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The True Metaphysical Properties Of Epidote

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Epidote is one of the premier healing crystals in this world with dramatically beneficial effects on personal wellness, performance and mastery. Its name derives from the Greek word “epidosis” which translates into “performance” which it elevates into divine levels among its owners. Epidote is extremely unique in the mineral kingdom because it is formed as a result of biomineralization, a natural process which instills it with a high degree of life force.


The rare, high-quality specimens that we offer come from the Anatolia region of Turkey in the Hakkari province where they grow in pristine energetic conditions at 4,000+ meters in altitude. Epidote holds a Capricorn-Virgo-Scorpio energy signature that makes it tremendous for advancing personal healing, trauma recovery, soul purification and master development. Epidote comes from a high place to elevate its users into high places of their own.


Epidote is one of the true ‘master healer’ crystals that is especially well placed with ‘wounded healer’ types who carry on healing work for others while tending wounds of their own. Epidote’s energy restores exhausted healers back to their energetic prime while accelerating successful healing processes within them. We sense a clear connection between Epidote, Chiron and Archangel Raphael. There is a supreme level of energy connected to Epidote that feels holy, sacred, mature, ancient and completely benevolent.


Epidote is a super crystal for those who are stuck in states of trauma and physical recovery. When held a vision came to mind of a person mired in a murky swamp which represented disease and a lack of ability to escape into a better condition of life. The person then held an epidote and they began to levitate out of the swamp with all the murk falling off of them. They then glowed in a white-green light above the swamp in victory over their past ailments and immobility.


Epidote’s energy is profound. It fortifies weakened internal states while helping us to restore or increase personal power, especially where trauma and fear have diminished them. Epidote is a special healer for old souls that enables exotic forms of soul-level recall in terms of knowledge, wisdom or inspiration connected to past lives and the ancient world. Through its alchemy Epidote unlocks the soul for advanced levels of healing, evolution and growth.


True to its triune energy signature, Epidote empowers a person to find and understand their most sacred path of service to God, a process which leads to new abundance through work and career. Epidote’s energy can open mystical doors to more dignified forms of work, especially for those who are striving to live purely whom Epidote rewards most. If you want to align with your most prosperous working path through new enlightenment and master-level personal development Epidote was grown for you in a very pure and sacred space.


On the inner-work level Epidote’s energy melts away obstructions in the way of one’s master form. Epidote empowers souls who are ready to tap into their full master potential. Its energy catalyzes maturation, transformation, personal wisdom, inner growth and deep new self-realization. Epidote raises habits of excellence, renewed self-confidence and positive new momentum that conquers ruts connected to poor health and abysmal work or career conditions.


We highly recommend Epidote for people dealing with poor employment or career conditions, broken health, stalled recovery and weakened self-opinion. It will help you to rebound with greater speed and success. Epidote’s energy is extremely cleansing and protective of our aura, it also resonates with a certain famous ‘healing elixir’ in energy and spirit. Epidote will inspire you to evolve your life into higher levels of purity and success through divinely blessed work. It will spark new spiritual direction with all journeys connected to healing and service.


Master your craft with Epidote, an elite crystal who offers deep alchemy that will express through newfound excellence and mastery within one’s realm of work and expertise. Discover new inner value through it while regaining lost self-assurance. Face and conquer deep fears with Epidote as a noble crystal companion in your healing process. Fortify yourself for journeys ahead, transform from victim into teacher, regenerate with greater efficacy and heal any wounds left in your psyche. Restore and evolve into the master that God made you to be.


Key benefits of working with Epidote:


  • accelerated healing process


  • empowered regenerative ability


  • soul-level healing and wisdom access


  • enhanced professional performance


  • development of master skills and habits


  • alignment with sacred work done for God


  • accelerated trauma recovery


  • communication with spirit guides of healing


  • new dignity through work and career elevation


  • enhanced connection to spiritual healing energy


  • quickens evolution into pure living


  • restores inner-strength, lost confidence


  • revitalizes exhausted healers


  • promotes financial abundance through spiritually aligned work


  • makes Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn transits more fortunate


  • speeds recovery from near-death experiences, soul-shaking events


  • instills a divine staunchness to a person


  • inspires guided mystical learning that empowers healing or service


  • increases personal power through health, work and wealth


  • a healer of wounded healers


  • potential to heal pain or illnesses that have underlying spiritual causes


  • strengthens one through healing journeys where fears can be faced


  • psychologically calming and therapeutic


  • inspires learning about planetary history, ancient mysteries


  • yields meditative direction on healing and growth of service


  • awakens and unites soul groups in collective power and common purpose


  • ideal for those who aspire to become master healers


  • weakens the ego so that divine inner progress can occur


Epidote came into our awareness in December of 2023 when Amari repeatedly psychically sensed that there was a very special green crystal that we needed to find. When the 2024 Tucson Gem Show came around we found low-grade Epidote that clued us into the crystal. But we also knew that we had to find it at the highest quality level which we eventually did. As we learned of its beneficial properties we began to understand why it is so important to introduce into our post-covid world where tremendous healing and restoration still needs to be achieved.

Now that you've learned all about Epidote we welcome you to our new Epidote Gallery that features our 'first wave' of specimens from our new inventory. We have done our best to bring you the best in quality and knowledge with respect to Epidote, an emerging star in the crystal community that comes from a very high and special place.

Much love,

Sal & Amari

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