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Tanzanite Pendant

Tanzanite Pendant


Tanzanite is a rare and precious gemstone that has tremendous psychic, spiritual and magical value. It resonates with the royal star Fomalhaut, the brightest star of the Pisces constellation, which is known esoterically as the Star of the Magi. Tanzanite opens one to their innate, God-given magical potential while stimulating master-level spiritual development and mystical skill. It offers the precious gift of tragedy prevention and conquest that will be crucially important to employ during Saturn’s transit of Pisces that will last from March of 2023 til’ February of 2026.


Tanzanite is the true birthstone of Pisces. It accelerates a Pisces’ development into their highest and most divine form while helping them to manifest higher degrees of good fortune. It’s also a health-promoting gemstone for Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon and a must for anyone born with Saturn or Lilith in Pisces. Regardless of sign, Tanzanite aids all tribes in understanding and mastering Pisces energy wherever it presents in our lives and charts. It is especially powerful for accelerated karmic healing and mastery, a priceless effect for those with ‘active’ 12th houses.


We sense that Tanzanite is known to the gods as “the veil crystal” because of the way that it expands our perceptions so that we can see through and process the mystical veil between our world and the higher cosmic realms. Tanzanite powerfully enhances one’s ability to see through illusion, duplicity and deception so it’s a great choice for those who need strengthened discernment and new ability to conquer delusion and self-sabotage. Tanzanite works divinely at the third eye and crown chakras. It attunes our minds to work in their most magical modes.


Through the alchemy of Tanzanite one quickly becomes more selfless, more pious and much more spiritually adept. With its Neptune resonance Tanzanite raises inner wisdom that helps us to understand life circumstances and the most blessed and spiritually-profitable ways to navigate them. Tanzanite is a wonderful crystal for inner journeys of the most mystical kind. It stimulates an angelic type of gnosis for the needs of others with a selfless motivation to intercede and help as Jesus would. Through this magical selflessness great blessings are bestowed to the owner.


Tanzanite is also a crystal of sanctuary, mercy, refuge and relief. It draws in cosmic light into the weakest, most sorrowful and most tragic aspects of our lives where its energy aids us in transitioning from tragedy into triumph scenarios. We believe that Tanzanite is the mineral kingdom’s most powerful crystal for conquering self-sabotage, eliminating unknown spiritual restrictions and permanently transcending self-imposed limitations. To us Tanzanite is a crystal key that unlocks many mystical jail cells and it does so with love and gentle compassion.  


Tanzanite is sacred, hope-restoring crystal that will help you to get the absolute most out of mystical living. It will put you in tune with the magic of the universe while developing your spiritual and psychic potentials in a gentle but dramatic way. Humbly but truthfully, Tanzanite’s energy makes us think of Jesus Christ, the way that He was, the way that He served and the perfect psychic knowing that He had of all things. His selflessness, devotion to others and the divine miracles that he performed are carried in a lesser but similar essence in Tanzanite.


We recommend fine Tanzanite for anyone who was born with a Pisces Sun or Moon and for those who feel challenged by the Pisces placements in their horoscopes. This especially applies to those with retrograde Pisces placements, Saturn in Pisces, Lilith in Pisces or difficult 12th house placements. The energy of Tanzanite will enhance you to understand and master them all. Tanzanite transforms deadlocked hopelessness into mystically-empowered progress. And if you work in the psychic services industry, Tanzanite will help you to deliver your best work ever.


This is a beautiful, natural-colored, high-grade Tanzanite pendant set in sterling silver. Wearing it will keep you constantly connected to its energy benefits which work especially well through the water element and astrological water transits. This is one of the reasons why it will be so beneficial to us during Saturn’s transit of Pisces. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance with a 99.9% delivery success rate. We go out of our way to offer you a great overall Tanzanite value. Check our ‘crystal reviews’ page for important perspective on crystal benefits.


Wishing you divine Tanzanite experiences,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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