past.

Lilith Alert

I will not attempt to spoil Christmas day with professional predictions but I will caution against manipulative power plays and psychological warfare within families inspired by the dark influence of Lilith. If you feel your psyche turning dark or your emotions suddenly boiling over render a prayer to God against Lilith that peace, love, and joy may be restored and maintained in your home. On Christmas day Lilith will aspect Juno and Ceres so the threat for discord will be real. To those who adore Lilith, I’m sorry, but she has nothing to do with the Light or with your ascension on Earth.

Quantum Momentum

The revolution of consciousness, as I coined it back in 2011, begins anew on the 26th with Uranus transiting in full astrological power. The vibration of Uranus will be powerfully increasing our collective consciousness throughout 2016, a key ingredient to mankind’s future liberation. False paradigms of reality will be replaced with enlightened, unity-promoting perspectives amongst the global population. The Uranus influence will be expressing itself in unprecedented ways against political and governmental corruption. On personal levels we will enjoy new forms of stability, awakening, quantum empowerment, and unexpected success where fulfillment has thus far escaped us. As the year turns have a welcoming spirit to bold and unexpected pathways of promise that open you to timelines you never dreamed of.

New Year Rebirths

For those who are in need of healing the solstice energies promise an abundance of supports through the medium of relationships. Very simply, relationships are the key to solstice success. The better we work with them, the better we will fair. Be conscious of interpersonal balance, equal exchange, professional courtesies, timely cooperation, the maintenance of trust, and the demonstration of loyalty. Meditate on the virtues of Libra and Capricorn and blend them well into your dealings with others. We are not meant to climb mountains alone, we are meant to scale them together. As the new year approaches with Apollo, Poseidon, Juno, and Aphrodite in Scorpio don’t be afraid to transform your whole life. There is power, beauty, and fortune in it.

May the Sun of God guide you truly,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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