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Rose Infused Palo Santo

Rose Infused Palo Santo


Palo Santo, otherwise known as Holy Wood, is one of nature's most powerful environmental purifiers. The sacred smoke from Palo Santo expels the densest and most negative energies to restore a clear, protected and naturally spiritualized space. It has been used by shamans and spiritualists throughout the world for centuries for all types of positive mystical practices.


Amari was inspired through a past Athena alignment to formulate this enhanced alchemical version of Rose Infused Palo Santo for community use. She has infused pure frankincense, myrrh, geranium and citrus essential oils with rose petal, butterfly pea flower, hibiscus flower, chaga mushroom, beet and an ancient favorite from Egypt, nettle. This inspired formulation offers tremendous value on the health and spiritual levels.


The nettle in particular is well known to have great medicinal value as well as protective and transmutational effects against works and practitioners of black magic. The vibration of nettle, when mixed with the sacred oils and other pure organic botanicals, offers a potent black magic antidote for those who are engaged in hardcore spiritual warfare.


As an astrologer husband I can attest that Amari was genuinely inspired to create this product during the timing of Athena while she transited Virgo. That considered, I believe that our Rose Infused Palo Santo also carries a connection to the goddess of wisdom herself. Experience the effects and see for yourself! With each order you'll receive a pack of four or five large Palo Santos infused with the aforementioned ingredient blend.


As a brief testimony I'd like to share that the divinely aromatic smoke from our Rose Infused Palo Santo instantly clears and uplifts the home and work space. If there has been tension in the home or some kind of external intrusion it works wonders on clearing and restoring a sacred, high vibrational environment. The lingering aroma feels protective as well so that you can get back to your life, work, meditation, and all-around feeling of wellness. Make sure to save the formula ingredients for your smudge bowl!


We encourage our network members to utilize our Rose Infused Palo Santo as a means of divine air purification to cleanse their homes, living spaces, work environments and other sensitive, high-traffic environments from potentially harmful particles that float through the air. This product will give you instant peace of mind as its spiritually-charged aroma washes away disease particles and frequency.


Bulk orders can be arranged, just send us a message and we'll work out a Jupiter-quality deal.


Wishing you a pure, healthy and spiritually-charged 2020,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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    This product was created from 100% natural organic compounds of the highest quality levels.

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