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Rose Ruby

Rose Ruby


Ruby is the true birthstone of Capricorn. It adorned the ancient breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and it was prized by Alexander the Great for its magical properties. Ruby is one of the few precious gems that is specifically named in the Bible, its value coming second only to wisdom. Ruby is the supreme career crystal and its energy helps us to master the house that is signed with Capricorn. But ruby also has extremely protective qualities as well…


The great malefics of astrology, Saturn and Pluto, are both currently in transit of Capricorn. Their harsh, adversarial, dangerous, and potentially deadly energies filter through one third of the earth element that is governed by Capricorn. These planetary intelligences strike through the Capricorn portion of the earth element which is precisely where ruby protects and empowers. Ruby has great metaphysical value because it shields us from the worst of Saturn and Pluto.


Ruby is the gemstone of honor, respect, and positive fame. Through resonance with ruby one becomes energetically groomed for higher positions, successes, and forms of status. It helps us to develop a divine character which is a prerequisite condition for God to promote a soul to a higher earthly post. Ruby is also one of the gemstones of mastery, especially as it relates to the Capricorn portions of one’s personal astrology. Its magic is in earthly elevation.


Read these next words with insight: ruby can open doors in very high spaces. Its magic operates at the highest levels of power, authority, and governance. Its energy helps one to climb any mountain or ladder successfully. Ruby will help you to rule yourself by instilling a divine sense of discipline and self-restraint within you, the kind that is required for great goals and achievements. Ruby will help to bring you to your highest position on earth according to your astrology.


Ruby is an extremely wise choice for anyone with the following: Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Saturn in Capricorn, Retrogrades in Capricorn. But its blessings work the same for anyone, it’s just that for some souls Capricorn energy and mastery is much more important. The perfect gem for the long transits of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is ruby and its higher counterpart star ruby. With ruby resonance you will not regress, you will elevate.


This is a beautifully-colored ruby pendant set in sterling silver.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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