Cosmic Marriage

Cosmic Marriage


Wedding astrology is one of the most beneficial secrets of life. If you’re not savvy to how it works read this article to become enlightened. I created this service so that lovers can wed wisely, as royals do, according to stars that perfectly honor their astrological chemistry while blessing their dreams for the future. I can provide you with a designer wedding horoscope that features the sun, moon, planets, gods, and goddesses in perfect house and degree positions so that your highest dreams as a couple come true through their perfectly tailored energetic support.


This service has a simple flow. First, I’ll need to know your birth info so I can acquaint with your astrological chemistry as a couple. Next, I’ll need to know what you would like to experience in the future of your marriage. Share your dreams with me so that I can find perfect stars to match them. With your inputs in mind and heart I will scan into the future to determine when the stars will be most perfectly supportive of your dreams coming true. I will use wise methodology and advanced degree wisdom to create your perfect designer wedding horoscope.


When I deliver your wedding horoscope I will explain, in a clear and elegant way, the reasoning behind my time selection. I will walk you through your wedding chart so that you understand why it was designed that way. I will make this explanation as beautiful and as enlightening as possible in honor of the sacred time in your lives. The service will be completed when I deliver your designer wedding horoscope along with my reasoned insights. Then you begin your wedding planning with the perfect date, time, and location as the centerpiece for everything.


Wedding astrology is nothing short of magical. It will bring you much closer to God as a couple. And your lives will elevate in accordance with the design of your wedding horoscope which you can always use as an astrological guide for your marriage. Once you are married you can track every astrological event through your wedding horoscope. You’ll be able to see astrology playing out in your marriage in a mysteriously precise scientific way each and every day. You will gain great new wisdom together that will naturally translate into success and ascension.


To read some of my cosmic marriage service reviews to date click here. In the future I will have many more to share. Message me through our contact page if you have any questions about this service. I look forward to working with you, may perfect stars shine above your future together.


Jupiter blessings,


Astrologer Salvador Russo




  • Service Delivery Speed

    Due to high client volume the current wait time for a Cosmic Marriage service delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks. If this is unacceptable to you please don't book. If you're in a time sensitive situation a priority speed option is available.

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