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Topaz & Ruby Glory Bracelet Limited

Topaz & Ruby Glory Bracelet Limited


We are pleased to offer these highly unique champagne topaz and ruby faceted crystal bracelets. This Biblical gem combination offers great value in terms of divine career alignment, higher professional success, increases in wealth, reputation, honor and personal freedom, enhanced connection to divine wisdom and spiritual guidance and, intuitive leaps and fortunate new understanding with respect to astrological law and timing.


In our own spiritual experiences we have learned the combination of topaz and ruby to create a glory effect in one's life. It is for this reason that we call these bracelets glory bracelets. I personally used this gem combination intensely during past years of increasing success in my astrological profession. These bracelets will hypercharge you in terms of spiritual growth, career success, financial increases and an all around elevation of your status in life.


We offer in depth descriptions of topaz and ruby on their respective galleries for those who would like to read them. These bracelets were created out of fine, faceted, high quality, natural color topaz and ruby that are strung along durable stretch cord. When worn they feel warm, rich, strong, masterful and determined to achieve at the crossroads of spirit, career, wealth and honor.


We offer these limited edition bracelets in the following six size options:


Option 1 - 7" - 7.25" wrist size, 40 grams - $374.44


Option 2 - 7.5" wrist size, 44 grams - $395.55


Option 6 - 6.75" - 7" wrist size, 57 grams - $459.99


If you aspire to live more wisely or to infuse more wisdom or spirituality into your career in such a way that it amplifies your name and success, including in a material sense, then these bracelets are for you. These could be offered at higher prices according to fair market value for quality topaz and ruby but we are keeping the price lower for you. If you give them a try we are sure that you'll be amazed and that your initial investment will be returned and magnified many, many times over.


Joyfully bringing you the best from the Mineral Kingdom,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

  • Return Policy

    These bracelets are being sold in great condition. All sales are final.

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