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Full Moon In Scorpio: No Stone Unturned

In mere hours the world will be transformed by the power and revelation of our next full moon in Scorpio! Royal power will reverbrate through the moonlit evening as the Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo concentrate their divine rays upon all the souls and spirits on Earth. Great transmutations of fortune are now in order as Heaven will soon unleash wealth, power, and healing to resurrect and renew our lives according to the perfect wisdom of our Creator. I welcome you all to my predictions and insights into this auspicious celestial event.

I predict the following themes and events to manifest in sync with the full moon in Scorpio:

  • prolific criminal discovery, revelation, and prosecution

  • the prominent solving of unsolved mysteries

  • life changing confrontations and triumphs against disease

  • the conquest of forms of fear

  • great and sudden transferrences of wealth and power

  • spiritual initiation and metaphorical rebirth en masse

  • psychological purging, healing, and purification

  • the bestowal of spiritual gifts among the worthy

  • the opening of long hidden family secrets

  • the sudden ending of long suffered spiritual attacks

  • justice fueled relationship revolutions

  • the realization and application of natural remedies and cures

  • the global circulation of economic healing

  • the extension of fortunate loans, exchanges, and contracts

  • the termination of spiritually toxic, non loving relationships

  • child health and welfare revelations

  • the birth of new political scandals

  • prolific strokes of spiritual enlightenment

  • angelic intercession within desperate affairs

  • the unmasking of evil and secret sources of harm

  • the reception of spiritual master teachings

  • the reception of prophecy by dream, vision, and telepathy

Magnifiscent Moon

The horoscope of this full moon is magnifiscent because of the perfect square between the Sun and Jupiter, two celestial bodies which always sync and correspond with divine power, will, and grace for our lives. The sweetest and brightest things that will soon befall us will be granted by the law and vibration of the Sun/Jupiter square so when the relief, renewal, and blessings come you will know of their cosmic origin. As above, so below, that's the way the wisdom flows...

Esoteric Code

Secrets tend to fly beneath full moons in Scorpio but this one will be especially powerful, to the tune of 100 times more powerful, because of the specific degree of the Sun and the involvement of Jupiter by its perfect square to both the Sun and Moon forming what some astrologers call a "t square." Since it is time for secrets to fly I have one to share with you: the esoteric number of this full moon is "444" derived from the 13 of the Sun, the 13 of the Moon, and the 13 of Jupiter. 13 in numerology makes 4 and here we have it thrice over. So what's so special about a "444" full moon?

Numerical Cosmos

Pythagoras taught long ago that "All is Number." Astrology would be incomprehensible without numbers and because it is such a perfect system one must always consider the cosmic numbers involved with auspicious celestial events. This adds a new dimension of knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the interpretation or translation of the event, its energies, and its far reaching effects on humanity. When you think of the stars always think of their corresponding numbers. God chose them for good reason...

Mystical Fours

In mystical terms the number four connotates establishment, construction, durability, preservation, wealth generation, the elements, cornerstones, security, and seasonal evolution. I say to you that these themes, concepts, and potentials are about to be supernaturally imprinted into our lives by the energies present within this next full moon, all of a sudden and to our great relief and surprise. The year will be far more abundant than we expect just as surely as Uranus enters the 18th degree of Aries beneath the scorpion's light...

Roads To Recovery

Powerful healing courses will be opening on the supernatural night of the full moon in Scorpio. New roads of recovery will begin to open this coming week with bold and obvious signs that God's goodness is infinitely greater than all of the pain and suffering on Earth. This full moon happens just weeks after the opening of the Third Seal of Revelation which has already shaken the world in profound ways in a very short period of time. 2015 is a spiritually intense year unlike any other, an "8" year of powerful and sometimes painful metamorphosis into a higher state of being and awareness. Keep the pheonix at heart my friends...

Stones Unturned

It has been written that in the end times all darkness will be brought to light. The night of May 3rd is one of these times but certainly not the last. With this in mind be prepared to disclose, confess, and release any harmful secret or form of inner negativity to free your soul and future from unecessary bondage. If applicable make new committments to self and others to transform in the ways which life compells you to. The signs will be clear and powerful these next few days. Do not ignore them and be confident that a good time, energy, and season is with you to help you succeed. Look into the full moon and speak to God from your heart, the rest will flow from there. Just be sure to swim with the new current...

Subconscious Healing

One of the great treasures of this full moon in Scorpio will be the energetic healing of our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the home of the ego. It is where spiritual attacks and possessions take root. It is where traumas are stored and trapped, poisoning the conscious mind over time if left untreated. The subconscious mind is where we battle our demons and this is the realm where the full moon light comes to heal. The extents will vary depending upon each soul's place in their sojourn but the medicine and magic will be real and divine as it will originate from the Sun itself, the source of the alchemical "royal medicine." When you hear the healing tones smile and give thanks.

Divine Transmutations

Transmutation is defined as, "the changing of state from one form into another." When the full moon peaks make time to reflect on what divine transmutations you can create in your life. The energy and experience of the evening will be wonderfully supportive of true and successful alchemy through the Sun/Jupiter square and the abundance of fire, water, and earth element energy. Tap into your personal power which the Creator will be enhancing and direct your heart, mind, and will into your desired outcomes. Think it, feel it, and use your soul power to force it into form while the universe nurtures the entire creative process. Set no limits and reach for the stars!

No Turning Back

Uranus will enter the 18th degree of Aries the night of the full moon in Scorpio. Radical alliances which reshape the future will be born on May 3rd in sync with the shift of Uranus. Be prepared to move bodly into the future with new and unexpected partners, friends, allies, and cultural comrades. This is the high course into justice and liberty for self and society. The foundations and structures of Babylon will be shattered within five short years. I saw their system in a vision, like a glass city, shattered suddenly into pieces by a flash of light. We should all work together in peace and common purpose as the world is reborn before our very eyes. It was shared with me that 2020 is a bright year for mankind. Have faith in our future!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with, and only with, professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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