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Yevgeny Prigozhin | Astrological Profile | Starseed Astrology

According to public record Yevgeny Prigozhin was born on June 1st, 1961 in St. Petersburg, Russia. That casts him as a 10° Gemini Sun born with Saturn retrograde at 29° Capricorn, the exact degree where Pluto retrogrades at the time of his mutiny against President Putin. Prigozhin's outstanding military capabilities are a byproduct of him being born with Vulcan, a deity with jurisdiction over war chiefs, in his sign at 29° Gemini. I see a clear and definite 'Pluto trigger' at work in Prigozhin's astrology, through his Saturn and Vulcan specifically, that is synchronizing with his betrayal of Putin and his mutiny leadership. The chart below shows the action and influence of malefic Pluto upon him in the astral plane, an energy that will continue into January of 2024.

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In 2024 Pluto will once again activate Prigozhin's Saturn/Vulcan quincunx between September 1st and November 18th, the final weeks of Pluto's time in Capricorn for all humans on Earth. Pluto aspects often sync with satanic spiritual attacks and Deep State conspiratorial activities. Basically, the worst of the worst can happen when Pluto's energy is involved. Treachery, betrayal and back stabbing are negative experience/potentials that are coded to 29° Capricorn, especially as they pertain to the highest levels of rule and authority. This is a complex situation that requires further study to forecast, something which is challenging without Prigozhin's birth time. But with certainty we can see that malefic Pluto is central to this 'special time' of power playing in Prigozhin's life.

PMC Wagner was founded in 2014, the year when Prigozhin's natal Jupiter at 7° Aquarius progressed into Aries. When planets change signs through progression major life milestones and transitions occur. In Prigozhin's case he got extremely involved with military activity which Aries governs. He has raised great fortune and stature for himself through Wagner which began with his Jupiter progression into Aries. Now at 62 years of age his natal Saturn has also progressed into Aries, an influence which syncs with his direct and pivotal involvement with the war in Ukraine. I'd like my readers to make the connection between Aries progressions and military activity while keeping in mind that Saturn's next transit is through Aries with Neptune heading there too in 2025. At the very least we must all be prepared for great military and spiritual conflict.

I will expand upon this article in the near future. For now I thought it important for readers to see Prigozhin's general astrological identity while being conscious of the Pluto trigger that is central to this crisis. May God bless the good people of Russia and may God bless all nations against the evil schemes of Satan.

Watching wisely,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Jun 26, 2023

Mars in Leo. Very telling, wherever found. (Personal note warning, my guy is Mars/Pluto conjunct in Leo. 10 Aries rising, and that degree prominent in all my primary partners over the lifetime. My bucket centrpoint is 10 Libra, where I have a stellium.) Point is, Alpha Males Rule. Some screw up of course, but they fight like no one's business. Thanks, Sal, Amaria. Vic


Jun 25, 2023

I wish he was born on April 1st because then he‘d be a joke!


Jun 25, 2023

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page:


_PUTIN knew all along the Wagner group was going to stage a military coup. THE WORLD ALLIANCE MILITARY BEHIND THE SCENES GAVE INFO THE INTEL TO PUTIN LONG AGO.

even the past two months Wagner group was beginning to make fake military assessments and giving fake military reports to Putin that Ukraine was breaking the lines and massively attacking , while real Russian infantry units said the Wagner group was lying and intentionally giving bad information that Ukraine was winning the war in Major parts of Ukraine.

>it was known Yevgeny…

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