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The Astrology of Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is the spiritual capital of the State of Arizona and one of the highest energy centers within the continental United States. The land is enchanted and the airspace is full of higher dimensional energy that elevates and expands consciousness while activating dormant aspects of our DNA. These special qualities are reflected in the founding astrology of Sedona which is depicted in its birth chart below. As many seekers and students of the Mysteries know, human DNA is governed by Cancer in astrology and Sedona was founded beneath a Cancer stellium that involved Neptune, the Sun and Zeus among others. In this article I will illuminate the reader to Sedona's highly unique astrology as a special time has come for the city to evolve dramatically.

At the time of writing, transiting Jupiter at 1° Pisces trines the Sedona Neptune at 1° Cancer. This is the stimulus for the astrology of Sedona to evolve greatly so that the city can flourish anew beneath enhanced cosmic light. As above, so below. Sedona is prominently known for its majestic 'red rock' mountainscape which is astrologically represented by the 10th house Vulcan/Venus conjunction in Taurus. Vulcan sits at the 'Atlas degree' of Taurus which governs mountains and with Venus in close conjunction the result for us is a unique mountainscape known for beauty. But measured from the Sedona Sun, these mountains are metaphysical and connected to the cosmos as the Taurus of Sedona shines through the celestial solar 11th house of its founding chart. Vortexes anyone?

Athena, goddess of wisdom, was also in Taurus at the time of founding. At the 21st degree Athena has special authority over the businesses, homes and waterways of Sedona. Intuitively, I sensed that the Pleiades star system was strongly connected to Sedona astrology hence my production of its founding chart with the Gate of the Pleiades at its zenith, 16° Taurus. Sedona is also known for its extraordinary extraterrestrial connection which reflects powerfully in its astrology through the Cancer Sun, the Jupiter in Aquarius, the Uranus in Sagittarius, the Mars/Mercury in Gemini and the Zeus in Cancer. These same placements confirm that Sedona is home to many starseeds as it operates as a refuge, oasis and base of operations for them like a home away from home.

Sedona has a robust presence of 'metaphysical practitioners' who range from energy healers to psychics to readers and spiritualists of all kinds. This unique culture is represented by the Jupiter in Aquarius that Sedona was founded beneath. This Jupiter secretly explains why Sedona is a magnet for Aquarian energy types. Sedona's Poseidon at 16° Virgo also represents the 'metaphysical services' community that is highly active there (notice that Jupiter perfectly aspects Poseidon in the Sedona chart). But let's be honest: there is also a well-known integrity issue within the metaphysical community of Sedona, a problem that is symbolized by Sedona's Saturn retrograde at 26° Capricorn in its 6th house of shops and service providers. Be wise in your service selections.

Sedona was founded beneath an extraordinary amount of astrological aspects, as follows:

  • Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pluto in Gemini

  • Jupiter in Aquarius opposite Apollo in Leo

  • Saturn in Capricorn trine Vulcan in Taurus

  • Athena in Taurus trine Hera in Virgo

  • Uranus in Sagittarius opposite Pluto in Gemini

  • Uranus in Sagittarius trine Apollo in Leo

  • Pleroma in Cancer opposite Chiron in Capricorn

  • Sun in Cancer opposite Lilith in Capricorn

  • Hercules in Pisces opposite Hera in Virgo

  • Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn

  • Zeus in Cancer quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Poseidon in Virgo quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius

This is incredibly rare and these aspects speak to Sedona's well-deserved reputation of being a place of multidimensional crossroads which all of these exotic aspects confirm. But most impressively, Sedona has a powerfully divine "Finger of God" active in its founding astrology that can be seen through the quincunxes (150° aspects) between Zeus in Cancer, Poseidon in Virgo and Jupiter in Aquarius (see below). This astrological rarity confirms that Sedona's Jupiter is the metaphysical heart and master key to its ultimate growth and destiny. The 16th degree of Aquarius is one of the Christ Consciousness degrees of the zodiac so it is clear, upon careful study, that Sedona is destined to evolve into a spiritual capital for the majestic cosmic Christ Consciousness.

I encourage all astrologically-conscious Sedona citizens to be observant of transiting aspects that the sun, moon, planets and asteroids make to the Sedona Jupiter as major Christ Consciousness synchronicities will time to them, including on the inner-world mental/soul level. As time passes, now that Sedona's astrology has been powerfully activated by transiting Jupiter in Pisces, I predict that the Christ Consciousness will eventually overtake the city - and this is a wonderful thing! Another feature of Sedona's Jupiter is that it expresses through visionary, celestial and abstract metaphysical art. Artists in need of divine artistic inspiration will find a great environment within the New Sedona. I will extend this article in the future, for now the cosmic law is honored in full.

Serving the King of Kings joyfully,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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© 2021-2102. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. This article was created as the transiting Sun at 16° Gemini trined the Sedona Jupiter at 16° Aquarius. Transiting Jupiter at 1° Pisces also formed an extremely rare 'grand water trine' with Sedona's Neptune at 1° Pisces and Fate at 1° Scorpio. #AlchemyInAction

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