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Full Moon In Sagittarius: Eyes Wide Open

The truth will be revealed for all to see beneath the inspirational and esoteric light of our upcoming full moon in Sagittarius! Great spiritual teachings will stream into our minds to prepare us for new ascension paths, necessary life transformations, and unforeseen cycles of higher learning. The angels have their orders and we are about to see and understand what we must to transcend, conquer, and evolve our lives in divine fashion!

I predict the following full moon synchronicities to occur through June 3rd:

  • the great culmination of long developed spiritual teachings

  • the presentation of truth in mysterious and miraculous form

  • the widespread communication of secrets, sorrows, and tragic conditions with remedy focused outcomes

  • the unveiling of duplicity, betrayal, false motives, and secret sabotage

  • clear and powerful communion with benevolent spirit guides

  • the energetic untangling of negative thought patterns

  • connections with spiritual teachers, human and otherwise

  • wisdom and knowledge delivered in pair, sibling, numerical, or dual nature

  • heaven sent successes within legal, medical, religious, and academic battles

  • the bestowal of new psychic abilities that have medical expression

  • the energetic treatment of behavioral disorders

  • divine interventions for the sake of neglected children

  • new awareness of mental illness, disability, and its healing

  • "mind magic" activations among the spiritually advanced

  • the discussion and enactment of golden ideas against crisis, challenge, and adversity

  • the restoration of hope through the circulation of teaching, selfless service, and charity

  • the metaphysical healing and elimination of mental "shadow talk"

  • the reception of mind expanding books, texts, and esoteric material

  • debates and discussions which reveal and destroy hypocrites, infiltrators, and double agents

  • the unmaksing of false philanthropies, care agencies, and their personnel

  • the transformational resurfacing of long forgotten facts and knowledge

  • and strides into freedom by the application of new enlightenment

Cosmic "1111"

This full moon will occur along the magical axis of the 11th degree between the houses of Gemini and Sagittarius. The number of this full moon is "1111" as revealed by the position of the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. This magical number, which is now legendary within conscious circles, confirms that one is "on Path" and living in harmony with the cosmic order. Seeing it is akin to finding a golden breadcrumb that was left by God to let us know that we're on our ascension path and that we should keep going. We're about to see an explosion of "1111" synchronicities in the very near future...

Global Alchemy Event

More importantly the 11th degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius are the first magical gates of each house. With the sun and moon soon to be aligned there will soon exist a tremendous window of opportunity for us to use our minds, spirits, and prayers toward magical, reality changing, world transforming effects. This is a full moon of global alchemy because of the gates which will soon be activated. My guidance is simple: use your hearts and minds to think your desired miracles into your reality. The energy will soon be perfect for it and true magicians do work within the law and timing of the stars...

Retrograde Lessons Realized

Since May 18th the planet Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini which has caused many of us to be self defeating with our thoughts, language, perceptions, and interpersonal communications. Hard but valuable lessons are being learned as our minds are being guided into new paradigms of experience. This full moon will bring solar radiance into our minds to help us learn, succeed, and transcend in the precise areas where we have been struggling. Self imposed limitations and unecessary hardships born from the misuse of our minds will soon be ending as epiphanies and strokes of understanding help us see the light.

Fateful Transformations

Relationship debt, dysfunction, and imbalance will also be coming into focus by the edicts of fate during this full moon in Sagittarius. Transformations, revelations, exposures, confessions, and shifts of power will be abounding. Because of the intensity of the full moon alignment it is wise for us all to be extra sensitive to the hearts and minds of others, especially those who are walking thin mental, emotional, and psychological lines. The 11th degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius are drenched with karmic waters so be conscious that karmic returns for full moon activities will be swift, powerful, and just. Be certain, for your future's sake, that your conduct is noble in all ways that your best summer may emerge ahead of you.

Heaven's Messengers

Missing pieces to spiritual lessons will soon be given to the true knowledge and wisdom seekers of the world. Esoteric experiences will soon be wonderfully abundant among the mystically inclined. Many higher messages will be streaming into us that we may serve others with light that they cannot access themselves. Be your brother and sister's keeper by following your guidance exactly as it comes to you that multiple blessings may be created from singular actions. Angels will help to guide our words so that the recipients know they come from a higher place. Heaven will be showering inspiration and intervention down on us in unexpected and undeniable ways over the next few days!

