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Full Moon In Pisces: Crisis And Compassion

Souls on Earth will soon come under special spiritual testing beneath the crisis illuminating energy of tomorrow's full moon in Pisces. Multiple astrological shifts will occur in sync with the full moon's peak and their effects will be felt powerfully through the full moon's shadow into the beginning of September. Karma comes full circle with every full moon in Pisces so we will soon see where we stand within the great karmic balance.

No Blind Eyes

Precisely as the full moon peaks Jupiter will enter the 4th degree of Virgo which is a degree of humanitarian relief, cooperation, and service. It is no coincidence that Jupiter enters this degree, which is sacred to the healing gods, just as the Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon oppose to carry our consciousness to face the great tragedies and crisis of our time. There will be no blind eyes on Earth these next few days as these energies converge to test our moral conscience and to measure our will to act against human suffering.


Spiritual testing is a part of human life. Our performance during these tests determines which type of future we will experience. The zodiac is like a gladiatorial arena for the soul and the tests are dyed by the influences of the passing stars. During this full moon our souls will be measured and blessed according to our compassion, morality, charity, selfless diligence, faith, and willingness to tell the truth. Some of us don’t like tests but Virgo is the energy of testing so be sure to put forth your best efforts before God beneath this full moon.

Admetos Retrograde

The asteroid named Admetos, which has definite astrological value, will enter retrograde on the same day of the full moon at 29° Taurus in direct opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. The Admetos retrograde will also make a 150° aspect to the asteroid Apollo which is presently transiting at 29° Libra. The Admetos retrograde will initiate a great many of the spiritual tests that I am making you aware of tonight. Stresses on relationships and resources will often play background themes for these upcoming spiritual tests. The universe wants to know how far we are willing to go for the other because a time for miracles is also at hand…

Fateful Words

Be highly conscious of the words, knowledge, information, perspectives, and messages that enter your mind during the full moon because Fate will be behind them all. Astrologically we see this as Mercury’s conjunction to the lunar north node at 2° Libra. Social interactions and necessary disputes will also be guided by Fate so think deeply about your interpersonal activities on this powerful day and evening. Fate can be kind or cruel depending upon the way one chooses to live. You can gain insight into your standing with Fate by judging your Libran exchanges over the next 48 hours.

Global Perspectives

Passion meets wisdom and purpose during the full moon as Mars in Leo will be making a powerful “trine” to the asteroid named Pallas Athena which transits at 13° Sagittarius. This influence will be expanding and uplifting our consciousness into new spiritual, philosophical, legal, cultural, and geographical territory. As these fiery energies mix with the earth/water elements of the full moon we will find ourselves learning more and more about those who are suffering the most on our planet and what we can do to help them. We will also be learning valuable life lessons focused upon the transcendence of self-defeating practices.

Hidden Realities

Mars will also make what is known as a “quincunx” to Pluto in Capricorn during the full moon. This alignment will inspire us to confront root causes of disease and crisis on global, societal, and personal levels. Charismatic males will be surprising us into September with actions, knowledge, resources, and strategies that help us traverse and conquer some of our most intense life challenges. Transformations of power and perception are an important part of this alignment. Don’t be afraid to come to terms with deeper and darker realities that have been hidden within the social order. Our ancient enemies still hold to dark, secret oaths…

Medical Crossroads

The great medical axis of the zodiac exists between the houses of Virgo and Pisces which is precisely where this full moon will peak. We can expect to reach great medical crossroads over the next 72 hours. There will be closures, breakthroughs, transitions, transformations, realizations, acceptances, and enlightenment about new treatment options and courses of healing. The 6th degree of Virgo and Pisces have to do with unprecedented measures to restore health and hope so gravitate toward new, novel, and natural approaches that manifest in the near term. If applicable make clean breaks from any health destroying habits. Give them away forever while gazing into the full moon’s light.

New Employment

For some this full moon will mark the ending of a certain form of employment or service. These endings come to clear space for new working opportunities better suited to your spiritual growth. Do not fear them but see them as part of a new growth cycle that is oriented with Jupiter’s active transit of Virgo. Some will be realizing that the work they do is harming their soul beneath this full moon. For those in these territories understand this: This full moon offers you a perfect opportunity to truly commit to a higher quality way of earning a living. Be about the new and turn your back on stagnant ways of living. The cosmos is ready to sweep you up if you will close certain doors of your own free will.

Animal Heroes

There are demons out there who take great delight in torturing and killing the various life forms on this planet. The karmic returns for them will be quite painful and they will begin to receive them with this full moon in Pisces. Animal heroes and heroines will also be making their marks with high profile animal rescues. This is a time to recognize the sanctity of animal life in the eyes of God who created all life on this world. Do your best to out the torturers who gleefully publicize their wicked deeds online. Go the extra mile for the animals within your reach because God blesses those who keep his sacred creations.

Human Illusions

Hopelessness is a human illusion because to God nothing is hopeless or impossible. If something seems hopeless it’s because we haven’t tried the right things. Hopelessness is often conquered by the willingness to experiment with what is new, promising, and untested. If there is something that feels hopeless in your life recognize that a cosmic time has come for you to try something new. It’s time to chart a new course, especially with respect to our health, our work, and the routine habits between them. Live in alignment by taking unprecedented actions that strike out against hopeless situations so that you open yourselves to new horizons and potential successes. There couldn’t be a better time.

Magic Science

In the Emerald Tablets there are certain verses which pertain to an ancient form of “magic science.” Today magic and science exist in total contrast to one another but long ago this was not so. Astrologically we find science in Virgo and magic in Pisces. We’ve learned that some scientific operations can seem quite magical but we have yet to realize that magic does have scientific roots. For the alchemists among you know that this full moon can offer teachings to you about the secret natures of science and magic. Esoteric channels will be opening to help you enhance your skills, your science, and your magic. Evolve your services accordingly.

May your full moon be unforgettable,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited, mirrored, and shared with professional attribution.

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