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Summer Solstice Message

Blessings to all who love and seek light! The fertility season of our solar year has just begun with the Sun's entrance into Cancer just hours ago. As the seasons change here on Earth so too will our fortunes, and powerfully so. Benevolent spiritual intervention will soon be accelerating in dramatic and wonderful fashion as certain times come for certain spirits to act, intercede, and empower on our behalf. These legendary spirits, who serve the Lord of Hosts, will soon be working through their chosen microcosmic champions here below. The result will be seen visibly in historic successes within the realms of human health, science, agriculture, the global food supply, and the laws that weave between them. The grace of Heaven will soon be focused on all that sustains and preserves human life. Great alliances will be formed to see these works done. The asteroids tell the times of these long awaited shifts in momentum which are so close to us. Mark the days of June 30th, July 14th, and July 27th as days when certain "friends in high places" may invest themselves completely in support of our collective struggle against tyranny, disease, chaos, and death. These plagues still exist on Earth but we are soon to be reinforced by divine powers that love us dearly. A new phase in God's perfect plan is soon to begin, and the stars, as always, tell the tale! As these new energies enter those who are walking their spiritual path will have mighty doors opened to them and mighty partners presented to them that will enable wonderful new standards of living and service potential. Spiritual senses and abilities among the waking and the light born will be reaching all-time highs to prepare us for maximum service, ascension, healing, and prosperity during the upcoming Jupiter in Virgo transit. As we journey into these times remember that the gifts that will be given are meant to be shared with the world, especially those with healing expressions. Many new healers will be born this year while active healers will be promoted with new spiritual abilities. Be certain to step into new healing powers fearlessly and confidently as all spiritually based services and careers will receive divine support throughout the Jupiter in Virgo transit. True healers are in great demand! Purification of the physical body has never been more important. Disease is a density that weighs down our collective future. Nature has always held the keys to healing and perfect health. Prepare wisely for the Jupiter in Virgo energy and momentum by purifying your diet and optimizing your health naturally to the best of your ability. This will posture you for maximum quality of life increases over the next year.

Here is a wonderful secret about the Jupiter in Virgo transit: it is a time when God will bless human physiology directly at the genetic level. Our Creator knows full well what has happened to our gene pool. See the children blessed first, then the innocent, and then the pure of body. He comes for us through our codes and our bodies will tell this truth. Supernatural physiology is just around the corner. The world of science will marvel and wonder...

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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