Surprise Performances

Males in the form of family members, local acquaintances, social contacts, media figures, business owners, investors, bankers, real estate professionals, trusted friends, artists, celebrities, and loyal partners will be playing unexpected, joyful, supportive, and transformational roles as well. They will be helping us to advance against some of our most intense and debilitating challenges as inspired by the influence of Mars in Gemini which will be in "quincunx" aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Be welcoming of the knowledge, momentum, and security that these men will have to offer. Some will come or return as "blasts from the past" so be ready to dive into the ancient world with them.

The Paradox Path

The way we choose to use our minds during this full moon is so vitally important. By focusing on spiritually ideal conduct and outcomes we can use the energy to create magical or even miraculous effects, especially on interpersonal levels. In contrast, if one succumbs to negative thinking and communication patterns they can sabotage their ability to re-create life in the ways they truly desire. Mental discipline is all important as is the realization that sometimes the way to get what we want is through release, detachment, and patience. Paradox thrives in the 11th degree of Gemini and Sagittarius and for some of us the paradox path will prove to be the wise one to walk. Keep this in mind if all else fails.

Gemini Style

Being that Mercury, Mars, and the sun will all be in Gemini during the full moon it will be wise of us to combine and compliment our minds, our ideas, and our creative power with one another toward divine and mutually desired outcomes. There is far more to gain through mental synthesis than from trying to force one point of view or position over the other. Find ways to harmonize and unify thought patterns where disagreement and conflict have existed. Juxtapose perspectives to gain new compassion and understanding for those within your life circle. Through this type of mental alchemy spiritual blocks can be lifted as we prove that we are learning our soul-level lessons before the Most High.

Golden Questions

It is sad but true that millions of people around the world willfully neglect and destroy their minds each day. As the full moon peaks we should ask ourselves these golden questions: "What can I or should I be doing to improve the quality of my mind?" Are there supplements that I should be taking? Am I watching, listening to, or reading the wrong things? Are my thought patterns building me up or tearing me down? Do I think too much? Are my words constructive or destructive? Should I be more silent? Am I setting positive intentions or praying enough? Do I have clear goals and vision for my future? Is my third eye open? What should I be learning about that I'm not? Am I using my mind divinely? Whatever the case use the mentally invigorating full moon energy to find ways to improve that magical mind of yours.

Spirits Speaking

Karma will soon return through all of our full moon experiences. Many of us will sense certain aspects of our past being settled, repeated, and rewarded through near term life experiences. Many of us will be feeling nostalgic during the full moon as mysterious senses of time dilation and looping present themselves within. The spirit world will be speaking through different minds in common ways to the extent that mysterious quantum mind connections become strikingly apparent. White magic will be in the air guiding us all where we belong according to karmic laws and divine plans. Count every fortunate coincidence as a divine synchronicity designed to propel you higher and further in life. Wisdom will come in stealth to those that have sought her at great personal expense.

Magical Media

All modern technological systems will soon be used by God himself during the day and evening of the full moon. I state this because the astrological sun is symbolic of divine will, blessing, representation, and intervention. Expect "magic through the wires" and be conscious of divine timing and networking so that you don't turn from the sun. The Path of Ascension is gilded by the transit of the sun through the zodiac and through each of our horoscopes every single day. To raise ourselves up we simply have to follow the sun.

The Son/Sun

This mystical truth has been echoed in many world religions, like, for example, in Christianity through the divine life of Jesus Christ who is known to us as the "Son of God." What if the "Son" from Christ were interchangeable with the "Sun" from astrology? Would this reveal the way, the truth, and the life in a way that we could read like a map? The answer is yes and if you follow along for yourselves by observing the sun's path through your horoscope you will marvel at the synchronicity, esoteric meaning, and divine life impact that can won by following the Son/Sun of God in your own life. I see this clearly now, thank God, and I share this esoteric wisdom that all may find their Path and prosper infinitely as God wills for us!

Celestial Healing

Our magical "8" year progresses and many are uncertain about their futures. Many are in desperate need of healing and upliftment. Many are too tired to carry on but there is a great star on our horizon and that star is Jupiter in Virgo who's grace comes for all who are ill, downtrodden, and in need of divine heaing. Rest assured that your relief is ahead of you and that the bitter trials will be remedied on a global scale. My next professional focus will be to interpret this epic transit which will oversee the eradication of many of our blackest diseases. I will retire then to my studies and I will return with as much light as I can possibly share.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with, and only with, professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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