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President Putin, Eclipses & The End of the Ukraine War

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There is a striking connection between eclipses and the military activities of President Putin. Consider that Russian military intervention in Syria began just days after a blood moon in Aries back on September 28th of 2015. Two days later, on September 30th, President Putin launched airstrikes on targets within Syria, an action which was then described as Russia's "biggest Mideast intervention in decades." The timing of this blood moon was clearly and intimately connected to President Putin's military activity, this is irrefutable. The Uranian chart below shows the details of this past blood moon which activated at 4° Aries with the Sun holding position in Putin's sign at 4° Libra. I encourage skeptics of astrology to engage me on this 'dramatic coincidence' of events.

uranian, astrology, chart, putin, syria, blood, moon, aries, september, 2015, invasion, military, operation

An eclipse was prominent once again when President Putin withdrew his forces from Syria, a process which started on March 14th of 2016 five days after a total solar eclipse at 18° Pisces. The Uranian chart below shows the detail which does include a highlight of this past eclipse making a quincunx aspect to the chief deity Zeus who was then retrograde at 17° Libra, which is, coincidentally, Putin's sign. As I recently and uniquely taught in my new Putin/Ukraine article, Zeus is powerfully connected to President Putin's military actions and their recent timing in Ukraine. It's important to note that when Putin withdrew from Syria an eclipse aspected Zeus and this was the alignment of his departure. Could it be possible to forecast future military activity based on eclipses and the positions of Zeus?

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I call attention to the patterns above because on May 15th another powerful blood moon will happen but this time at 25° Scorpio. The Uranian chart below shows the detail of how the blood moon will square Saturn while also making harmonious trines to Mars and Neptune at 23° and 24° Pisces, respectively. First of all, I interpret that this blood moon signals a season of divine vengeance for all of the death and suffering connected to COVID19. Secondly, I predict that this blood moon will influence President Putin and his military forces into a strong 'forensic and subterranean' focus that will bring 'buried and forbidden' things to light. I don't think that it will end his campaign in Ukraine. Instead, I think that it will refocus it into the subterranean and criminal realms which Scorpio governs.

uranian, astrology, blood, moon, may, 15, 16, 2022, scorpio, starseed, astrologer, salvador, russo

As Christian Mystics we are of course praying for the protection of innocent civilian life, the neutralization of dangerous threats to all people and for the re-establishment of international peace and divine order. To that end, I've given great consideration as to when the war in Ukraine will end. My official prediction is that we will see a major Russian military withdrawal in sync with the total solar eclipse at 29° Aries on April 19th of 2023. Considering the current state of the conflict and that Jupiter has yet to enter Aries this year, I don't think that we will see a major de-escalation until next April. Putin left Syria beneath a total solar eclipse and I think that we will see a major draw down from him in Ukraine beneath the total solar eclipse in military-resonant Aries. Here is the chart:

starseed, astrology, prediction, russia, ukraine, war, end, horoscope, chart, aries, total, solar, eclipse, april, 2023, astrologer, salvador, russo

From our perspective and with consideration to the prediction just given, we see light at the end of the tunnel for Ukraine. We want to clearly express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine at this most difficult of times. We think it important to analyze major geo-political events with astrology as this unique perspective offers a special point of vantage where higher truth, knowledge and wisdom can be gained. We will continue our coverage of this crisis to the best of our ability and in such a way that brings the highest benefit to all people. For now, let us all watch how this crisis evolves with special focus on the eclipses leading into 2023. We think that much wisdom will be gained by all this way. Ultimately, God presides over everything. May we see truth in His perfect timing.

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May the Kingdom of God be fully established upon all nations of the Earth,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

"Sal & Amari"

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