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Teal Fluorite

Teal Fluorite


Teal fluorite is one of the most peace inducing crystals in the mineral kingdom. Its energy instantly creates a calm, relaxed, stress-free state in the mind and body in a manner that is so subtle and yet so effective that it leaves one in a state of blissful astonishment. Deriving its name from the Latin word for flow, teal fluorite definitely puts one in flow with a precious energy that feels euphoric and therapeutic at the same time. We highly recommend teal fluorite to anyone who would like to transform their stress into new peace in a quick, beautiful and magical way.  


Teal fluorite emits a Libra/Cancer/Virgo energy signature that offers a myriad of benefits. Starting with health, homeostasis is quickly entered on the energetic level creating an ideal healing environment within the physical body. If you feel that you can’t emotionally get to a place where you can begin or advance your healing process teal fluorite can prove to be a godsend. From rattled nerves to negative emotional patterns, teal fluorite will provide the cleansing, calming and reassurance that you need to reach your higher health objectives.


On the interpersonal level teal fluorite raises empathy, sympathy, compassion, unity and emotional intelligence with others. It opens one to a higher level of spiritual understanding with respect to emotional dynamics, a benefit which naturally leads to increases in healing, harmony and success within our relationships. Teal fluorite offers a divine emotional reset that can mean the difference between success and failure on the relationship level. It also offers increased equanimity so that one can remain cool and effective within high pressure situations.


True to its Cancer energy component, teal fluorite hones a laser-like accuracy with regards to emotions, feelings and empathic ability. It brings a new clarity and level of trust to us on the emotional level which empowers us to make wise judgements and decisions. The compassionate side of teal fluorite diminishes negative views of others which is often important for our own inner peace to fully manifest. This is a great crystal choice for therapists, counselors, healers and negotiators. Through peace we are blessed and healed. Teal fluorite quickens these experiences.


On the esoteric level teal fluorite has a certain magic where it shows you, through clairvoyant flashes, special things about others towards the purpose of a profound level of relationship appreciation and justice. It can share insight with you about others that would otherwise be unknown or unrealized. There is a definite goddess energy that flows through teal fluorite which can be extremely beneficial to those who are overly charged with masculine or fire element energy. This beautiful crystal enriches us to enjoy a brighter, more vivid life. The rest it will tell you…


This beautiful pendant was created out of natural teal fluorite (blue variation) and sterling silver.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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